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  1. Getting Started
    110kg new pb :) [video=youtube;Ith4qQGzXus]
  2. Getting Started
    dudes, please enlighten me :) over the years rear delts seem to rear theyre ugly heads every now and again.. why are people bothered about theyre rear delts when theyre legs or arms or chest and back are still needing mass? has anyone been scrutinized and had the observer say yup you need to...
  3. General Conversation
    do you were gloves during training?no i dont wear gloves as i relish the exquisite pain from a hard set of 200kg deads2076.92%yes i do wear gloves for my 35kg deadlifts but the missus loves my soft girlish hands..623.08%
  4. Supplementation
    seems to me there maybe a problem getting everyone happy with a starting time for the second T Bullets challenge. does it really matter as long as before and after pictures go up? this is about respect at the end of the day innit.. no reason at all we cant have members posting up before and...
  5. Trt

    lol well i dunno if this should really go in the article section its more like my usual ramble.. :D i wouldnt say its complete now, but ive added to it.. this should aslo be entitled SUBlingual TRT doh! TRT. I read a book called "Testosterone is your friend" by Dr. Roger Mason, which talks...
  6. Getting Started
    there are those that talk the talk and those that walk up lamposts :becky: lol the yanny-splat!
  7. General Conversation
    has anyone heard of this? Bulbine Natalensis ive had no real luck with OTC test boosters when it comes to noticeable muscle growth, recovery or libido.. heres the bumph.. "Bulbine Natalensis 750mg x 100 Capsules Capsules Bulk supplements Direct is pleased to bring you an exciting...
  8. General Conversation
    does the crazy cal ever train or does he spend all his time on the forum - lol
  9. Member Journals
    i`m a lazy,lazy, man ,but i thought i`d better write my own journal to stop me hijacking others after my last training cycle my weight peaked at 11 stone 2lb`s after stopping creatine it was 10 stone 12 and a 1/2 lb`s-i`ve changed from a split routine to a full body routine-which for various...
1-9 of 9 Results