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Found 50 results

  1. Is there any lab tests on d4net test e? And eq? Any reviews? Or results?
  2. Hi all, Basically looking to come back training after a long time away. Ive used lots of different types of juice back when i was regularly in the gym 10 years ago. I'm 46 now 65kg 5/10" & do struggle to put on weight so I want to get some gear to help. I would just like some advice on what's new on the market that's proven to give good results. Being that I've been away from the gym for so long! I figured there must be some new stuff out there now? Any advice on this I'd be really grateful....
  3. The most overlooked element of PCT

    A brief background on my situation: I was found to have hypogonadism after months of tests 4 years ago. Since then I have been on a minimum dose of 250mg sustanon every 2 weeks. At my annual endocrinologist appointment I mentioned I had been thinking of trying to have children. This lead to an appointment at the fertility clinic and producing a sperm sample which I'm still waiting on the results of. Apparently for male fertility the NHS need to apply for funding rather than it being automatic as it is for women. So they suggested staying on trt until the funding had been granted. I decided otherwise and came off cold turkey. My reasons for doing this were: - Morbid curiosity - I just wondered what I'd feel like to be off test for the first time in 4 years. - I had spoken to an ifbb pro that I know and he never pct's, just comes off. - I had been cruising on the trt dose for a good 3 months before I took the plunge. That was 11 weeks ago and I feel great, and have done throughout. I have lost a bit of strength and about 6lbs in weight! (Despite my best efforts) and libido has been hit and miss. But not half as bad as I thought it would be. I had a blood test done last week and test was at 7.8 nmol while lh and fsh where around 1.0!! The boys are coming back to life. What remains to be seen is whether I'm fertile or not but I've got plenty of time and don't mind the practice. So, the whole point of this post; I believe the single biggest contributor to this recovery has been my diet. I've been very particular with my diet for years now and would keep my macros written in a spreadsheet, bulk cook all my meals, all the usual bro stuff. About 6 months ago I took a good look at the MICRONUTRIENTS I was (or wasn't) taking in. I overhauled my diet, aiming to get the bulk of these through whole foods rather than supplements. I started adding in beans, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, tonnes of different kinds of fats. All kinds of fruit and veg. I had been eating chicken and rice for so long that at first this was strange to me but I soon got used to it. I started focusing on my digestion and how I could improve it; I went from 6-7 smaller meals a day to 3-4 larger ones. I started chewing my food thoroughly (an essential yet often overlooked part of the digestion process). I stopped drinking water around meal times. I began to include apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and other pro-digestion foods. I didn't eat fruit after a big meal and i stopped esting close to bedtime. I even tried adding bicarbonate of soda into my morning water. The result was that I felt really really good. Sleep was better, energy levels higher and more constant, skin improved massively. This is what I believed has carried me through the last 3 months. I have another blood test in 4 weeks so I will keep this updated with my progress. Id be interested in others' thoughts and questions so please fire away if you have any.
  4. Has anyone tried d4Net equipoise? Is it a good lab to use ? Please share your experience thanks
  5. Hi guys. Im 42 & always been in the gym for last 20 years. 5f10 & 220lb. I work out 4-5 times a week but two years back had kids (triplets) which took up all my time. I've been back in gym a 8 month now as i put on a little fat while not at the gym so just want to gain a little and shed the rest of the fat. Test on the slide now at 42 so thought this might help me get my old shape back. Thing is people round me are saying take 1ml. The bottle i have is 300mg & says 10ml at the bottom of the bottle. Might be a stupid question but obviously i have 10 servings here yeah ? Im just making sure i get everything right as i not tried steroids before & want to make sure i get everything correct. Thank you for your time & input ?
  6. Good evening guys, I have started my first cycle last week with 250mg testosterone enanthate & 500iu HCG twice a week on Monday & Thursday, so altogether dosage of approximately 500mg Testosterone Enanthate and 1000iu HCG per week. I feel like I have man boobs and I am scared that I might get Gynaecomastia due to testosterone. Hence, I took 0.50mg of Anastrozole (Arimidex) every other day from day one of the cycle. I started having joint pain after one week but did not get any signs of Gynaecomastia. After googling and reading a few forums, I came to the conclusion that joint pain is due to arimidex. Therefore, I lowered my dosage of Anastrozole to 0.25mg every other day from today. Would you rekon this is the right decision to make. I am attaching photos of my chest so you can assess my current pre-cycle condition. Your input is much appreciated. Have a good night guys!
