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Found 37 results

  1. Hi All , I am a 47 year old male , weigh 79kg , 5.7 foot (173cm) , BF% roughly is 20% and i have been working out a few years but still in beginner stages as my lifts are still a bit low . 1RM's are ( Poverty Bench is 90kg , Squat is 150kg , Deadlift is 195 kg , OHP is 70kg ) currently on a pplppl rest split. I did blood test last year via my gp and everything was normal, test was 17.4 nmol/L at 82.6kg , I tested it recently and its 19.3 nmol/L , no idea about free test though. I will do this test before hopping on to see where I am at https://medichecks.com/products/sports-hormone-check-plus-blood-test So this leads to my question which is I want to go on trt and do 100/150 mg every week and concentrate on losing fat to get to maybe 12/15% BF and then do the 500g beginner cycle and then go back to cruise at 100/150mg. The reason i want to cruise is that I am done with kids and am old enough to to want to keep it going if it makes me feel better and saying that , I want do do this only for the gym and for better recovery etc. I have a few vials of test and adex at hand already , just need some needles. So what would your advice me for an old fogey
  2. Hey guys im new here and looking for some advice, how much is to much? I know this is a difficult question to answer and will vary from person to person with loads of variables so let me give you some info about me, (Male - 28yo - 93kg body weight - 5ft 10in). I have never done a cycle before but plan on doing one very soon couple of weeks, currently plan is to take "Test E" 2 times a week at 250mg or 500mg a week and Tbol 30mg a day for a total of 12 weeks. I understand this seems to be quite a lot for a first cycle but i keep finding mixed reviews online and i dont want to unnecessary take more then i can optimise, So my question is: How much is to much Test E and Tbol? Is Tbol unnecessary for first cycle? Is Test E alone enough for first cycle and should i stick to 250mg dose a week or 500mg? Does Tbol compliment Test E? I am getting blood work done just for my testosterone before during and after just so i can monitor how my body takes it and plan in the near future to get a wider blood work done, I am also aware that if i take to much Test E i will get a lot of estrogen and this is what i want to avoid unnecessary estrogen. So please use this topic to discuss help and inform others and i look forward to hearing what you have to say
  3. ROHM pct tabs

    Hi looking at doing my first cycle (test E 500mg/wk for 10 weeks) but was hoping for some advice on PCT. trying to keep things simple for my first cycle. Have found what looks like a good PCT “mix” tab on gym-supps by ROHM. its PCT 30mg/120tabs 20mg Nolvadex 50MG Clomid 25mg Proviron + testosterone booster PT141 Sex Hormone/ Testosterone Booster Recommended dose is 4 tabs per day for 30 days. Is this the product good? And is the dose right (seems high)?
  4. I have constantly been updating my first cycle plan. Can someone tell me if this is a good cycle for a beginner? I am young, been going gym for 5 years. I have my personal reasons for going on a cycle so please don't abuse me saying I'm too young bla bla. My main worries are my PCT, is it too much? Also My estrogen control plan, is it too much? I know that things can go bad if my estrogen is through the floor. I DO NOT WANT GYNO. Couldn't give a crap about hair loss (If that even happens to younger people) FWI I'm wanting to inject into my leg as it's like the largest injection site. Does anyone recommend another place? Thanks all in advance Cycle1.xlsx
  5. Hi guys please let me know your thoughts on this as I have not used tren before pinning twice a week week 1-4 3mg Dianabol /day 250mg rest e/ week 200mg tren e / week weeks 5-9 250mg test e /week 200mg tren e / week weeks 10-14 250mg test e/week 200mg tren e/week 50mg Anavar/day then PCT or cruise on 200mg test e/week
  6. This is my first ever cycle.On Friday (5 days ago ) I did my first shot of test e 300 (half a ml) in my glute , wiped the area down with a alcohol wipe and also the vile. I used a 23g 1 1/4 inch there was a bit of movement when trying to aspirate the needle. 2 days in I was slightly sore 3rd and 4th day quite tender and hard to sit down the glute is swollen and a bit hot but isn’t red , I feel normal and don’t have a temperature, it’s only 36.3 degrees, I’m just worried about the swelling and the slight warmth and when i tense my glute the glute looks like a ball underneath the skin , the pain is going away and is getting easier to tolerate.
