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  1. Member Journals
    Alright then here we go, I'm finally committing to diet, training and living the life. As of 24/11/21 I am 80kg/176.6lbs at 5ft 11' around 13-15% bf and my long term goal is to be 91kg/200lbs around 10% bf. I am currently 15 but turn 16 this year so a significant amount of that weight will come...
  2. Getting Started
    Hi guys, I'm a 24 year old male, new to bodybuilding and have only just signed up to the forum, so hello :) I've been trying for months to hit the gym and for various reasons I keep failing. A recent relationship breakup, I recovered and was really motivated. I then got an independent...
  3. General Conversation
    Hi Everyone, I'm just coming to the end of my BSc Sports Studies degree and therefore I'm currently job hunting. I feel I have an excellent level of knowledge of Health and Fitness having studied Strength and Conditioning with a leading NSCA practitioner, aswell as Nutrition with a leading...
1-3 of 3 Results