  7. new member here Ive been a long time user of this website but this will be my first post. For my second cycle i am planning as follows: TestP4-500mg / week 1-8 Npp 300mg/week 1-7 D/Tbol20mgED/week1-6 Hcg 500iu AW/week 6-8 Asin12.5mgED/week 1-11/12 Nolv20mg ED/week 8-13 Caber0.5 -1mg?AW/week1-8 I will be getting bloodwork pre mid and post cycle. Diet (roughly) 3000kcal 200g protien 450g carbs 60g fats ED (I havent calculated macros exactley since the begining of 2017 so these figures might be slightly off) i train a PPL 3 on 1 off split First 3 days are volume and then the other 3 are intensity Repeat. I find this suits me just fine. Stats Age 23 5.8" 80kg Bf% 12-13 Training experience : 3 years (started training at 59kg ) proud of the base i have built strength and asethetic wise so far but now im after that juicy look. Cycle history : + 1 year ago 8 weeks test prop + ai +pct Goals : Safetly and effectivley Adding mucsle and strength with minimal fat gain. looking for help on dialing in my proposed cycle and also my macros if need be? Tell me what you guys think. open to any and all relevant information please no flaming regarding my age or whatever. I am here to learn and hopefully this thread can benifit others too. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, all, First post on forums. I have set out 2 cycle layouts for my first cycle on pins, they could be absolute s**t or spot on. Please feel free to give me feed back, also from most forums, not this one imparticular I see a lot of people giving hate to new users who are asking for advice for their first cycles. Not saying no to hate etc I'm a big boy I can take it but I'd like feed back I can use etc. It has taken me 3 years to get to current weight, after being anorexic, my weight 3 years ago was 7st flat, since then I have changed my diet, and regained a lot of weight. I have trained for almost 3 years, with constant bulking stages failing due to my mental illness being anorexia. so now that I have plateau, I would like to gain a bit more size, to help benefit my self-confidence after 3 shitty years of struggle in the gym. My diet is healthy and balanced, I have non defeated my anorexia and just want to gain size and more mussel. any help with my cycle plans will be greatly appreciated. Plan one - Sustanon250 week 1-10 @500mg Mon,ThursTren Ace week 3-10 @100mg EOD (not too keen on the daily injections). My PCT(which will commence 18days after last sust shot)will encompass: Clomid: Day1 150mg / Day2 100mg / day3-30 50mg AND/OR Nolvadex: Day1 60mg / Day2-10 40mg / day11-30 20mg Plan two - Run for 8 weeks Aromasin 20mg ED, Test E 250mg Monday, Thursday Dbol 30mg on the days I'm not pinning - Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun PCT - Nolvadex20 40mg ED for 2 weeks / 20mg ED for 2 weeks I'm also thinking of Milk Thistle although I've heard mixed reviews. I'm unsure if this will work so feel free to help me out. Height - 5'11 Age - 21 - I know people will question my age, but I'm old enough to know better / make that decision to take steroids. Weight - 13st 13lb Gym frequency - 5 days / 7 I'm a non-drinker Smoker soon to be quitting Healthy diet Supplements used: Whey Isolate Creapure (Creatine Monohydrate) BCAA's Pulse V4 Pre work out
  9. SIS Labs Test E

    I picked this up from a uk source online. Thoughts?
  10. Hi Guys, Just wanted some advice on what to use on a first cycle, as well as what combinations work best. Some info about myself, i been training on and of for the past 5 years, joined the gym again a few months ago. I plan on training and bulking to get back to a point where i was happy with my physique and once i reach plateau take something to give me a boost. 27, 6ft1, 75g, 9% body fat last time i checked. I've been advised to do a 8 week cycle of either Testo or Omnadec (2ml a week). In addition to that I've been advised to take 50mg of anavar along with the injections to kick-start things. For pct i intend to take nolva. I'd appreciate if you guys could comment on this, in terms of which one would be better Testo or Deca, as well as dosages and what your best cycles looked like when you first started. Also what can i have in hand in case side affects kick in.
