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Found 93 results

  1. Hey guys. Ive been using steroids on and off for years. im 30 92kg. i Bunked my estro on this cycle due to thinking i had high levels but they were actually low. Ive bumped my test E to 850mg a week to try and raise this, been doing this for 4 weeks. Also running primo but have been the whole time. Im starting to get snappy and short tempered now. Would that indicate that my E levels have gone too high ? ive always been sat in the sweet spot so i dont know have any experience in this field. Is it even possible to rise that hight that quick ? my E levels were 11 on bloods 5 weeks ago. but pharmacy wont give me another test so im stuck. what does everyone think ? my libido came back 2 weeks ago and now i can feel it starting to fade again. Once back in the sweet spot what Ai should i take and how often. previous cycles i just took a small amount of Adex if i felt any lumps behind the nipples coming and it used to sort that and increase my libido again. Thanks
  2. Hi! Sometimes, 3 out of ever 5 times, when I inject, and physically insert the needle in my thigh, I feel a large throbbing/pulsing and i get pins and needles down my leg. I often ignore it and everything returns to normal after the shot. Today, when I experienced this, but when I removed the needle a fair bit of blood followed (darker in color so feeling its not arterial). It clotted after a few mins so I am not so worried. But it did get me thinking of the pins and needles (almost 'dead leg' sensation) and throbbing were maybe bad - perhaps a sign that I should pull the needle out and go into a different spot (Something I am always anxious about doing). ? I am pretty lean injecting 1ml med with a 1inch 23g needle. Cheers!
  3. High prolactin after PCT, please HELP!

    Hi everybody, I stopped using steroids in July, then did a full blown PCT to recover from it. I did a regulation PCT and used all the necessary drugs like HCG, exemestane, Tamoxifen and Clomid. My PCT was 6 weeks in total and I easily recovered from with no problems whatsoever. I stopped injecting testosterone in mid July and all of it is out of my system, I did bloods before PCT and after PCT. In both tests, my prolactin was high. In the previous test my prolactin was 584 mU/L and now it has decreased to 532 mU/L which is still bad. I don't know what prolactin does in men and according to the internet high prolactin levels in men is often caused by a brain tumour. What should I do now?
  4. Hi All , I am a 47 year old male , weigh 79kg , 5.7 foot (173cm) , BF% roughly is 20% and i have been working out a few years but still in beginner stages as my lifts are still a bit low . 1RM's are ( Poverty Bench is 90kg , Squat is 150kg , Deadlift is 195 kg , OHP is 70kg ) currently on a pplppl rest split. I did blood test last year via my gp and everything was normal, test was 17.4 nmol/L at 82.6kg , I tested it recently and its 19.3 nmol/L , no idea about free test though. I will do this test before hopping on to see where I am at https://medichecks.com/products/sports-hormone-check-plus-blood-test So this leads to my question which is I want to go on trt and do 100/150 mg every week and concentrate on losing fat to get to maybe 12/15% BF and then do the 500g beginner cycle and then go back to cruise at 100/150mg. The reason i want to cruise is that I am done with kids and am old enough to to want to keep it going if it makes me feel better and saying that , I want do do this only for the gym and for better recovery etc. I have a few vials of test and adex at hand already , just need some needles. So what would your advice me for an old fogey
  5. Hi guys, I've been on TRT now for several months. 200 mg / week of Test C with 1 mg / week of Anastrozole (Arimidex). I inject and ingest together twice a week; I cut the weekly dosage in half for each dosing. I'm under the supervision of an MD and get my blood work done every 10 weeks. Everything is fine. My estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, lipids, etc. are all normal. Some are at the high end of normal, but normal nonetheless. The only exception is my free testosterone which is twice the high end of normal. Within the past few days, I've begun experiencing numbness in my extremities. Specifically, I've experienced numbness in my fingers and lower lip. My left pinkie is practically useless. Have any of you experienced the same sort of thing on gear in general or TRT specifically? Is this a common side effect of testosterone use? Or is this the beginning of Lou Gehrig's disease? Am I going to end up like Stephen Hawking minus the 200 IQ?!?
