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Found 113 results

  1. Today is 4th day and yesterday was second pin(100mg eod) and I feel NOTHING. I’ve never run tren ace before only E so I’m not sure when to expect the sides. Do these look fake tho?
  2. So last week ive just started getting back into training due to a broken wrist. Naturally I gained fat and lost muscle during that so wanted some rapid short ester help. I purchased Hyparip 240 (80g tren a, 80g mast, 80g test p) from prostasia and pinned it for the first time yesterday. Today my whole upper leg is stiff, my pin site is red and has a lump around It and im getting some NASTY PIP! Ive done similar rip blends before and never had this issue. Is it the lab? What can I do to reduce these affects of pinning. I’ll be doing 1ML, 3 times a week, but not if this is going to happen after every jab. TIA
  3. Has anyone experienced itchy skin whilst on test and tren? Feels like there's ants all over my body at once.
  4. Hi there. I am looking for some advices or ideas from experienced people please. I am currently on Test E at 500 mg a week and 50 mg of Var. My goal is cutting ad much as I can and keep my gains. Was thinking about adding Masteron in the mix, I used it in the past once. Would it be a nice combo? What sort of dosage/ratio shoould like at? Also how long would you run anavar for? (I am 32 yo )
  5. Just a quick one; I'm currently running 600mg Test E, with Anadrol daily for 6 weeks. 50mg for the first 4 weeks and 100mg for the 2 following that. I'm looking to introduce another compound into the equation. Would you recommend mast and if so at what dose? I was thinking something like 600mg Test 400mg Mast. Also for the last 6 weeks of my cycle [16 weeks, I'm 4 weeks in] I was considering introducing another oral potentially winnie; good idea or bad?Any advice would be appreciated. I'm currently around 11-13% bodyfat, 89kg and a generous 180cm
  6. Hey there! hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. its my first cycle and unfortunately I don’t know anyone with first hand experience in these matters so I’ve tried my best to educate myself but .. I started pinning test E 250 every Monday and Thursday, this is my 5th week now and I’ve been taking dianabol 50mg for the last 3 weeks. Judging by what I’ve read I should have been noticing the effects by now? ive put on 2 kg so far which considering I’ve increased my food intake quite a lot this isn’t as much as I would have expected. I got a testosterone test on Monday, and the results came back at 27.2nmol ... so bunk gear right? I did my blood sample in the morning fasted before I was due my test e injection that day Also should the dianabol suppressed my natural testosterone yet? If so then the Dbol is bunk to am I right? I didn’t get a test before starting my cycle stupidly! also I’m 30 years old and around 105kg if that helps Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. I have just started a new cycle (Yay) 750mg sus EW 100NPP EOD 30mg dbol ED (unsure about these, will post pics on different thread when I am home) Now I am considering running 100mg mast EOD, what would be the benefits of this? I understand usually you run with tren, but I'm curious as to whether or not it would be worth throwing in for the feel good factor / horniness / tighter skin? This is a recomp cycle
  8. Just about to finish a simple first cycle of 12 weeks testE at 500mg per week. Felt fine throughout and happy with progress! No HCG taken throughout. My PCT, 2 weeks after my final pin is 4 weeks long with the following doses daily per week: 75mg/50mg/50mg/50mg Clomid 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg Nolva How long ROUGHLY will it take for the old swimmers to start working again and essentially have a “natural” fertility/sex system?
  9. TTM.

    Has any one got any reviews one these? Will be my first time running this stack before, any advice welcome. Thanks
  10. So, i've been doing lots of research over the last couple of weeks and understand how much safer injecting is to orals, also that you'd have to run test when doing an oral like anavar or winny anyway. I came across things like testogel, which is 50mg a day. Would this be sufficent to aid muscle growth? As thats coming in at 350mg a week! Plus if you stacked it with an oral..?