  11. Hi, It's my first post! Sorry if it's come up before... I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives to steroids or pro hormones that still give that well-being, confidence buzz I experienced when taking T Bullets? I'm happy-ish with my physique, and i've still got more natural gains to achieve through diet etc... Rather than jumping back on a course of pro hormones just for this I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that might help in this department? I've tried anti depressants and other illegal stimulant drugs but they don't work, can't really take at work or are probably more harmful to my body than the above, and interfere with training. Any help/advice welcome. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, Quick stats on me H: 6'1 W: 211lbs Training: 10+ years, natty Note: Have worked with individually or through ambassadors of John Meadows, Shelby Starnes, Phil Hernon, and Chad Nichollls in the past. Currently being prepped overseas from a US coach and want to be one step ahead of him in terms of this cycle I've been given by him. I have a comp coming up in about 7 weeks and want to bring the best package. Here's the cycle he's potentially started me off on. My question is 'What would be the duration of this cycle - How long am I running each individually and what is a good PCT to followup with this? I am continuing thorough research as we speak, so flooding my brain with knowledge before even thinking about ordering this stuff. 500mg Testosterone weekly (sus or enth) 100mg Mast P - Mon, Weds, Fri 100mg Tren A - Mon, Weds, Fri 25mcg T3 daily 1mcg Arimdex EOD Cheers
  13. Hi all, I’m looking for some advice on trt/my next steps, I've written down my entire 'journey' so far to give you the background of where it started. Aug 2014 I was 23 at the time, healthy, around 13% body fat and I eat well & went to the gym regularly with no health problems. I was given some ‘gym enhancers’ which were mislabelled and I took them for around 14 days before getting some side effects; night sweats and painful testicles (I couldn’t even wear boxer shorts!) – I was also unable to get an erection. I bloated up by around 10-14 pounds. After realising they weren’t what I believed them to be I them sent for testing they came back as Winstrol/Stanozolol, my dosage was 1x or 2x 10mg a day. I came off immediately & asked for some advice on a forum and was suggested to use Tamoxifen for a week or so, I can’t remember the exact timing or dosage although it didn’t seem to help me much. For the next 10-14 days I was somewhat depressed & lethargic, still with very little ability to get an erection – from looking around on the internet I was effectively shut down. It took 3 weeks for me to start seeing an improvement and I could maintain an erection after 4/5 weeks although they were not as strong as previously & no morning, evening or random erections which were regular before (this is still the case) As I gained a substantial amount of weight in a short period, I got back into a healthy diet & gym routine during which time I found it impossible to lose weight, for 8 weeks I dieted and even dropped my calories to 1000/1200 a day and I couldn’t even shift 1lb of weight. After 2-3 months, the weight started to move, but a slower rate than usual & I was unable to control my weight as easily as before. Even when I dropped most of the weight, I still held much more fat around my waist/hips than I did previously which was noticeable and I didn’t seem to shift fat as easily & also became prone to bloating. Post Aug 2014/15/16 – So between the incident above until April 2017 I’ve always felt I never fully recovered, I still don’t get morning or random wood as before, but I was near enough there so I never thought into it too much. I used to sleep really well previously too (straight through), since the incident I don’t sleep half as well, I can still sleep straight through but I don’t feel as if I’ve rested most of time. In mid 2015 I travelled for a few months and lost motivation to train and over a 6 month period I gained around 2-3 stone, since then I’ve been intermittently training although my diet isn’t the worst. I’ve lost around 1.5 stone since then. One thing I have noticed, is the weight gain seems to be all around my hips & stomach which I have never experienced to this degree. Now, looking back at the last couple of years I realise I probably started with slight anxiety since the Stanozolol issue, previous to that I had no issues. During this period, I had the following; - Lack of motivation (mainly for training, as I had trained for previous 3 years) - Tiredness/Lethargy - Overthinking most situations - Find negative comments in discussions with people, even friends - Libido never the same as before (although not horrendous, no morning/random wood) I’d have an episode of overthinking/finding negative comments/anxiety probably every few weeks in 2015 and since then it’s built up to by mid 2016 I was experiencing the above daily, if not multiple times a day which was affecting me.