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  1. Advanced Bodybuilding
    Hi probably a big ask but hoping someone can help, I’ve been lifting for 7 years now I’m 34 started corse’s about a year ago mostly test only with AI I’m currently 13st 7lb little belly fat left but apart from the not too bad say about 17/18% body fat I’m 5 9” I train at least a hour 5 times a...
  2. Getting Started
    So at the moment I squat twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday 3 working sets. All around 10 reps. So these sets are obviously not heavy. I could do more weight for 5 reps. Last workout I did: 12 reps of 90kg 9 reps of 90kg and lastly 10 reps of 80kg Would it be a good idea to do a light squat...
1-2 of 2 Results