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Found 21 results

  1. I'm moving to Bristol from London. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder but I enjoy it as a sport. Are there any good bodybuilding gyms in Bristol that anyone could recommend?
  2. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Alright guys so I have just moved house and i have shared a lot of my training videos in the past, in the training log section. However my workouts will hopefully be evolving very soon as I am expanding and building upon everything I had in my own home (have more space) For those who want to see how the progress is going and see everything transform day by day whilst I build everything, then I hope you will enjoy the mini series I will share here
  3. Was just wondering if someone could please give me some advice on whether to carry on cutting or start a lean bulk. I’ve lost around 7kg in 10 weeks and weigh just under 70kg at 5ft9. I have pretty much maintained what little strength I had at the start. The problem now is I feel that I’m way to light and skinny at just under 70kg but I don’t look in amazing shape either ie not ripped. My training has been consistent along with a good diet but I just don’t know where to go from here so can anyone give me a push in the right direction? Thanks In advance?? (Before and and after photos from my cut attatched)
  4. Newbie

    Hi all, new to the site. Looking to gain as much knowledge and experiences from as many like minded people as possible. (don’t even know if I’m posting this right)
  5. Mike Tyson comeback?

    So has anyone seen mike tyson training on the pads recently? fu**ing beast!he certainly hasn't lost it. I'm hoping he gets a proper good fight sorted and has several of them. I know Holyfields name has come up as a possibility but I hope not as he wants it more of an exhibition fight -mike tyson is a fighter who should only have proper fights haha and holyfield cant lose another ear also lol anyway who do you think he will fight?? Also if you haven't seen him train or want to see it again here it is:
  6. I recently bought an upper/lower training programme from RP and wanted some help/advice on the effectiveness. For example I hit triceps with 3-4 exercises per week but they are split over 2-3 days so I’m only doing 1 triceps exercise per day maybe 2 at the max, which doesn’t feel like it’s sufficient. Is it better to hit a muscle group in one go or does it not matter if it’s spread over a week as long as I do 2-4 exercises for the muscle group. Thank you
  7. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts improvising as best as possible with what i have and to be honest I'm having some cracking workouts.
  8. Cage fight preparation

    Alright guys so I'm not sure if I should post this in the training journals or whether that's just for the bodybuilding section. But I have started doing cage fighting recently. Got one fight under my belt already, but have quite a lot of experience as I've done martial arts since I was a child. But mma is deffo another game and a hard one! Anyways my sparring partner broke his hand so he's out for a few weeks but I thought I'd share how my bag work is going that I did this week. Next fight should be November but may try get one sooner. Any thoughts or questions feel free
  9. Video training log -Big Als

    Hi so I've always kept a video log of my training and I've shared old bits on here before when I used to post more but thought I'd start again. Mainly just for entertainment but also comments and criticism questions and answers etc. Got two vids to share the summary of my 2019 workouts (what bits I could find on the computer) and then my first video of theis year
  10. Advice for Starter