  7. I bought this today but I'm unsure on if it's worth taking as it says 300mg per 10ml isn't it supposed to be 300mg per 1ml? Also any information on the lab itself would be helpful too
  8. Hey guys, I am aware that there are loads of threads already discussing this topic. I have read and read and read, I cant seem to find any definitive answers as the PIP varies from person to person, so here goes. I'm 4 weeks into a test e 600mg a week cycle, using cenzo pharma test e 300mg/ml. Up until 3 days ago everything was going great have been alternating glutes with no issues atal, I have been taking all the necessary precautions in regards to hygiene etc. But my last jab has left me in serious pain, it came about 24hours after and I assumed it would fade out in a few days, yet I'm 3 days in and its showing no signs of fading, in fact it's getting worse. Its completely swollen and very painful to the touch, to the point I'm limping and finding it very hard to sleep. There is no redness or bruising just feels like lactic acid and the area has definitely got bigger, it's as if the whole top half of my glute is swollen. Should I be concerned or is this just one of them things? Admittedly I got a bit confident and rushed the jab a little bit and it was not my smoothest shot, I tensed up a little etc.
  9. Hi taking a little cruise dose ATM so got myself some Sphinx Pharma Test E 300 only running a cruise dose of 200mg and get severe pip, I have had the odd pip from other labs but this is so bad im going to have to stop and swap labs we are only talking less than 3/4 Ml into the thigh (where i have always pinned) Has anyone else suffered from Sphinx the is legit as bloods show so but i maybe troubled by the carrier oil .... im trying a glut shot this week and see if that makes a difference if not im changing back to Rohm
  10. Assistance

    Ladies and gents, my partner is wanting to do a test e cycle but it will be her first. she is 5’8 and 10st 41 years old and has be lifting for 2 1/2 years. is there any where you could point me or tell me what dosage she should be looking at ? thanks
  11. Has anyone used this lab as of yet, my source has started to stock it but not yet heard anything of it?
  12. Is it too late to start PCT a month later?

    Hi I have recently ended a 13 week test e cycle and have not started my PCT. A friend of mine said it isn't entirely essential but now I'm thinking he's full of s**t. I have crazy acne over my back which seems to be getting worse and after doing some research I can see that the PCT would have stop/limited the amount of acne. I have nolvadex and clomid ( probs not spelling) ready to use. Will this reduce the acne I have or is it worth a trip to the doctor's for some antibiotics. I'm exactly 30 days after I should have started my PCT Cheers
  13. Morning all, Been off cycle for around 8 months now having a good old detox. I havnt hit any hard cycles since my early 20s (I'm 30 now) and since have always ran single compounds and made my own stacks. Usually Test E @ 500mg-750mg EW Weeks 1-12 and Dbol at 50-60mg ED weeks 1-6. I've just bought some Elysium TTM 425 (20ml Bottle) and some Dbol. 225mg/ml Test E 100mg/ml Tren E 100mg/ml Masteron E I've used the Elixir Range before and had good results. I have links to the direct source so know that it's legit as aware it was faked a few years ago. Elysium is the same source just rebranded for 20ml Bottles. I was planning on taking 2ml EW Mon/Thurs. That would equate to: 450mg Test E 200mg Tren E 200mg Mast E I can't really go above 300/350mg tren from previous experience as sides become an issue. It's probably around 5 years since I've touched tren so just wanting some input as its been a while and wanted to know thoughts on dosages. It makes my test to tren dosage over 2:1 and my body is happier with higher test than lower test to tren. Wondering If I should add some more Test E to bring it up to 600mg EW as it's a compound my body has become quite accustomed to and have some left over from a previous cycle or would you say just pin 2ml a week and see how I get on? Dbol is for weeks 1-6 at 50mg a day as all the esters are long. Appreciate it, Will
