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  1. Getting Started
    I desperately want to fix the asymmetries between my two shoulders, and I've tried all bodyweight exercises. So since you guys are the experts in a body of symmetry, I thought I'd come here! Any suggestions for exercises or stretches would be greatly (and I mean greatly) appreciated!
  2. Welcome Lounge
    hi guys, as you can see from my profile pic i was very skinny 2 years ago compaired to now... i have trained as hard as possible but would really like some help with building bigger traps cheers adz
  3. General Conversation
    I really want to make my traps bigger. I want them to really stick out. What's the best way to do this? I have been doing shrugs and face pulls is there anything else that works for this
  4. Getting Started
    Im looking to add a few more traps excercises to my routine. What does everyeone think the best excercses for the traps is?
  5. Getting Started
    Whats the best exercises to get your traps showing from the front, meeting your neck. i lack in that area, but never really hit them, apart from doing latt exercise when hitting the back with a row. shoulder routine consists of - a press, front raise, side raise, and the occasional bb shrug thanks
  6. General Conversation
    Sori for boring you's with another question but its about doin the back workout, i do this on a seperate day and try and do around 2 excerises for Lats, Traps and Lower Back and finish it of with compound excerise Lats - Lat Pull Down x 3 + Bent over rows x 3 Traps - Upright Rows x 4 Lower...
  7. Getting Started
    would you guys give me some decent tips on training my traps, i would like to gain some muscle and strength and also to strengthen my back up a little if you suggest any exercises, would you be kind enough to explain how to do each movement etc? ill be honest, i dont believe half of the rubbish...
  8. Getting Started
    What would you say is better for the traps ? Upright rows Shrugs
1-8 of 9 Results