– At the time I didn’t think anything of it and I’d never even considered it being anxiety, whereas now I see it was anxiety although there were no physical symptoms. During late 2016 I really got back into the gym again for around 3 months and this somewhat alleviated the symptoms, not completely but by around 50% - over Christmas I give the gym a miss and I the above came back in again. April - May 2017 During late April I was at work as usual went out for lunch and within 30 minutes I was dashing to the toilet with a bad stomach, and again every 30 minutes for rest of the day – it felt like food poisoning so I only eat lightly for the weekend as I still had a bad stomach with the regular trips to the toilet although it much less severe. That Monday, I went to work as normal and stayed over to speak to a colleague – it was about 5.30pm and mid discussion I felt the blood drain from my face, my heart began to race and I felt dizzy & sick. I left work as quickly as I could to get some fresh air and drove home. I believed it was something to do with the ‘food poisoning’ so I tried to relax to no avail and I got worse over the next hour or two with my raised heart rate, going lightheaded and faint I decided to go to A&E. They kept me in for around 10 hours on a drip, they said I was dehydrated (probably because of the 3-4 days of diarrhoea) They also did blood tests and came back and said they believed I had a bug as my white blood cells were high (if I remember correctly) So I was discharged. I took the next two weeks off work as I still didn’t feel right and a few days after being discharged I had 2 days of bad stomach pains & diarrhoea – to the point I was struggling to stand up for more than 5 minutes at a time; this passed within a few days. Throughout the next two weeks I regularly had what I now recognise as anxiety to a degree I’ve never experienced before. I don’t know the trigger of the anxiety, work is fine; no excessive life stresses etc and it seemingly reduced when I got back to work probably to my concentration being on work. For the past 10 weeks or so I’ve battled with the following symptoms; - Anxiety (constant feeling over seemingly nothing, stays at around 2/3 out of 10 at a constant) - Insomnia (waking up randomly feeling immediately awake like I wasn’t asleep) - Early morning nausea (never physically sick, just the feeling) - Anxiety/Panic attacks (only happened 2/3 times since the original episode) - Stomach pains (Diarrhoea) – no doubt linked to the constant anxiety, as my Gastro said my stomach symptoms could be due to anxiety - Occasional pain in testicles - Occasional aching; for example both leg’s aching, arms aching etc - Occasional floaters in eyes I travel fairly often with my job and my anxiety seemingly heightens when I know I need to travel in a few days, I’m not mentally anxious to travel – I enjoy it, but it seems to be a subconscious result. Throughout all this I was seeing my GP every few days and I had multiple blood tests, in the first few weeks he believed it was a bacterial infection so he prescribed antibiotics – they did nothing & then he referred me to a gastroenterologist and about week 7 I had a colonoscopy (the joys!) which came back fine. It was about the same time I explained to my GP about the stanolozl issue and all the above as originally I believed it was just a bad bug whereas now I was coming to understand there was an underlying issue it was the first thing I thought of which could possibly be the cause. June 2017 After explaining the above to my GP, he agreed he would run some blood tests (I believe my 5th set, and 14th Vial) which came back with the below; Early June 2017 (GP) Taken at 9.30am – Testosterone - 11.4/mmol He said they were on the low end of normal, and it could possibly cause my anxiety (and I was told anxiety could be the cause for my other symptoms) He said he didn’t believe it was low for my age and he wouldn’t expect it to give me symptoms (after reading online I pre-empted this response). Either way, said he was happy to refer me to an endocrinologist. A few days later I went to see an Endocrinologist, I went private in the hope of getting to see some quickly (hoping for quicker solution) & in