  14. Hi guys, I’m planning my first cycle and have a few questions.. I’m 26, 182cm, 93kg, roughly 18% body fat. I train 4 times per week, currently no cardio (other than daily 10k steps). From my research on previous threads, my cycle will be as follows: 500mg Test E once per week, weeks 1-10 500iu HCG twice per week, weeks 1-12 0.5mg Arimidex every day, weeks 1-15 (incl PCT) 20mg Nolvadex every day, weeks 13-15 50mg Clomid every day, weeks 13-15 Currently I’ve got daily use of creatine (6g), usual vitamins, EAA’s during workout. I’ll be having my bloods done pre, intra and post cycle. Does all seem OK with the cycle? Am I missing anything? Throughout the 15 weeks, should I be in calorific surplus? (even on rest days?) I read everywhere that Test E can result with fat loss. How true is this? I do want to lose body fat, but will I achieve this if I’m on a bulking diet? Do I add in cardio/HIIT? Macro’s for bulking would be – 241g Protein / 321g Carbs / 107g Fat. What results would be likely if I were to just hit daily maintenance (or deficit) calories? I have a good, positive mental health. I don’t want any drugs to affect this. I’m assuming during cycle I’ll be more than fine, but is it common for people to feel low post-cycle? Specifically long-term. I know everyone is different and all that… Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated. This forum is ace and I’ve learnt loads from it! Thanks everyone! Dan
  15. Hi guys, just wanted to get some thoughts from you on a plateau I’ve hit. I’m running test E/deca at 500mg each with 20mg tamoxifen thrown in as well. Am really pleased with progress, have put on some decent size and motivation has been through the roof. Diet has been on point too. I’m at week 10 of a 14 week cycle and I’ve just run out of steam. Motivation dropping, not getting the same weights and generally feeling a bit tired. Any thoughts? Grateful for any suggestions.
  16. Stats: 30 years old, 92Kg, 6ft2. I recently opted to go on self prescribed TRT. I already have kids. The positives for me outweigh the negatives. The main issue with cycling is PCT affects my ability to improve my lifting and also affects my mentality negatively. I feel generally lacklustre. Previous cycles have been light. Dbol, Anavar, Sarms, Test E. All successful cycles. I hated PCTing. I have started a mild cycle of 250mg of Pharma grade Test E. The Pliva Testofort amps. I know this is over the absolute limit for a “TRT” dosage. I am considering dropping to 125mgs every 7-10 days (pinned frequently for stable levels). I currently pin with 25g 5/8 inch orange pin 125mg Mon & Thurs for stable levels. I choose to pin Sub-q because it is more convenient for me and I get less PIP. I do not take any other meds currently to manage Estrogen. I feel energetic and no sides. Question One If fertility is not an issue should I even consider HCG? Will not taking it impact my health or is the only benefit normal sized balls? I am thinking there are some additional benefits as it would mimic the bodies natural processes more closely... Question Two I would rather not take AI’s - what are my chances of estrogen based side effects at 250mg Test E only (dosed twice per week as above). I am generally not prone to gyno - although I have been relatively cautious in previous cycles to avoid this. Question Three I would like to try Tren @ 50mg EOD (I know this is considered a VERY low dose but Tren is purported to be 5 x stronger than test). This would be for my “blast period” sticking with 250mg Test. That would equate to around a 500mg equivalent of Test. Would the ratio for Test/Tren be wrong? Question Four Would I need an Ai for the 250mg & 50mg Tren? I have easy access to gear & ancillaries so if I truly need an AI - no probs, I will get it. I would rather take the most effective compounds and the least amount of drugs for desired affect. My goals are to make steady noticeable “enhanced” gains for life. Looking forward to hearing opinions. Cheers!
  17. What’s up brothers I need some advice and knowledge from you veterans. so I’ve been training for many years. i weigh 14 stone 12 percent body fat. Height 5ft 8 Age is 33 I’ve only ever took Test only cycles with some anadrol or dbol in the past . i have got some TEST E TREN ACE and some ANADROL can you give me some information on how should I stack these the length dosage etc I want to mix them into one injection I know tren A is fasting acting but that’s all I could get hold of and what my Pct should look like I want to learn as much as possible. should I take hcg etc or just nolva and c i would really appreciate answers thanks brothers looking forward to your inputs.
