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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, Hope everyone is having a good day. About to start my first cycle and kind of hesitating between Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate... I am pretty well read on the subject, did my research about the pct and planning to run no more than 400-500 mg a week of Test. One of the forums on reddit states that bloods are 'ever so-slightly' more stable on Cypionate. Apparently that is due to Cypionate's terminal half-life being 5 days (Enanthate - 4.5 days). Anyone can confirm that? Which one would you recommend for a beginner cycle? Which one you personally did? Cheers all
  2. I have been using Sphinx Pharma Test E for about 3 weeks. I am using around 360mg per week, my total T came back at 168 nmol/l. As you can see the product is overdosed(which is a good thing). I also got some nasty pip. Apart from bad pip this product looks like a homeless man's piss. I will go back to to proper labs like Balkan, SP labs, Pharmacom labs. Another reason for this is because the site selling Sphinx has run out so I can't buy it anymore. This is an effective and potent product for sure.
  3. Hello everybody, I am currently on 2ml of test E per week(500-600mg depending on the oil). I am around 4 weeks into my cycle and am definitely seeing the results. However, my oestrogen levels are a concern.In my previous blood test my oestradiol was 256 pmol/l and after around a week of taking 20mg of exemstane twice per week it has had no effect. My oestradiol levels have now increased to 323 pmol/l. Despite this, I do not feel any negative side effects such has puffy nipples, fat gain or lethargy etc I just feel pretty good, my muscles are recovering so fast that I could literally do the same workout back to back on consecutive days. And I am significantly bigger/fuller than before. I have attached my bloodwork below. I think cenzo pharma exemestane is bunk/underdosed or maybe I need to do another blood test in a few weeks time? Question: What dosage of tamoxifen should I use to counteract the estrogenic side effects(if I get any) ? I am thinking 10-20mg everyday.
  4. Hello everybody, I have got my blood works done and have attached it to this forum. I am currently taking 500mg of Test E. So far, I am 20 days into my cycle. I have started taking some exemestane, 20mg every other day because of high oestradiol levels. I have also added 20mg of Tamoxifen to block the estrogen receptors. My test levels seem to be pretty good. My SHBG is low, free test is high. My libido is pretty much the same and have not yet experienced any increases in strength/ stamina in the gym. One thing I have noticed is that my testicles are defo smaller than before. I will now add 20mg of Dbol pre-workout to increase performance. In Conclusion, Balkan pharmacuitals Test E is legit. Question: What dosage of exemstane do I need If I add 20mg Dbol? I already have high oestradiol levels from Test E 500mg. I am thinking 20mg every other day be enough?
  5. I have started my first steroid cycle 5 days ago. So far I have injected 250mg of Test E(from Balkan pharma) but I have not felt anything yet. Studies shows Test E cause a spike in test levels after 24hours of administration. I understand that mirror changes might take a few weeks. But how long does it take for you guys to 'feel' Test. There is another study that shows Test E improves strength in as little as 3 weeks. I will wait for 3 weeks then I know that my gear might be bunk? I am training hard, my diet is strict and can't wait for some results. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17530941 Since everybody is criticising me so much on why I am running Test E at 250mg per week for my first cycle, I have put a link to this video. Coach Trevor and Derek(more plates more dates) agree that first steroid cycle should be 250mg per week of test. Link: https://anabolictv.com/2018/07/best-first-cycle-coach-trevor/
  6. I started my first ever steroid cycle on Wednesday, when I injected 0.5ml of testosterone enantate into my left lateral deltoid. Its been two days and now there is a lump in the muscle and is very painful to the point that I struggle to train my shoulders in the gym. I used a 27 guage 0.625inch insulin needle(that may have been too short). I don't know what do now, can anyone give me any advice. I bought steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals so they should be legit to say the least. I used alcohol swabs to to clean the vial and my skin before injecting. I am 19 years old and this is my first steroid cycle.