    Hi, Just joined and looking for a bit of advice.. I joined a local gym 3 months ago and have started out on gym plan they provided. I dont have the first one but they swap it out every 6 weeks so the 2nd one is below (currently on this plan) Routine A - 10 min warmup / Leg press 45degree (4x15 reps) / Leg Extension (4x10 reps) / Seated Leg Curl (4x12 reps) / Hack Squat (4x15 reps) / Abductor( 3x15 reps) / Ad Crunch (3x15 reps) / Core Board (3 x max) / 30min Cardio Routine B - 10 min warmup / Horizontal Chest Press (4x15 reps) / Incline Chest Press (4x12 reps) / Peck Deck (3x10 reps) / Dumbell Shoulder Press (4x15 reps) / Lateral Raises (3x12 reps) / Barbell Frontal Raises (3x12 reps) / French Tricep Extensions (4x15 reps) / 30min Cardio Routine C - 10 min warmup / Machine Lat Pulldown (4x15 reps) / Row Machine (4x15 reps) / Barbell Rows (3x12 reps) / Rear Peck Deck (3x12 reps) / Barbell Curl (4x12 reps) / Hammer Curl (3x12 reps) / Leg Raises (3x15 reps) / Core Board x3 / 30min Cardio Any good? At first I struggled but I can do 40kg's on most of these although the last few reps are a stretch. I am 33 / 186cm and 88.35kg. My goal is to lose some fat and really bulk up. I really haven't exercised for years but consider myself fairly strong. Ive done a fair bit of research online but struggling a bit with the best way to make my gains effective - particularly with diet.. On the average day I eat - blended spinach/fruit/seeds in the morning and maybe cereal, sandwich or something similar for lunch and chicken/beef/salad in the evening - fruit snacks. I drink a lot of coffee but have cut back and dont drink alot of water. And smoke although again trying to cut back. I bought this creatine and whey protein which I haven't started using yet. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002DYIZGC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01AEWOIB0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Really im just looking for some general advice, theres a ton of info online but getting something personal and relevant is difficult. Thanks! A
  11. Seems like everyone does these fancy ppl plplpl whatevers. Excuse my ignorance but am I doing it wrong? I still do the arms/legs/back/chest/shoulders. The same s**t i did when i was 20. Should i go read up on splits or is the old method still ok? I mean i know its ok but are there huge benifits to doing it differently?
  12. Don't be 'that guy'. I do my best to help people out based on both my experience over the last 10 years or so of both training, nutrition and later, steroid use. I don't confess to know it all. On occasion, if the person has the right attitude, I will coach people. I need to make clear, I don't do this to generate any form of income. I often offer to do it free of charge because I enjoy it and people have helped me in the past. My revenue streams have little to do with bodybuilding. However.... I recently offered to help a friend (for free) whom I had previously competed against (and beat) as he doesn't have a great deal of money and was in a bad place. For context, he had competed a couple of months back and had gone completely cold turkey post show due to his lack of disposable income. He would often hire a coach for 6-8 weeks of his prep, then drop them post show. That's fine, each to their own. But immediately post show is probably one of the times of year where you need to pay closest attention to your health. He was yo'yo dieting, struggling to deal with getting softer and wasn't in a good place mentally. Having spent some time talking to him he revealed the fact he had gone cold turkey and divulged his drug protocol pre-contest. I won't go into specifics, but there was a lot of thyroid hormone and no AI until 2 weeks pre-contest at a rather high dose. It was fairly obvious what was probably going on hormonally. When i asked him about his bloodwork he then revealed that in the last 5 years of competing, he had never, ever, had bloodwork done. This is just plain stupid, irresponsible and largely selfish when you have a young family. Contests will come and go. You're health will not. It is paramount. Don't be that guy. If you cannot afford to get bloodwork at least once a year (or are too afraid to go to your GP (do not mention steroid use)), but are spending money on tren, orals, growth hormone, SARMs... then you are an idiot. Plain and simple. If you cannot afford to keep on top of health post show, do not compete. Don't be that guy. Another example is a 19 year old i speak to who is based in the states. He is on a phenomenal amount of drugs with no fixed source of income. He recently asked me for advice for looking 'as shredded as possible' for a Halloween party.... I mean.... I literally face palmed. But look, that's fine, he was going as the bearded bloke from the film 300 (i know they all have beards, Gerard Butler). So he wanted to be shirtless. My initial advice was 'get leaner'. Anyway, I gave him a basic carb depletion protocol with sodium / potassium manipulation to dry him out. I later found out he used dyazide instead and had severe edema following the party. Don't be that guy. My point here is, and I've been there so don't get me wrong, people need to get their priorities straight. You cannot keep hammering drugs at silly doses and not expect it to have a deleterious effect on your health. Even worse if you are not getting bloodwork to at least know what's going on. I do see a lot of guys here getting bloodwork and many have sent me there results asking for input. That's a great approach. But if you fall into the other category of bodybuilding or fitness hobbiest, please take a good hard look at what you are doing. TRT or cruising in your early twenties is not sensible. If you want to be competitive, cycle 2-3 times a year and test the waters at a local or regional show. Validate whether you 'have it'. Most of us don't, whether that be physically or mentally. In 10 year your outlook will be different to now. In 20 years it will change again. Look ahead, not at right now. Don't be that guy.
  13. Hi guys, just wondering if someone could have a look at my program I’m about to start running in hopes for mainly strength to reach a 2 plate bench, 3 plate squat and 4 plate deadlift. Would also like to pack on size in the process however strength is the bigger concern. I am a 17 year old novice lifter and have been running a bro split since the start of the year however the personal trainer I paid for gave me a bullshit program that has given me massive strength and muscular imbalances. I can bench 70kg for 5, squat 70kg for 5 and deadlift 80kg for 5 at the moment. I have just over a year to reach my strength goals so I am hoping changing my split for something better suited to naturals would help. Thanks a lot. UPPER A Bench Press 3x5 BB Row 3x5 Seated OHP/ Military Standing OHP 3x5 Lat Pulldown 2x8-10 Push Ups 2xFailure Face Pull 3x6-8 EZ Bicep Curl 3x5-8 OH Tricep Extension 3x5-8 Side Deltoid Raise 3x5-8 Isolation Bicep 2xFailure Isolation Tricep 2xFailure LOWER A Back Squat 5x5 RM Deadlift 3x5 Leg Press 3x5 Gluteus Raise 3x8-10 Leg Extension 3x8-10 Weighted Ab 3x10 REST Home Bodyweight Ab Work UB Weighted Chin Ups 3x5 Weighted Chest Dips 3x5 Dumbbell Row 3x6-8 Incline Dumbbell Press 3x6-8 Rear Deltoid Fly 3x10-12 Arnold Press 3x6-8 Isolation Bicep 3x6 superset to failure Isolation Tricep 3x6 superset to failure LB Conventional Deadlift 8x3 Leg Press 3x5 Hack Squat 3x6-8 Hamstring Curl 3xFailure Dumbbell Lunge 3x8-10 Weighted Ab 3x10
  14. hey all! been blasting for 6 months trying to gain strength. ive had my bloods done just before Xmas and everything was sweet. Using various compounds, with Test always being my base. 3/4 weeks ago I switched my Tren ace ( 600mg ) to NPP ( 350mg ) i lost a bit of strength but nothing to major, I think the fact I didn't lose to much was because the sides of Tren weren't allowing me to train to the full potential of the dose I was taking. im currently on 550mg test and 350mg NPP/week. im going to continue for 2 ish weeks by the end I would of tested my 1RM on my 3 main lifts. then cruise for a minimum of 3 months. my questions I have are ( obviously I know variables play a part in my answers - but just an overall average is something I'm after ) dropping to the equivalent of 250mg test every 14 days how much strength am I likely to lose? - my lifts are still within what a natural lifter of my weight could lift but they're good for my weight still. in using 5/3/1 as my program, shall I continue this on my cruise ? if so, how would I do it if/once my strength drops? should I wait till I fail a required rep and then test my new 1RM and start my program accordingly or just reduce my lifts my 2.5%? for those of you doing true TRT dosing, what's your protocol for pinning? and which esters would you say will give me consistent levels - I ask due to such a low dose, I don't really fancy peaking and dropping and noticing that.. Thanks
  15. I've been lurking around here for a long time. Initially, I wantedto know what and how to take mmy first cycle, it's only in the past year that I have really taken all of your advice. Yes, I trained properly in the gym as my old training partner was very well knowleged. However, I ate like apig in an all you can eat pizza hut, I wasn't fat as I just seem to not really grow a great deal. Then, the important bit, I started to take my nutrition seriously, the results were astounding. My strength and physique grew from a skinny kid to a man in those first six months. I'm so glad I never did my first cycle back then and still haven't now When I do,it's going to be simple, straight test e 500 mg split weekly and an AI, then straight nolva and clomid for PCT. However, until then, I'll get more involved and keep you all updated. Thanks guys
  16. Newbie