  6. Hi everybody, I hope all you guys are doing great. Can anyone tell me how my dad can get prescribed TRT from a doctor? He is around 50 years old and gained alot of weight recently. I am pretty sure he has low test and would benefit from taking replacement therapy dose. He injured his back(herniated disc) in his 30s so he can't lift weights or run. I am trying to get him to do some cycling so he can loose weight but I think TRT would most definitely help since he has low energy levels and sleepy all the time. Since, I am a steroid user I can easily get him to use one of my vials of test and he knows about my steroid use. But he does not want me to give him test, he is scared because he could get enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. I also think its better that he goes to the doctor, what do you guys think ?
  7. Hey guys im new here and looking for some advice, how much is to much? I know this is a difficult question to answer and will vary from person to person with loads of variables so let me give you some info about me, (Male - 28yo - 93kg body weight - 5ft 10in). I have never done a cycle before but plan on doing one very soon couple of weeks, currently plan is to take "Test E" 2 times a week at 250mg or 500mg a week and Tbol 30mg a day for a total of 12 weeks. I understand this seems to be quite a lot for a first cycle but i keep finding mixed reviews online and i dont want to unnecessary take more then i can optimise, So my question is: How much is to much Test E and Tbol? Is Tbol unnecessary for first cycle? Is Test E alone enough for first cycle and should i stick to 250mg dose a week or 500mg? Does Tbol compliment Test E? I am getting blood work done just for my testosterone before during and after just so i can monitor how my body takes it and plan in the near future to get a wider blood work done, I am also aware that if i take to much Test E i will get a lot of estrogen and this is what i want to avoid unnecessary estrogen. So please use this topic to discuss help and inform others and i look forward to hearing what you have to say
  8. Hey there! hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. its my first cycle and unfortunately I don’t know anyone with first hand experience in these matters so I’ve tried my best to educate myself but .. I started pinning test E 250 every Monday and Thursday, this is my 5th week now and I’ve been taking dianabol 50mg for the last 3 weeks. Judging by what I’ve read I should have been noticing the effects by now? ive put on 2 kg so far which considering I’ve increased my food intake quite a lot this isn’t as much as I would have expected. I got a testosterone test on Monday, and the results came back at 27.2nmol ... so bunk gear right? I did my blood sample in the morning fasted before I was due my test e injection that day Also should the dianabol suppressed my natural testosterone yet? If so then the Dbol is bunk to am I right? I didn’t get a test before starting my cycle stupidly! also I’m 30 years old and around 105kg if that helps Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Hi there, I am about to start TRT Treatment with Sustanon 250. My starting dose is 1ml every 2 and a half weeks. I assume this is a normal dose? Would you say its fine injecting with a 27G needle (0.4mm) Or would you suggest going larger? I was planning on injecting in my thigh. I am pretty lean so I assume it would go in Sub Q? I have 5'8 needles too which i could use. As for getting blood work done to check blood /t levels, how often would you say getting them completed? My Red blood is Border-line high. Thanks!
  10. Bad, good, ugly? Any tests? Experiences? Obviously in with rules won't say where it's from but online order (first time using online for test)
  11. Hi there, I have been on TRT for the last 9 months or so. I am a 27 year old with secondary hypogonadism . I am not a science guy and do what the doc tends to tell me. I started out taking Testosterone Cyp, injecting 0.5 ml once a week from a 200gm/ml vile....not even sure what the dose is! I combined it with HCG 2,500ui twice a week (if that sounds right.) Switched doctors, moved to the UK; everything is different here. The doc took me off the Test. as my RBC has tended to fluctuate; the Heamoglobin 174/176 g/L. They switched me to Androgels for a month...totally ineffectual for me and my Test levels went from 31 on injections to 10 (prior treatment i was 1.2-2). How high are these bloods? Are they likely to be a worry if i stay on T? If I did stay on Test. would switching to a different ester impact the RBC? The doctor wants me to be on HCG mono-therapy. I am open to the idea. I am however, curious as to why some doctors totally reject the idea of HCG mono-therapy and favor it only when combined with Test. when fertility is a concern. For me, fertility is not an issue. I just want to feel well, and after 4 weeks of renewed low T symptoms that were only getting worse, I dont really want to play the game of waiting another month here and there. Thanks!