  18. Hey, This first post will be a bit lengthy, an opportunity to spew all of my thoughts onto paper (sort of). To cut to the chase - I've been using Testosterone Enanthate from the age of 19 to 27, along the way I've added in various compounds (dbol, tren, anavar), for the last 3 years I've been running on about 4-500mg/test e/week solely. Do I compete? Absolutely not. Would you look at me and be impressed? Absolutely not. As a gym rat you'd know I probably use gear, but to the general public I'm just someone who has too many protein shakes. I've been wanting to come off test for years, but a crazy work schedule, a horribly vain persona and the fear of the unknown has held me back. BUT that's now changing. To amplify matters - I have never had blood work taken, never run a PCT (or did once when I was 20 and then went back on gear 6 weeks later), and never run HCG. Fantastic concoction of fuckery, right? I've searched forums for bellends in a similar position to me but have found very few - I'm hoping this running diary of my recovery (if any) will serve as a good stop for others who have been equally wreckless with their bodies. Some current stats 5'9 85kg 14% bf Bench 140kg, squat 190kg Any questions fire through, my last jab was 3 weeks ago, clomid and nolva was started yesterday at 25mg/40mg respectively. I plan to run the clomid for 4-6 weeks, the nolva for 6-8 with the dose dropping to 20mg after 2 weeks. I will be getting a basic testosterone blood test completed next week with a full hormone check at the end of July. I'll keep you posted. Alex
  19. Hi guys, Basically this is my first cycle and I want to maximise the amount of mass I can gain and keep after it. I was previously training a 4 day U/L and seeing decent progress, but I'm somewhat confused as to how to train while 'on cycle'. Do I simply train the same, but just add double days/more days with difference excercises/progress the weight a bit quicker/add lots of accessory work? Obviously I want to gain as much as possible, but I also want to keep as much as possible and I'm thinking if I train hard for 14 wks, 6 days on while on test and then go back to 4 days on while off test and different excercises I'll not be able to keep the muscle.. slightly confused lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is my current routine, would I benefit from running this 6 days per week while on?:

    Hey guys, i was hoping someome could help me out please, so ive recently decided that i am going to start a cycle for the first time, i have been looking into it as much as possible but i was hoping for more confirmation that what im going to be doing is right and ok? Please be honest, So i am going to be doing a test e cycle 12 weeks 500mg/pw im frontloading with 1000mg first week, and continueing on the 500mg I have looked into ai's and serms and the fact that test has a good chance of bloat and gyno, ive found mixed views on when to take an ai, and have decided that i dont really want to be taking one untill negative symptoms appear, i am also going to start running hcg only after my cycle between cycle and pct, Is this ok for me to only be using the test e for 12 weeks? Aslong as no negative sides? Please help!
  21. Hi Guys, I started my first cycle on testosterone enanthate 3 weeks ago. In week one I did 300mg, week two 450mg and week three 450mg. In week two - the day after my 3rd shot - I felt an upsurge in energy despite poor sleep the night before, and experienced a slight strength increase in the gym. It also felt like my sex drive went up. However, approaching the end of week three and having done 6 shots, I feel no better than I did after the 3rd shot, no more strength increase, no better mood or energy, in fact I arguably feel a little worse. In addition, I haven't started to see any muscle gain yet. I'm starting to worry that the stuff I got is fake. Surely the day after my 6th shot my blood level should be high enough to feel amazing and start seeing gains. Am I expecting muscle gain too soon? How long does it take to start seeing muscle gains on a test only cycle? What other benefits should I expect to feel and when? I'd greatly appreciate some answers because I'm starting to feel dejected. IMPORTANT: I train 5 times per week and eat in a caloric surplus all the time. I do not gain fat no matter how much I eat so any new weight will be muscle or water weight. Please just assume that my training, nutrition and recovery are on point when answering my questions. Thanks guys. UPDATE: The lab is Onyx Pharmaceuticals from Belgium. Anyone had experience with this lab?
