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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my log, which is really just designed to keep me accountable over the next few months. If anyone has words of wisdom feel free to help me out (I'm aware legs are only getting squats, but I usually train in my garage with just a peer rack so squats are about all I can do... open to garage gym quad/ham building suggestions to add in). I have lifted for 10-12 years, always natty and acheived what I would call average results (best lifts listed below). I'm proud of my lifts. I have gotten out what I put in so I am stronger than pretty much everyone at my local 'The Gym' but I am certainly not STRONG! I appreciate I am only stronger than most because I have trained pretty consistently and hard for many years, but I also think if everyone did the same, I would probably sit somewhere right in the middle of the strength spectrum..... What I am saying is that I am average but have worked longer and harder than average. I am not here to be stronger than some other guy, only to know I have pushed hard, put forth honest effort and been as strong as I can be. My goals are a mix of strength gains and looking good (bigger!). I'm 35 and in ok shape - I guess about 15-20% bf - make your own judgement on my Avi. I want to get strength levels back to what they were in my late 20's, detailed below and in order of priority. Pull up: bw + 45kg (or 50%bw) Squat: 200kg Deadlift: 230kg Dip: bw + roughly 65kg As I have gotten older and wiser I have come to accept that looking better is a part of my motivation for working out. I like to think strength is number 1 but actually as I have gone over 30 I realise injury avoidance is massively important which has helped me in being less 1 rep max focused and accepting that looking good also motivates me....why, I don't know, no one but the Mrs sees it anyway...guess it just keeps me happy and confident in myself knowing that I am working hard and staying strong...and knowing that the Mrs still wants to jump me occasionally! My goal body, well I can't think of anyone in particular....never really thought I desperately want to look like someone else. I want big traps first, I want big shoulders and upper back, I want big arms and I want big quads. Actually, John Cena, yip he looks awesome I think. I wouldn't sacrifice size for the sake of a sculpted 6 pack, I would rather look strong than ripped. Of course though, I want some abs, who doesn't!? My training is going to consist of 3 or 4 lifting sessions per week. One killer cardio session if I can get the time. Volume sets will be taken close to failure, with the intention of being able to complete 3 sets in the 8-12 rep range. This excludes deadlifts which will be done with lower reps. This whole program is going to be based around higher reps than I am typically used to (8-10 target reps mostly). I know some will argue that lower reps might serve me better. I know this. But they also might not...and I enjoy this range right now and I do not sail so close to injury with this range either. I get it, don't worry about it for me. If it doesn't work I will reassess. I have done many programs over the years and plain old 5x5 was where the VAST majority of my gains came. 5/3/1 was awful for my strength (not enough volume I suspect) and I find complex programs just a pain. I want a few compounds and simple, easily measurable progression. I will have 2 workouts which will be simple and focused only on beating the previous workout either in terms of reps or weight. I'll update the numbers at the end of each week. I may throw in the odd strongman session if I get the weather to be outside with the farmers handles and atlas stones. If so, that will replace any cardio session for the week - I will use light stone for reps and lightish for distance on the farmers. If I am short on time I will simply cut out the non compound lifts in any given workout...I view them largely as fluff but like most of us, I can't bring myself to entirely eliminate bicep curls and lateral raises from my routine I intend running a var only cycle for the first 6 weeks so fingers crossed the gains will come quick. I will be starting after a 6 week layoff on 1st September (forced as I've been moving house, so no power rack and local gym still locked down). As such, strength will be down on where I was 2 months ago, so this should also mean quick gains over the initial weeks. Weeks 1 and 2 are going to HURT though!! If anyone else is in a similar place, let me know and perhaps we can share a bit of motivation and extra accountability when it is inevitably required! I've added a couple of physique shots for reference and to compare as I move forward. They are all I have and are from a year ago but I have not changed much of at all since...I'm not into taking photos of my body generally speaking, too old for that s**t! That's it, workouts below. Wish me luck!! Workout 1 : Weighted Pull ups 3 X max in 8-10 range Weighted Dips 3 X max in 8-10 range DB incline press 3 X max in 8-10 range Tricep rings 3 X max Ring reverse flys 3 X max Lateral raises 3 X max in 10-15 range Fat grip db curls 3 max Workout 2: Squats 3 X max in 8-10 range Pull ups bodyweight pyramid as high as possible Deadlifts singles up until they get a bit grindy Deadlifts 3 X 5-8 rep range to an approximate RPE 7 Rack pulls 3 X 10 Ring curls 3 X max Ring rear flys 4 X max
  2. Video training log -Big Als

    Hi so I've always kept a video log of my training and I've shared old bits on here before when I used to post more but thought I'd start again. Mainly just for entertainment but also comments and criticism questions and answers etc. Got two vids to share the summary of my 2019 workouts (what bits I could find on the computer) and then my first video of theis year