  12. Hi chaps, Been on TRT for approx 4 years which has been fantastic in every way. Currently on 96.25mg TestC p/w and 700iu HCG p/w. Finally been able to book a holiday (in 7 weeks) and am now ready to do a cut. Ideally want to keep as much of my hard earned gains over the last 6 months as I can (lucky enough to have a decent home gym) so was looking at getting a little help with Anavar. I did a holiday cut last year with Ostarine which was pretty good although I'm carrying quite a bit more muscle this year. Am currently at 198lbs, 17.5% BF and my target is 14%. I was planning to take 20-30mg Pharmacom Anavar ED (ordered direct - I think I can say that as its the lab?) for 6 weeks, keep the same TestC protocol and increase my HCG to just over 1000iu. I also have pharma Anastrozole which I was planning to run alongside the cycle, perhaps 0.5mg EOD or ETD to keep E2 in check. I'm healthy, clean-diet, non-smoker and teetotal (boring sod) and my bloodwork always comes back clean ( baseline T approx 33-35, Free T 0.7-1, Prolactin and Oestradiol upper normal) and I'm 48.. I've done my research (all praise to SwoleTroll and you other fine experts) and I'm planning to do a T cycle in the near future, but don't want to waste my first proper cycle on a cut and I also know there are more effective orals for cutting; such as Clen but the sides are off-putting, and I think Anavar + low Test could be a good first mini cycle for me to break my cherry :-) Does the above sound sensible or am I a boring moron?
  13. Hi , this is my third steroid cycle I have just started this week and have been constantly trying to find videos and personal experiences to Run my next cycle. my first two cycles have been testosterone only cycles ... however with the oestrogen conversion and water retention all I have done when I have come off my cycle is drop size and pretty much gone back to my original (well not my original it’s all in your head) this cycle round I’m running Test E and Tren E , I would appreciate serious comments and support from people that have had really good experience running these cycles and what dosages where used. ive come to the conclusion that I am not YET gyno sensitive , I think I would have found out form the first two cycles I ran as my dosages where like 600mg per week , all I have is a little bit of bacne but that’s after coming off cycle. sorry for the long read but I’m serious about getting the dosages right for this cycle! thanks In advance! jordan!
  14. As the title suggests, what is your opinion on this lab and the product TEST 400. Each 1ml contains: 300mg Test Cyp/E 100mg Test Prop
  15. Hi there, I am a 27 year old male and have been on TRT for the last 9 or so months over in the US. I recently relocated to the UK (London) and had run into some trouble with continuing my treatment. I had been on Testosterone Cypionate and was responding very well. However, the urologist i saw in the UK said that cypionate wasn't available in the UK and I could either use gels or long acting injections. The Docs in America always told me to forget Gels, and a lot of online reading has supported this claim (the the Dr is a fan). I know it is possible to get Cyp from third party providers (Optimale, Balance My Hormone) but I wonder how trustworthy they are, and how much extra money they are taking? So now I am on Testogel, and quite frankly I think I am facing a psychological barrier owing to my American indoctrination. Do you think the Gels to be significantly inferior to Cyp? Is it real so bad? My biggest fear is giving the gels a few weeks or a month to work only to return to some kind of injection, by which stage I will have to wait around 8 weeks for any symptoms to disappear. (I know it is possible to get propionate and other short acting shots in London but I haven't really considered this). Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hey, Is it possible to blast and cruise test + tren without losing your mind?