  22. Hello everyone! I am planning to start my second steroid cycle this March, figured out to come here looking for some advice. Here are some stats about me first : Age 20 Height 6ft1 (185 cm) Weight 205 Body fat % 11,5% Years of training 3 Started at 17 with 130 pounds, pure ectomorph. After two years I managed to get to 175 pounds naturally and then unfortunately *sigh*I started cycling. I wish I hadn't started so early as I think I could have reached 185-190 with a little more attention to my diet. But it is what it is... Didn't want to waste time. Don't bash my head with this, I already got messages of 'you're too young idiot' on 2 other forums and did it anyway. I took the first cycle as serious as possible though and did not fool around with anything else (parties, drinking, etc,..) Just train ,eat and sleep. Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) This was my first cycle, which started in late February 2018: Test e 350mg 1-12 Dbol 30mg 1-4 Aromasin 12,5 eod 1-12 PCT bellow My first cycle went amazing. I started at 175 and bumped to 200 @13% bf post cycle. However I don't want to see dbol again in my life. It did not bloat me as much as I expected to but the moon face was uncontrollable and I did not like it at all. The PCT was amazing and theoretically I did not lose a single kg during the pct and after it as well. I kept my diet 300+ above maintenance and trained just as hard as on cycle. As I said, I finished the cycle at 200 13%bf. Since then I started to re-comp and right now I am at a constant of 205 and 11-12%bf. After cycle I did have my bloods done and everything was normal, including liver values, cholesterol (LDL a little high), and estrogen. My LH and FSH were a bit on the low side, but nothing that would stand out. I also had a cardiologist check me out, everything completely normal as well. PCT used for last cycle and ALLfuture cycles Clomid 100 first day, then 50/50/25/25 Nolva 60 first day, then 40/20/20/20 MK2866 25/25/12,5/12,5 GW 20mg per day (started 4 weeks before PCT and kept during PCT as well) Aromasin 12,5mg EOD D-aspartic acid post pct for 2-4 weeks Goals recomp, lean muscle gain, minimum water retention Supplements (if any) I have used many supplements, including K2, N2Guard, TUDCA, milk thistle, krill oil, arjuna bark extract,etc. Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) no surgeries, injuries or known allergens Ok, now that we got that out of the way, here is my second cycle layout : Test e 400mg 1-16 Equipoise 600mg 1-14 (maybe with 1200mg first 2 weeks preloading? something to still think about...) Tbol 60 mg 6-14 Aromasin 12,5mg EOD The above mentioned PCT *VERY IMPORTANT* Bloodwork will be done as follows : 2 weeks before cycle, mid-cycle (as I have to keep an eye on that RBC, will donate blood if necessary and start some baby aspirin 75mg/day), and one more set of bloods post pct. I have some metoprolol as well if I will have any Blood pressure issues, but this hadn't happened on my first cycle and I hope it won't happen on this one as well. I am looking for pure lean and quality muscle gains from this cycle. As I said I would like to keep water retention to a minimum. I am aiming for 3500-4000 clean calories through 5 meals a day (not including shakes.) with 4L of water/day . I am currently cycling carbs as I want to further cut down and definetely get to under 11% bf before I start the cycle. Training will be the same : 3 days on, 1 day break, 3 days on again and so on... Cardio 2x20 min/week for heart health. However, I need some advice. Should I also implement hCG before pct? If so, what dosages and for how many weeks? I think it may be a good idea, given the fact that I will be using 3 different substances. What about hMG? Is that more efficient than the old school hCG? Does anyone have any experience with it? Please I would like advice on hCG, its dosages and duration. Any other advice welcomed. I hope I haven't forgotten anything... Please tell me if u know of any other supplements that will help on this cycle (except for the obvious). Another mistake I made in my first cycle (despite the fact that it wasn't test e only... I know that) was that I did not have all the ancillaries before starting. This won't happen again. I will have everything I need before doing my first injection.