  11. Soo I think my testosterone is going downhill, slowly. Background - I used to lift pretty heavy but let myself go in the last 4-5 years. I was at 100kg (96 now, decided to lose 15kg) and 178. In imperical that's like 220lb and 5ft10. I've been drinking heavily for few years, my liver AST and ALT were messed up- luckily they're back to norm. I haven't touched alcohol for a month (got drunk 2x in 3 months and had few beers here and there few times). I had a problem with porn (couldn't go few days without a fap) but I don't have a ED or low secks drive. I am generally fairly muscular (big legs, ass and back grow with barely any effort when lifting), have decent body hair, ok facial hair and a lot of hair on my head. I'm also not showing any signs of balding. I have a full bloodwork but it's not in English so I'll just give the things that are out of order + the hormones: Monocytes 12% (too high, should be below 10%). LDL cholesterol 2.9 mmol/l (total Cholesterol is 4.77 mmol/l) Pee PH 5 (should be between 5-7) Total testosterone - 371.99 ng/dl (range 47-980) Free testosterone - 12.90 pg/ml (range 9-32) FSH - 1,66 mIU/ml LH - 1,89 mIU/ml Estradiol - 28,00 pg/ml PRL - 7,99 ng/ml Cortisol - waiting for the result TSH 2,518 µIU/ml Additionally these are some old results I had done in the last 2 years: Testosterone free 16,44 pg/ml - May 2018 Testosteron free 13,43 pg/ml - April 2019 Testosteron total 437 ng/dl - April 2019 Cortisol 17,00 µg/dl - May 2018 So how does it look? The decrease year to year seems to be significant. Could the weight and bad lifestyle have a huge impact on it?
  12. Hey guys, A bit of background. I did a Hormone panel 6 weeks ago and noticed my Prolactin and SHBG were really high. So for 14 days after my test I took 14 Days 50MG Proviron to drop the SHBG and I took Cabergoline to hit the Prolactin for 4 doses at 0.25MG (Twice a week). After them 14 days I've have had nothing in my system. I got my results back today and my SHBG has dropped into a decent range and prolactin has crashed. But more worryingly my Free Test has slightly decreased and my total Test has been hit very hard a drop of 40%! Any ideas here? I had my bloods done back in January and my total test then was 25.7 nmol/L. Totally lost here as to why on earth my Free Test and Total Test has dropped! I took the test at the same time of day. All I can think of is my body just likes being at a Free Test level of 0.3ish? So if my SHBG was high I would produce more Testostorone in order to stay at the 0.3ish range and if my SHBG were to crash my Testosterone would decrease to a point where my Free T would stay at the 0.3ish range? Good theory? Or bullshit? Any help please guys! Please see attached photo.
  13. Hi all, I'm thinking of running EPO alongside test and was wondering if any had seen this done before or themselves done it. I've ran varying courses of test for different lengths of time for different goals however have never mixed with anything other than dbol and var. I PCT when ending cycles and have researched all sides/interactions of all the PEDs I've taken, I'd just like some advice or anyone with a view on it I will like some input. Thanks in regards
  14. Hi everyone it’s been a while since I joined this forum I was currently a member years back called Bigbiff some may remember but I havn’t posted for years and it’s good to be back. I will get down to to it, July 2019 I started back in the gym after having a 2 year break due to a serious hand injury leaving me pretty much disabled with 3 fingers torn without ligaments and tendons, so when I train now I have to use little to no weight or straps as I can’t make a fist or grip. Anyways I decided to started training again in July and of course with the shape I was in I wanted to get back on cycle, My cycle goes as follows Test prop: 300 PW Mast e: 400 PW Tren ace: 300 PW Also ran PARABOLIN when I couldn’t get any tren ace for a month: dose 400 Anavar: 30mg daily I’ve been off now 3 months since beginning of feb, I started cruising on Test e at 250 and proviron at 25mg twice a day I feel REALLY not myself, since HRT I’ve notice zero sex drift, absolutely no desire for it, can’t maintain an election snd when i do f**k it goes soft, struggle to ejaculate. I’m fatigued my motivation has gone out the window. I Need help guys I can’t get my bloods done and simply can’t afford a prolactin test with the current situation I’m in, I’m lactatin from my nipples and there puffy it’s got to be from the tren. My moods are terrible im depressed and I think my dopamine receptors are shot to s**t I’m considering lowering my test to prop 40mg eod for cruise I’ve just picked up some Cabergoline. Now without bloods I don’t know if my prolactin is high but there’s a good chance it is as I ran such a heavy cycle of tren for months and all for a few nothing. What dose should I run the caber at I’ve heard 0.25 mg e3d or 0.5 every 5 days I’m willing to give it a go as I really want to feel myself again and it’s effecting my relationship not being able to have sex or desire to and moods are f**ked. Any advice on the Caber and has anyone used this stuff whilst cruising or pct, duration and times when I will notice a difference and what to expect? Here are some photo of my 8 week transformation after that I just maintained until lockdown.
