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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I'm 37-year-old from Belfast, new to the forum(my first post). I have been looking into TRT for a while now. I have all the textbook symptoms of low Testosterone. My Testosterone levels have been consistently low at 12.3 -13 nmol/L throughout last year(i had three tests done). My question is, which private Dr should I go for Dr. Stevens or Dr. Savage? I don't mind their initial consultation fees, but going forward how much I will be spending monthly on TRT medication per month is a deciding factor for me. If the members up here can share their experience on the following questions, I will be very grateful; What is the total cost of TRT per month with each doctor? Whose protocol is better for building and keeping muscle mass? is NHS GP are willing to help with prescription and blood tests? Sorry for all the questions, I have used the search feature in the forum, but haven't come across a post which has covered all the questions I have.