  17. Hey guys, My questions is for the more experienced blast & cruisers. I'm currently on a TRT protocol of 200 mg/week of Test C along with .5 mg/week of Arimidex. Everything is going fine; there are no negative side effects that I can discern. Moreover, I have blood work coming up next week. Assuming that everything comes back OK, and I don't see why it wouldn't, I'll be on that weekly dose indefinitely. But....... I'm thinking about blast and cruising. I'd like the cruise to be that 200 mg/week TRT dose, and I'd like to blast at 500 mg/week. How long should I blast for? How much higher should my AI dose be while blasting? Thanks.
  18. Hello, OK. So, those SARMs must have really been something because my Test levels are in the toilet. The doctor immediately wrote me a script for Test C at 200mg/ml, needles & barrels, HCG, and Arimidex. Insurance paid for everything, no problems. Picking my Test up in an hour, and going to administer my first shot. I have 20 gauge needles for pulling and 25 gauge needles for pushing. Both are an inch long. I plan on hitting my glute. I know to hit the outside upper quadrant near the hip and away from the sciatic nerve. My question is, though, how far should I push the needle in? All the way? Half way? I'm a thinner guy, not much fat on me. Though, my glutes are rather meaty (bubble butt). How deep is too deep? How shallow is too shallow? How can I tell if I'm too deep or not deep enough? Also, is it OK if some air gets pushed into the muscle, or should this be avoided? Thanks.
  19. Anyone heard for it?

    Hi, Did anyone hear for Testosterone Cypionate from Watson Pharma? Worth to buy or it is just a piece of crap? I read on the web that it is legit, a Pharmaceutical company. Do not want to risk.... Thanks
  20. Hi, So, I kinda screwed myself recently. I posted two days ago about quite possibly giving myself gyno through the use of various androgens without the necessary ancillaries. Anyway, I think that it's time I run a proper cycle: Test, HCG, SERM, AI, etc... I have the opportunity to visit a rejuvenation / sports medicine clinic in my area that offers full TRT prescriptions i.e. Test C 200 or 250, HCG, SERMs, AIs, etc. Of course, you have to qualify first through a blood test. That is, your Test levels have to be low enough. Now, I'm 42 this year, and I'm pretty sure I just knocked my natural Test levels in the dirt through my previously mentioned fuckery. Though, I want to be absolutely certain that I'll qualify for treatment (hopefully getting the 250 as opposed to the 200) Is there some way through diet and / or lifestyle that I can crash my natural Test levels for a day or two? I'd rather not use drugs to do this. Thanks.
  21. Hello, I did my first shot of AAS 2 days ago. My friend, who's a regular user of all kinds of gear, hit me with half an ml of test 550. I had no idea test came that high, but whatever. Anyway, the shot went smooth as silk; I didn't even realize the shot went in. Two days later, I have a small reddish lump at the injection site that's a bit sore to the touch. I'm also lethargic, just sleeping all day. Any ideas of what's going on?
  22. Hello, I did my first shot of AAS 2 days ago. My friend, who's a regular user of all kinds of gear, hit me with half an ml of test 550. I had no idea test came that high, but whatever. Anyway, the shot went smooth as silk; I didn't even realize the shot went in. Two days later, I have a small reddish lump at the injection site that's a bit sore to the touch. I'm also lethargic, just sleeping all day. Any ideas of what's going on?
  23. Hi, What are your thoughts on permanently staying on 250mg per week of test? I'm 42 and am in very good shape. Thanks.
  24. Has anyone ever tried this stuff
  25. Hi, I've been using test for around 5 years now. I was recommended suss 400 from a local gym the other week. I've had 5 jabs now ranging between a 1.5ml and 0.8ml. I'm using 23g 1¼ for jabbing. A day after every jab I'm getting extreme pains in and around the injection site (arm) lasts for about 5 days and can't even lift my arm. Does anybody know why this is happening? I've had the odd bad jab in the past where this has happened but nothing like I'm experiencing now. Thanks for any help .