  15. I've always run test enanthate in my clyles, few mates run test and tren and they have great results... I'm thinking of starting a rip cycle as just using the test gives me a little bloated look and I would like to get my body fat down from 18 to maybe 10. My diet is a little up and down at the moment but I train 6 days a week with cardio 4 times. Any feedback welcome
  16. Im looking to start what will be my forth cycle. I have always used Test E, dbol, var, proviron, winny ( not all in the same cycle). I wanted to try tren but being as powerful as it is, i wanted to know what would be a good starting dose and if i should use acetate as a first time? Any advice would be appreciated
  17. I am starting a new cycle in 4 weeks and would like some feedback on dosages and layout. Me: 35 years old Training 10 years 6’4” tall 208 lbs (9% BF) Men’s physique competitor Previous cycles: #1. Test Cyp 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Arimdex .5 mg E3D #2. Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk1-8) EQ 400 mg/wk (wk 1-8) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) #3 Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk 1-12) EQ 500 mg/wk (wk 1-12) This cycle: Test E 600 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Deca 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Tbol 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 9-12) Arimdex 1 mg EOD. Supps: Cycle support, liver care, fish oil, vitamin D, multivitamin, creatine, and citrus bergamot. PCT: cruise dose (150 mg/wk) I have a show in December and will have time to run an additional cycle before then, but consisting of short esther test, Winstrol, and Masteron. My question is this, would I be better off running Tbol in the beginning and finishing with Anavar? Or the other way around ? I have though about running Dbol instead of the Tbol for the first 4 weeks, but between the Deca and Dbol I worry about the crazy amount of water retention. Also, I plan on running quite a few more and could save Dbol for another off season cycle.
  18. Hey guys, I just wanted to throw this out there. I’ve done quite a few cycles in the past 5 years or so. And I’ve noticed that when I do a sarms cycle of LGD 10mg Ed and RAD 20mg Ed for 8 weeks or so, when I PCT I feel very depressed and moody, agitated etc. However when I inject testosterone enanthate or prop, for 12 weeks I feel fine during PCT. maybe ever so slightly down, but hardly noticeable, like easy to forget I’m even on PCT. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or maybe any reasons for why? thanks ???
  19. Hey guys, I am aware that there are loads of threads already discussing this topic. I have read and read and read, I cant seem to find any definitive answers as the PIP varies from person to person, so here goes. I'm 4 weeks into a test e 600mg a week cycle, using cenzo pharma test e 300mg/ml. Up until 3 days ago everything was going great have been alternating glutes with no issues atal, I have been taking all the necessary precautions in regards to hygiene etc. But my last jab has left me in serious pain, it came about 24hours after and I assumed it would fade out in a few days, yet I'm 3 days in and its showing no signs of fading, in fact it's getting worse. Its completely swollen and very painful to the touch, to the point I'm limping and finding it very hard to sleep. There is no redness or bruising just feels like lactic acid and the area has definitely got bigger, it's as if the whole top half of my glute is swollen. Should I be concerned or is this just one of them things? Admittedly I got a bit confident and rushed the jab a little bit and it was not my smoothest shot, I tensed up a little etc.
  20. I’m New to the group. Pleased to meet you all. 38 years years old. Training for a fair while. I’ve previously run 3 cycles in the last 8 years with good results but just thought I’d share a cycle experience for anyone interested. I’ve been cutting since August last year, 18%bf down to a current 14% naturally. I’m 6”4 My current weight is 16.9st. The trouble is I’m now to a point where I’m stuck here at 14% and can’t afford to lose any more muscle or more importantly, strength. I’ve been stuck at this plateau now for a month or so. I’m not going to drop my calories any more, It’s time for another cutting cycle. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a massive “cyclist” My cycles have always been reasonably sensible with little no side-effects and no shutdown. This cut is going to be SiS Labs Sustanon250 Every 4 days and SiS Labs 40mg var daily. I’m going to increase my calories to around 2800 40 carbs 40 protein 20 fat. This is pretty much the ratios that I’ve always eaten and have worked very nicely for me. I am currently two weeks into this cycle and here is the experience so far. weeks 1-2 Stuff arrived quickly within two days and all checked out nicely on the website. First three days nothing and by day 4 I definitely noticed a slight change in body temperature. Nothing else really then until around day eight. Definitely feeling tighter and slightly stronger weight has remained the same to this point but strengths definitely increasing. Days 11 to 14 body temperature still up with a slightly red face warm to the touch. Libido of a stallion at the moment. I’ve always had quite a high sex drive on and off the gear but definitely noticing it on this stuff. Weight has slightly increased on pretty much all left but in particular my rowing movements, being so tall I’ve always had a big strong back so my pulling movements are way stronger than my pushing movements. weeks 2-3 To come
  21. Hi guys, my supplier has recently changed UGL brands, Had been getting Spinx gear, and now been getting Pharma Tek, never heard of them and can’t find anything online. It is a UK company as can see that on the box but can’t find anymore information, just wondering if anyone knows of them or has used them. thanks.