  23. First Cycle

    Thinking about running my first cycle with my buddy. I've attached the plan if some of you pros can review and give some feedback. (Built from Swole Trolls Beginner Post) Both of us are over 6 foot. I'm 260 and hes 230. Both train for strength. both have been lifting for about 4 years. My #'s: 475 Squat, 365 Bench, 515 DL His #'s: 585 Squat, 385 Bench, 535 DL Im working through 2 bulged disks, so i'm doing more hypertrophy/BB work lately. Thanks for the help. TEST.xlsx
  24. Hi everyone started my test e cycle this week, pinning Tues and Fri, I couldn't get aromasin, so I've got adex. I'm on 450mg test a week, thinking about taking 0.25 on jab day, but my oestrogen is high normal and I feel good like this. I'm not sure whether to start with 0.25 or 0.5 Anyway, should I take the AI straight after I jab or the next day? These are my blood results (18th December), I had similar results after I finished my anavar cycle in August. Thanks
  25. Hi All, Have been reading around a lot of forums for the past few months, including this one, to get as much information as possible so I can start my first Test E cycle. I feel like I have got a good plan together for the cycle, PCT, diet and regime to follow. I am going to explain my planned test cycle, diet, PCT as well as the regime I follow in the gym in the hope that people can give me any tips or pointers. Or point out where I am going wrong anywhere. I'll start off with my current stats, measured yesterday. I have been lifting for about 2.5 years now. 21yr old male. 6 foot 1inch. Weigh 93.1kg Body fat 15.6% B.M.I 27.5 Body fat mass 14.5kg Now, I plan on starting my test cycle on the 14th January 2019. Over the next 4 weeks, I am going to try and lower my body fat percentage to around 14% - Although this is going to be a challenge over the Christmas period lol. I plan on running the following cycle: 500mg of TE-300 (Test E) 300mg injecting twice per week. Once on Tuesday and once on Friday. 0.5mgs of Arimadex every other day. 2 weeks after last test injection I plan on taking 20mg of Nolvadex every day for 8 weeks. Now for the diet plan. I am going to eat at TDEE + 30% = 3,240 calories. Planned macros: 50% protein 30% carbs 20% fats. BREAKFAST: 8/9:30am 3.5 large scoops of extreme gainer blend 500ml of semi skimmed milk LUNCH: 1-1:30pm 212.5g of chicken breast 1/2 pack vegetable rice 1 ski yoghurt A handful of red grapes 1 orange AFTERNOON SNACK: 2:30pm High protein flapjack PRE-GYM FOOD: 4:30-5pm 1 sachet of oats so simple porridge 180ml semi-skimmed milk Medium banana POST GYM FOOD: 7:30-8:00pm 2 scoops Whey Protein 500ml semi-skimmed milk 2 pieces of brown bread 1tbsp of peanut butter on each slice DINNER: 8:30-9:00pm Without dinner, I am at 2871 calories. I haven't planned dinner yet, all depends on what food we have in really. Something protein rich. e.g eggs, sausages etc. Any ideas for quick fix nutritious foods would be greatly appreciated to help me get to my goal of 3240 calories. I have also put together the following gym routine: MONDAY: LEGS 4 x squat (barbell) 4 x leg press 3 x leg extensions (machine) 3 x seated calf raise (plate loaded) 3 x lying leg curl (machine) 4 x standing calf raises TUESDAY: CHEST 2 x chest press machine (machine) 4 x bench press (dumbbell) 3 x incline bench press (barbell) 3 x decline bench press (barbell) 3 x incline chest fly (dumbbell) 3 x chest fly (machine) 3 x bench press (barbell) low weight, blast all 3 set to failure 3 x incline chest press (machine) low weight, blast all 3 sets to failure WEDNESDAY: BACK 3 x deadlift (barbell) 3 x assisted pull up 3 x bent over row (barbell) 3 x bent over one arm row (dumbbell) 3 x lat pull-down (cable) 3 x V-bar pulldown 3 x shrug (barbell) 3 x pull-up (assisted) THURSDAY: SHOULDERS 4 x overhead press (barbell) 3 x upright barbell row 4 x seated bent-over rear delt raise 3 x lateral raise (dumbbell) 3 x front raise (barbell) 2 x shoulder press (machine) FRIDAY: ARMS 3 x preacher curl (machine) 4 x barbell curl superset with 4 x triceps pushdown (cable) 4 x preacher curl (dumbbell) superset with 4 x tricep extensions (dumbbell) 4 x incline curl (dumbbell) 3 x tricep extensions 2 x hammer curl (dumbbell) 3 x tricep extentions (machine) So that is my complete 12-week bulking plan:) I would really appreciate any advice you may have for me while running my first cycle. I would also love to hear your comments on my diet, PCT and training regime as I know a lot of you are very experienced and have a wealth of knowledge. Many thanks!