  7. Hey, This first post will be a bit lengthy, an opportunity to spew all of my thoughts onto paper (sort of). To cut to the chase - I've been using Testosterone Enanthate from the age of 19 to 27, along the way I've added in various compounds (dbol, tren, anavar), for the last 3 years I've been running on about 4-500mg/test e/week solely. Do I compete? Absolutely not. Would you look at me and be impressed? Absolutely not. As a gym rat you'd know I probably use gear, but to the general public I'm just someone who has too many protein shakes. I've been wanting to come off test for years, but a crazy work schedule, a horribly vain persona and the fear of the unknown has held me back. BUT that's now changing. To amplify matters - I have never had blood work taken, never run a PCT (or did once when I was 20 and then went back on gear 6 weeks later), and never run HCG. Fantastic concoction of fuckery, right? I've searched forums for bellends in a similar position to me but have found very few - I'm hoping this running diary of my recovery (if any) will serve as a good stop for others who have been equally wreckless with their bodies. Some current stats 5'9 85kg 14% bf Bench 140kg, squat 190kg Any questions fire through, my last jab was 3 weeks ago, clomid and nolva was started yesterday at 25mg/40mg respectively. I plan to run the clomid for 4-6 weeks, the nolva for 6-8 with the dose dropping to 20mg after 2 weeks. I will be getting a basic testosterone blood test completed next week with a full hormone check at the end of July. I'll keep you posted. Alex
  8. Hey guys, I'm in week 5 of my first cycle, using 450mg of Pharmacom testosterone enanthate per week. I was at my genetic ceiling when I started, having gained 33lbs of muscle in almost 3 years of training naturally. So far on cycle I've gained half an inch of muscle on my arms - from end of week 1 to now - and maybe a little on my back and shoulders. The only reason I can say maybe is because even though my arms have certainly gotten bigger - I measure them - my proportions from the front and side look the same, which from my experience means the other muscles are growing too. Don't visibly seem to have made any gains in the chest yet. I train properly. I eat 5000-6000 calories. Please do not talk to me about training and nutrition I did pretty good naturally and yes I certainly have made gains on cycle, just not as much as I would've expected so far. Let me also say though, it could be possible that I have body dysmorphia and just can't see my gains in the mirror anymore, my work jumper feels like it is getting tighter. Originally I was going to do 200mg of testosterone for my first cycle, then I did 300mg for 3 weeks using some s**t gear. Now, since I got gear I can trust from Pharmacom - code verified on their site - I've been doing 450mg per week out of fear that 300mg won't be enough. The point of my post is, if I can't make dramatic gains on 450mg per week of testosterone, are steroids really as good as everyone thinks? Experienced guys were telling me on my first cycle I could expect to gain 20 lbs of muscle, but right now I certainly don't look like I'm on track to gaining 20lbs, I'm terrified the arm gains will stop altogether. I don't gain fat when I build muscle, don't believe me if you want that's fine, but I did expect to at least gain the famous water weight that testosterone should stimulate, that has not happened. Half an inch of muscle on my arms, that's all I know conclusively at the moment. I know I've only done 4 weeks so far and I'm speaking more out of fear than rationality, but if I can't make dramatic gains on 450mg, then I will go up to 600mg. But if it requires me to be on a gram of gear a week just to look slightly above a Jeremy Buendia or Andre Ferguson. Are steroids really that good? I have good genetics for bodybuilding I've been told, but could it be that I don't react that well to testosterone? Is it the case that different people react better to different drugs? I've heard Lee Priest say he never used testosterone, he used Deca and that worked better for him. I'm not looking to be Phil Heath sized, I want to look like a Ulisses or Simeon Panda. How much gear do you think that requires?
  9. Hi Guys, I started my first cycle on testosterone enanthate 3 weeks ago. In week one I did 300mg, week two 450mg and week three 450mg. In week two - the day after my 3rd shot - I felt an upsurge in energy despite poor sleep the night before, and experienced a slight strength increase in the gym. It also felt like my sex drive went up. However, approaching the end of week three and having done 6 shots, I feel no better than I did after the 3rd shot, no more strength increase, no better mood or energy, in fact I arguably feel a little worse. In addition, I haven't started to see any muscle gain yet. I'm starting to worry that the stuff I got is fake. Surely the day after my 6th shot my blood level should be high enough to feel amazing and start seeing gains. Am I expecting muscle gain too soon? How long does it take to start seeing muscle gains on a test only cycle? What other benefits should I expect to feel and when? I'd greatly appreciate some answers because I'm starting to feel dejected. IMPORTANT: I train 5 times per week and eat in a caloric surplus all the time. I do not gain fat no matter how much I eat so any new weight will be muscle or water weight. Please just assume that my training, nutrition and recovery are on point when answering my questions. Thanks guys. UPDATE: The lab is Onyx Pharmaceuticals from Belgium. Anyone had experience with this lab?
  10. Hi was hoping for general comments, criticism and advice... Here's the cycle: Week 1-5: 30mg Dbol ED Week 1-14: Test E 180mg/W Tren E 400mg/W Aromasin 6.25mg/ED Cardarine 10mg/ED PCT: Nolvadex (mg/ED): 70/70/35/35/35 Clomid (mg/ED): 150/100/100/50/50 Just finished week 6, so Dbol kick start was great, lots of pumps, nice full size, but I started experiencing some issues with my stomach, some nights feeling a bit nauseous and then sometimes feeling like I have really low blood sugar and also very bloated. Decided to up the Test to 500mg/W now, because I've been reading that higher Test helps with these sides, will see it that's true. Otherwise no other sides, no serious insomnia or night sweats even, just some weird appetite swings and literally no added aggression. And I apologize if this is out of place, was just hoping for some specific comments and possible advise, thanks.