  22. Whats happening gents (and any fine ladies that frequent these boards, however unlikely) So basically, I used to cycle tren and test when I was in my prime, life took over, set up a few businesses had some kids and neglected gym, nutrition and juice for about 6 years, got fat as f**k, started gym about a year ago now and I am feeling strong again, but now its time for me to revisit my old cycle. I wants to make sure the status quo on what I used to do hasn't changed too much and see if any of you guys can aware me on latest knowledge and best practices before i buy my stack. Quick disclaimer, I have been away from the scene and these boards for a while, so you may look at the below and give me s**t for being a noob, but honestly, I am doing the right thing by asking for input and then doing my own research before committing to something, I just want the headlines on what you guys think. So, I am doing this from memory but I am pretty sure my cycle was something like this: Test E - 800mg - split between two pins a week Tren E - 600mg - split between two pins a week Aromasin - 25mg every day I think.... I really can't remember, but I definitely used it, maybe i took 12.5 mg a day not sure. Pramipexole - 0.18mg (I used to have to take a quarter of a tablet a day then increase to half a tablet which really helped me avoid losing sex drive while on tren) HCG - used weekly whilst on cycle but i cant remember when and how much i took, any advice on this ? PCT - What is recommended these days for PCT? ( i know if I am taking HCG on cycle then my PCT can be minimal, but I really can't remember what I took after stopping cycle/hcg. I think it was nolvadex and clomid? no idea... Anyway, I really do appreciate any advice gents!
  23. Morning all, Been off cycle for around 8 months now having a good old detox. I havnt hit any hard cycles since my early 20s (I'm 30 now) and since have always ran single compounds and made my own stacks. Usually Test E @ 500mg-750mg EW Weeks 1-12 and Dbol at 50-60mg ED weeks 1-6. I've just bought some Elysium TTM 425 (20ml Bottle) and some Dbol. 225mg/ml Test E 100mg/ml Tren E 100mg/ml Masteron E I've used the Elixir Range before and had good results. I have links to the direct source so know that it's legit as aware it was faked a few years ago. Elysium is the same source just rebranded for 20ml Bottles. I was planning on taking 2ml EW Mon/Thurs. That would equate to: 450mg Test E 200mg Tren E 200mg Mast E I can't really go above 300/350mg tren from previous experience as sides become an issue. It's probably around 5 years since I've touched tren so just wanting some input as its been a while and wanted to know thoughts on dosages. It makes my test to tren dosage over 2:1 and my body is happier with higher test than lower test to tren. Wondering If I should add some more Test E to bring it up to 600mg EW as it's a compound my body has become quite accustomed to and have some left over from a previous cycle or would you say just pin 2ml a week and see how I get on? Dbol is for weeks 1-6 at 50mg a day as all the esters are long. Appreciate it, Will
  24. Hey guys, please review my cycle. composition: trembolone acetate, test enanthate, boldenone and dbol - 1st week - 12/30 to 4th week 01/20/2020 Sunday: Monday: Trembolone 0,5 ml + test 1ml Tuesday: wednesday: Trembolone 0,5 ml + Boldenone 1ml thursday: Friday: Trembolone 1 ml + test 1ml Saturday: - 5th week 01/27 to 8th week 02/20 Sunday: dbol 40mg Monday: Trembolone 0,5 ml + test 1ml +dbol 40mg Tuesday: dbol 40mg wednesday: Trembolone 0,5 ml + Boldenone 1ml + dbol 40mg thursday: Dbol 40mg Friday: Trembolone 1 ml + test 1ml Saturday: Dbol 40mg anastrazole 0,5mg all day during the cycle 500mg weekly testo enantatate; 250 mg weekly of Trenbolone Acetate; 200mg Boldenone weekly; 40mg daily of Dianabol from the 5th week.
  25. Planning my next cycle for beginning of january. Gonna be running test e at 450mg a week for 12 weeks , deca at 300mg a week for 10 weeks and dbol at 30mg a day for 5 weeks. Ill be running arimidex throughout at 0.5mg twice a week. Will also be running nolvadex for pct might throw Clomid in there if i can source it. Ive ran three cycles before, those being sus 250 at 500mg a week for 8 weeks with 6 weeks of dbol, then test e 600mg and deca 300mg for 10 weeks of deca nd 12 weeks of test. Last cycle was test prop for 8 weeks at 400mg test prop nd 30mg dbol as a 5 week kickstart. As you can see im a fan of these compounds lol, so looking forward to seeing what bringing the 3 together can bring gains wise for me. All input welcome.