    Hey all, Thought I would actually join up now after browsing the forum pages for ages.
  17. Currently natural but looking to hand in my natty card, my routine right now is push, pull, legs x2 with Sunday off Do I train the same as before or do I need to change my routine? I'm hitting each muscle twice a week but there seems to be many guys on steroids who are on a 5 day split, giving each muscle its own day So they're hitting each muscle once a week with very high amount of volume Did you guys change your routine or do you still train the same?
  18. Hello, Wanted to do this pull to ask you how do you train in the gym? Do you prefer the classic bro split giving each body party (back legs chest etc..) its own day or do you like more a full body, upper lower, push pull, push pull legs split? How many times do you go to the gym? That's just to see how generally people on this subforum like to train, especially when enchanced. Comment about your routine would be very beneficial
  19. Beginner

    Im a begginer looking to gain weight, I am around 5"6 and 60kg (female). I workout every day (weight and resistance training) but struggle with nutrition. I have been looking at meal replacements to increase calorie intake (like TPW total matrix, MP gainers and Dynamix Protein). I would appreciate any suggestions and advice on what I should be doing/where to start.. Thank you:)
  20. Hi all, I have a really bad wrist pain right now and i bench at all. I can squat tho but cannot do any upper body lifts right now. I probably need to rest more than 4 weeks . and i know not training more than 2 weeks can greatly affect the strength and training. Now i am afraid that during this rest period, i will lose the strength and muscle and gain fat(i.e become unhealthy) and not exercising causes me depression and anxiety. I want to workout without harming my wrist. Can you guys help me? What can i do during the rest period? what should i do if the doctor advises to elongate the rest period? I am doing stronglifts 5x5 right now(complete noob in strength training). my lifts are squats 122.5kg for 5x5 bench 75kg for 5x5 ohp 50kg 5x5 deadlift 140kg for 1x5 row 85 kg 5x5
  21. Needing Advice and Help

    Hi all, A bit of background info first. So I started losing weight and going to the gym in 2013. I was 25 stone. After a year and a half I had got down to 17 and I was feeling good, motivated and loving it. The in December 2015 I had an accident where I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head which caused me to fit. My leg had slipped behind the toilet and when I fitted I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee, tearing tendons and damaging ligaments. I spent the next year on crutches and suffered very bad depression and anxiety, including panic attacks and social anxiety. I lost all motivation for weight loss and training. It might be worth noting I've always had problems with depression and anxiety but training before had got me out of it. Its now 2 years later and I'm 22 and a half stone feeling horrible. Trying to get my motivation back to get down the gym and trying to beat the social anxiety to do it. I do well with my diet for a bit and then I mess up. I work permanent lates at work and I always used to love going to the 24hr gym after my lates but again I cant gain motivation. Has anyone got any advice, any plans?