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  1. Supplementation
    How long would you guys recommend taking Reload after a months worth of T-bullets? And how many would you recommend taking a day? Im going on holiday in 7 weeks so dont wont to get stuck not being able to take Reload for a full month, as i dont really want to bring them on holiday with me!
  2. Supplementation
    Have been taking tbullets 2 tablets a day for a week and one nipple wont stop tingling should i stop course or just run it with a pct for the other 3 weeks any advice would ne awesome
  3. Supplementation
    A month or so back before my exams (im 20) i was looking at steroids and performance and enhancers. However, I decided I wasn't ready for taking these products, due to the sides and my age. Its now after my exams and I want to get as fit as possible in 8 weeks before my holiday. I havent worked...
  4. Supplementation
    Whats the difference ... got a spare bit of cash and was going to plump for one of these to go alongside my Whey ans B&R .. Thoughts???
  5. Supplementation
    thanks for the help guys apreciated!
  6. Supplementation
    Alright chaps, I have been a bit of a ghost on these forums, I have only posted the once but I have been reading/researching on this forum and a lot of others. I decided on getting on the t bullets after hurting my shoulder in rugby for the 3rd or 4th time. I am only 5'9" and weighed 11 stone...
  7. Supplementation
    Just finished my 2nd cycle on t-bullets with quite good results again, especialy on my strength this time, my PB's are well up on just about every bodypart. I put on 10lb which I'm happy with, I ran with 2 a day for 21 days with no side effects, apart from the horn :) What I've found is that...
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    hi all just a quick one i am stuck for my next cycle between turanabol and tbullets ive done a tbol only course before and made some good gains but have heard some good things about bullets has anyone had experiance with both thease products and any advice on which is more likely to give dry...
  9. Supplementation
    I'm planning to do 2 a day on my next cycle so only need around 12 t-bullet capsules so if anybody has some that they don't plan on using and would like to sell let me know. Hope I'm not breaking any rules by asking but there isn't a sales/wanted forum on here. Just don't want to buy another...
  10. Supplementation
    Hi Guys, So i thought i would create an account here and share my results with you all. Right so up until now i have NEVER used any PH's or gear etc. Just whey creatine etc etc etc. Bought Tbullets on the recommendation of a friend. Been taking them for 4 weeks now (2 a day morning and...
  11. Supplementation
    I'm coming to the end of my first cycle of t-bullets, I was a complete non believer in things like this tbh, it just seemed like another one of those magic pills that are advertised as supplements. Even reading some threads on here about people making gains in 3 weeks that I've taken 7 or 8...
  12. Supplementation
    Hi Guys, My first post. Been reading in here passively for a while, however first post so be nice. T-Bulletts seem to be very interesting, has anyone experiences any sides at all from them? Thanks, Win
  13. Supplementation
    SOooo ive been browsing around here for a couple of weeks.And see a few of you have good things to say about T-bullets, im starting my 1st cycle of dianabol this week 25mg tabs with liver protection and PCT Nolvadex and Clomid even thoe i hear there both basically the same product better to be...
  14. Supplementation
    i am 19 i dnt smoke i eat healthy and the only supplement i take is protien . i train tugowar 3 days a week and run and go 2 gym the other three. if i took them and stopd wud i lose all my gains ? wot cardiovacular effects wud they have ? all help much appreciated
  15. Supplementation
    Hi guys, been weight training for some time now. Nothing to serious but thinking of stepping it up s little. Was looking at pro hormones and the t bullets are appealing to me. I know I don't necessary need a pct but have read that's its best to have one on standby. Where can I get a good pct...
  16. Supplementation
    Alright guys, This is just an update of on my 1st course of T-Bullets. To be honest i never wrote down any statistics before i started i now wish i had as i cant believe the difference in myself. I finished the 1st course on tuesday 17th August. I cant believe the size of my upper torso...
  17. Supplementation
    will i get the same sort of gains as i did with hdrol or will they be better,becoz talking from experience i found i made better and quicker gains with hdrol than dbol and that was on 50mg ed.
  18. Supplementation
    I have done lots of research on PH's and test boosters, but i cant find what i am after. there is a few questions i want to ask. 1. I see myself as a beginner when it comes to weights, joined the gym about 4 months ago and havent been too regularly. but now i have the time to go more. i havent...
  19. Supplementation
    thinking of trying T-Bullets and just wondering if i need a pct.
1-19 of 19 Results