the hope of not running into the issues it seems many people have with the NHS and Testosterone results/replacement. No luck, they took a number of vials of blood and I was back again a 5 days later for the results. Late June 2017 (ENDO) Taken at 10.30am – Testosterone - 10.6/nmol & SHBG 21/mmol Here is the full report… “I reviewed # in my clinic at the # Hospital. I now have the results of his investigations which I am pleased to report were all within the normal range. His testosterone was 10.3 nmol/l, in the lower normal range with an SHBG of 21 nmol/l, also in the lower normal range suggestive that his free testosterone levels are probably well within the normal range. His FSH was 6.5 IU/L, LH 5.3 IU/L, 17 beta oestradiol 78, prolactin 116 mU/L, cortisol 284 nmol/l, Vitamin D normal at 61 nmol/l. IGF1 was 33.4 ug/L, TSH 1.2 mu/l, Free T4 16.9 pmol/l. I reassured # that his results are all normal. We had a discussion today as he is concerned that his testosterone remains in the lower/normal range. We talked about the different options of: - Doing nothing at all and repeating his testosterone in 3-6 months time. - Treating him with testosterone which I would not recommend as this would suppress his hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis. - Giving him HCG which again I would not recommend as it would only temporarily improve things.” To be honest, the report pissed me off – As he discusses about the different options, while in the actual consultation he didn’t offer me the above but told me to get back to training, lose some weight and come and see me in 3-6 months to see if your symptoms have improved. Right now, I’m around 12 Stone 10 Pound and 25% BF so I agree being at healthier weight would be more beneficial (but it would be for anyone) and the gym has previously helped with light anxiety but in the past 10-12 weeks I’ve not felt myself, not for 1 minute. I feel as if he’s fobbing me off to see if anything improves with no thought for the symptoms I’m facing on a day to day basis. After looking on this forum and other forums it seems a lot of people within the UK get this response. Now So I guess I posted the above in the hope that some of you guys have a better understanding with what’s going on with my results, and what you believe should be my next steps. I believe I have the symptoms I’ve gone through due to my testosterone, and not due to clinical anxiety – I’ve never felt 100% back to normal since the incident and believe I was shut down and never recovered. These are, what I believe are my choices... - Go to my GP, he’ll ignore my results and try to treat the anxiety – I’d rather treat the cause than mask it. - Go back to my endo and ‘force his hand’ on TRT/HCG – but I want a long term solution and Androgel according to the internet doesn’t seem to be it. - I’ve spoken to balance my hormones and I could possible go down that route to see if they could prescribe TRT. If you could provide any opinions/options on what you believe I should do next I’d appreciate it, I understand it’s probably too far gone for any PCT (although at the initial consultation my endo said HCG could restart me, but no mention of this at the results stage – I’ve no insight into this) I know I’ve gone into detail, I just wanted to share as much as possible. If you’ve read this far, I appreciate it.
  14. Hi All, Here's the story, I couldn't get my test e on time, actually my source dissappeared and it was too late for an alternative order. So i had no choice, but to tapper test e down till I inject all juice i have I had no work around - no juice no fun :-) Same with HCG i was taking 3x250iu which i stopped month later, beginning of June to be correct. I had only 3 ml left test e beginning of May. So i started taking 0.5ml weekly split on two intakes. Thats 125mg test weekly. No armomatize inhibitor. End of May i needed to redice it even further, i went on only 60mg test e weekly (2x30mg). Thats where also I introduced Aromasin 12,5mg EOD which i taking still. Btw since I went from 125 to 60mg test , that's beginning of june, i started to have almost no sex drive, balls were reduced in size. My last test injection was approx 7 weeks later, on 19. June with 30mg test. And surprise 8 days after my last test injection, i noticed sex drive is there and my balls roughly twice the size compared to when i was on test and hcg (natural LH/ FSH stimulation on the testes appears greater than 3x250iu HCG, go figure). At present I am still taking Aromasin. It seems to me it played also a role in my recovery - pituitary gland receptors for estrogen detect less estrogen and hence less testosterone, so i am up regulated right now. I am thinking of Clomid or Nova to boost it more and taper it eventually down after 4 weeks. Aromasin helps me now also to get most of my own test production and less estrogen production, i am happy. Who could have guessed cheers
