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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I’m New to these forums. Looking forward to reading through and learning from others. Thought I’d share my TRT experience, which will be starting in the next couple weeks and to have somewhere to ask the inevitable questions/worries I’m likely to have. I’m 30, 85kg (Gona get that down abit), healthy, eat well and train 4 times a week (well used to before covid). I lift for fun, not a bodybuilder or anything. To cut a long story short, I’ve have had symptoms of low T for years, GP fobbed me off with anti depressants and stuff which never helped. I’ve had a series of blood tests done in the last year and Highest my test has come out was 12.8nmol. Most recent is showing 7.88nmol. NHS absolutely not interested, “all within normal range”, etc etc. Had discussions with my GP about it and age/lifestyle and it went nowhere just as I’ve heard from others...So yeah, have decided to go down the TRT route. Chose The lerger clinic and I’ve Been subscribed: sustanon250 - 125mg a week (2 injections a week) HCG 1000iu a week (2 injections a week) Blood tests after 6 weeks for review I’m just waiting on everything to arrive, need to order needles and I’m good to go.... so it would be good to find out what needles everyone’s using? I’ve Been recommended: 18g x 1.5” for drawing and 25g x 1” for injecting, with dead space 1ml syringes... and to get wipes/a sharps box obviously. A lot of this stuff is new to me so I’m learning as I go along. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have recently been prescribed Sustanon 250 125mg per week due to high SHBG leading to low free T. This was obtained via a well know hormone balancing company. I should be getting it today. I am nervous about starting and have so many questions. I hope someone can offer some good advice I have been prescribed HCG to take as well if I want to, should I? Will I get many side effects with 125mg p/w? Will I need an AI? I have a son I see once every 2 weeks. If I ever snapped or shouted at him because of side effects I would never forgive myself. Is this likely? Can I store the remaining 125mg from an ampule for next time? My prescription says to discard it, but that seems wasteful... How do I dispose of it if I cannot keep it for next time. I would be worried about throwing away an open ampule? Should I take at morning or night? Does it make any difference? Bloods: Oestradiol:83 Testosterone: 20.00 SHBG: 57 Free-Testosterone(Calculated): 0.305 Prolactin: 230 Thanks, guys & sorry for the noob questions T
  3. Looking to try this on next cycle has anyone used to good effect ? Used sphinx in past with no issues but not there sustanon.
  4. Hi all, I have just started a cycle of sustanon 250 at 500mg a week. Had my first shot and everything went well, but I also have some HCG I plan on running at 250iu eod. I have never used it before and assumed it would be easier to use than its turning out. The HCG I have is Pregnyl 5000, so it should last me roughly 5 weeks, my problem with it being the kit has 2 ampoules, one containing 1ml of water, the other ampoule with the dry HCG powder at the bottom. 1ml of water to mix 5000ius worth of HCG seems strange, and once it is mixed there is no where to store it as its the small glass amps that you break the top off. Can anyone please give me some advice on if I need more water and how to mix it and what container to store it in, I know it needs to be refrigerated but confused on what to store it in. Any advice is much appreciated! Cheers
  5. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  6. Hello guys, just about to start my 1st cycle, sustanon 250, dbol, proviron, anastrazole.. Still haven't figured one thing, how often shall I pin sust, I dont wanna run high dosage as first run Is okay to go 1ml e5d or e3d because of short esters so my hormone level will be more in line? Dbol 3x10 mg a day, proviron since day 1 and anastrazol if any signs sides/bloating What's your opinion guys pleAse . Many appreciated. PETE
  7. So after having done a lot of research (Or so I thought) I decided I would jump on a cycle of sustanon. My plan was either to take 250mgs once or twice a week. I was leaning more towards 250mgs once a week because of a lot people were saying that this was enough and a safe amount for a first cycle. People were also saying you may as well go 500mgs a week to get the full benefits, as 250mgs may not be enough to yield the best results. After speaking to a close friend who has done a few cycles in the past, he advised heavily against continuing and I am very hesitant to go on. I think that maybe I am not ready to start (at least not yet). However I already stabbed this morning with 250mgs of sustanon and I would like to know what the coming side effects would be if I stopped now. I have Nolva and hcg on hand anyways for PCT and possible gyno side effects. Should I expect to have to use either of these if I decide to stop now? What will happen after only injecting the one time? Appreciate any advice/guidance on this Thanks
  8. Hi everyone So I started my first cycle and I was given sustabol 250(sustanon) along with methandianone and I was told I wouldn't need to take the tamoxifen 20mg for the first week! I have the tamoxifen and I got told to take 1 tablet a day to stop gyno which I'm seeing signs of and have lumps behind my nipples currently but I looked it up and I'm getting mixed answers about amount and when to take them, I'm on my second week and I've take 1 ml the first week and 2ml the second week in due my next shot but I'm gonna stop my cycle now! should I wait till the sust leaves my system or should I up my dosage now and how else can I treat my gyno, any help is greatly appreciated
  9. New member As the title says the question is pretty much how would you go about trying to reduce puffy nipples and a lump behind? The lump is about 5p-10p sized in diameter. I am running sus250 (first ever time on AAS), pinning twice a week so 500mg in total and have come to the end of my second week. Have been taking armidex 0.5 eod from day 1 but have still managed to get gyno so i have no upped to 0.5 ed and have noticed a reduction in the sensitivity. Not too sure if the size has reduced as they are painful now because I keep standing in the mirror pinching my nips. Would leterozole be the go to AI to try and reduce the lump size and tapering off with Nolva (Both on hand of course) or would it just be a better idea to drop the gear completely for now and run leterozole in a few weeks when the sust clears my system?
  10. hey people, so I just had a mate who went to turkey and brought me back some goodies! Just 20ml of sust so I was very excited about it but when he actually brought them round I was even more so excited : |... reason being they are actually uk pharma grade, sounds weird but I'll attach photos obviously...all of them except one box is made by 'aspen pharma' then one actually still has organon made in Cambridge science park! Which is literally down the road from me I've driven past it many times in the past and I remember even my Mrs contraceptive pill was made by them in there Cambridge facility! The use by date on the Cambridge one is 2016 so it's a close one but would make sense I guess because they did completely change the business name didn't they?ive done some reading but still not clear as I can see they were organon then Merck brought into it followed by schering then aspen! Personally I don't doubht how legit they are for a second but wondered if someone could explain to me exactly how the company has changed etc as it still says there's a organon plant in the Netherlands? All the changes is just confusing me and I just wana be clear but from what I've seen and you will see in the photos they literally are what you would go and pick up with a prescription from a pharmacy over here in England! Any feedback advice is appreciated guys!