  15. Hi guys, I've spent ages reading these forums and every time I think I've cracked it then I read something else that contradicts it. I just need someone to take me under their wing and point me in the right direction. Basically, I'm 24 and a full on ectomorph hard gainer and I can't be arsed anymore. Sick of going to the gym and not getting anywhere. Cherry on the cake is, despite being nothing but bloody skin and bone everywhere, I have this disgusting tyre around my middle and no matter how slim I am elsewhere, this pouch will not go. Then, if I do more cardio to get rid, I lose what little muscle I did have. Can't win! I used to be a long distance runner in uni, so I don't know if I'm just stuck with a bit of muscle memory or something, but I don't want to look like bloody Mo Farrah! Just to outline; I go to the gym 3/4x per week, spin once per week and do Barry's Bootcamp once as well, so I'm not exactly just farting around. Diet is good, always get my greens in and tend to eat eggs for breakfast around 9, rice/veg and chicken at 11, gym 1-2 followed by a shake, rice/veg and chicken again at 4, then tea normally red meat or fish and some greens. Night time shake as well before bed. Can someone just give me a breakdown of what to buy and I'll do it. Cheers!
  16. Hi everyone, i am new to this site and the main reason why i have come here is due to my right nipple being very puffy. i am a 19 year old male and i am overweight (i weigh 103kg.) since i was around 13-14, my right nipple was always considerably puffier than my left. however, when my body is cold it looks fine, but when hot, the nipple sticks out under my t-shirt. i have checked and examined my nipple several times for any hard disc, swollen bump under my nipple but i cant seem to find any. Although i can feel small fibrous grain like structures, almost like tiny little soft pebbles . please help me as i am very worried i may have gyno and will need surgery. will this go away after cardio and weightloss???? i have attached some images below. thanks.
  17. Need some help clearing up spots

    Hi guys, need some help with a bit of acne/spots I ran a test 400 only cycle, 800mgs a week, and used some drol last summer. It was my first steroid cycle ever, during the cycle I had 0 acne or spot problems, skin was super clean as it had always been and I'd never had acne before in my life. Although about 2 months after coming off, I used Tamoxifen as PCT, I started getting quite bad cystic acne on face, and some spots on shoulders and back. I used Benzoyl Peroxide and it killed most of the spots, now I just have a few red marks on my face and shoulders, but I am still getting spots on my face and a few on my shoulders (nowhere near as bad). How can I clear them up permanently as I've seen many steroid users that have 0 acne issues. Would Zinc help?
  18. Testogen Use

    Hi. I'm new to this forum, but just wanted to ask a question about a particular supplement. Has anyone on here used and had positive results from a supplement called 'Testogen'? Thanks.
  19. Its been 8 weeks since my PCT ended, just got test results back, levels are kind of boderline.. Any ting i can do to make it normal?? Mood is been pretty good, always happy, no mood swings Sex drive is pretty low, my girl is getting pretty irritated now Lifting heavy now a days even on a 200 caloric deficit, doing PHAT routunem gaining strength and losing water and fat in a healthy way nothing drastic.. Been having B6, Zinc, Multivitamins. i was planning to cut, but i think i need to wait. My cycle was Sust 350mg 12 weeks Deca 350mg 10 weeks Aromasin 12.5mg ED Caber 0.25mg E3D PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Any help would be appreciated
  20. Hi everyone, i have been ot test e/c and hcg(3x250iu) for couple of years now and havent regret it ever since. I have tried different dosages from 125mg/week up to 1.5g, my body responds very well on test, no gyno, only couple of pimples on the back or shoulder which dissapear and appear somewhere else.. Hematocrit is in check. Also ran fertility check, and the potent swimmers are pretty much in check, thanks to the hcg i have always been on. When i get to 1g test e per week i got that uber man feeling and tend to be more aggressive and also feel almost not humane. Thats why i want to test something, i want to run test in the TRT range, say from 125 to 200mg weekly and introduce to the body another steroid which is more anabolic and less androgenic. And thats why I wanted also to ask you mates, what would be your choice?? I am thinking of Boldenone right now. Deca would be way too harsh to my reproductive system. What would be your choice? Thanks for any opinions. Blood work:
  21. Hi guys, I've been lifting for the past 4 years or so but never managed to gain much muscle. About a year and a half ago I noticed low libido, constant tiredness and a craving for sweets and hunger that wasn't common to me. I went to my GP who ran a lot of tests before sending me to endocrinology... ...long story short I was diagnosed with low test. I started on gels but because it was a hassle I chose injections. Tried Nebido which gave me a horrible allergic reaction and have been on Sustanon now for a while. Sustanon was great initially but I've noticed that I'd feel fantastic for a week and then progressively back to "tired low energy" after a week or a week and a half. Blood tests showed that my test was still low so I've been pinning every 2 weeks consistently. Things got better but I've noticed a few things. I get hungry a lot and quite often - it's been difficult to track macros or even work a diet which tends to get me upset. I've managed to grow some muscle but I've noticed that my body can look a bit bloated. Maybe water retention? I'm quite active (gym at least 3x a week and walk at least a good couple/ 3 hours per day). Is this normal as a side effect? I've been looking into other people's reports and noticed that some guys mention the increased appetite. I'm quite lean (around 10/12% BF) and was told that as testosterone would increase lean mass, that'd make me hungrier. I'm just looking for some other experiences on it and how people deal with it. Also have you managed to gain muscle whilst on it? I don't tend to notice it but friends have mentioned that my physique looks bigger/fuller. Thanks,
  22. Good morning guys Got my hands on some rip blend. Test prop 100mg, mast prop 100mg, tren ace 75mg. Just wondered if it would be worth adding in some extras? Its my first time with tren so I'll see how I react to it at this dose. But maybe extra test and mast? I have a few vials of both (and extra tren if needed) my goals are to maintain or maybe drop a little body fat and add some lean mass. Quick cycle history, did a few test prop cycles when training Muay Thai twice a day, 6 days a week. For recovery and maintaining muscle mass really, but gained well on them. My last cycle was (almost) a success. Did a dbol, test enth, mast enth cycle. Ate like a trooper and gained really well. The second half of the cycle I was in Thailand and caught some crazy sickness right before PCT. not your normal Bangkok belly, I was ill for 2 weeks, couldn't eat a solid meal for over a week. Dropped over 20lbs, obviously a lot of water but also definitely muscle and body fat, it f's you up mentally when you drop a t shirt size almost overnight. The good thing is I'm really lean and ready to bulk. My stats age 32, height 5'8", weight 180lbs, body fat less than 10% Proposed cycle rip blend 1ml eod with added test and mast so... 8 weeks Test prop 150mg eod mast prop 150mg eod tren ace 75mg eod arimidex and hcg from beginning of cycle I would carry on with test prop for a couple more weeks until the tren has cleared. PCT clomid 100/50/50/50 tamoxifen 20/20/20/20 DAA 3g per day any thoughts on this cycle for a lean bulk?
  23. I'm not sure I fully understand the relationship between Testosterone and ketosis. I know the basics, such as that a keto diet is also supposed to be testo-boosting, but I wonder if there is more to that. Amongst other things, I wonder if higher testosterone means more efficient ketosis and fat-adaptation. Or if higher testosterone means more muscle-sparing metabolism while during keto.
  24. Yooo how is everyone? Started my 10week test e cycle a couple weeks back, and it may just be psychological but I'm seeing some gains VERY early in the cycle. I'm 2 weeks in, and all my muscles look fuller, my stretch marks have started to get far worse and I already feel like a beast! I imagine I can put this down to water retention and psychological impact but what are your thoughts? Maybe my body is responding really well, it's my first cycle and I'm pinning 500mgs/week every Wednesday, if this is how I'm feeling now I can't imagine what I'm gonna feel like at the end of my cycle haha! Stats wise I'm 87kg, eating 250g protein per day and training hard for 2 hours 5-6 times a week. Any of you guys ever experienced this/know anyone that has?