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  1. Welcome Lounge
    Hi guys!
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys So we have a lot of dedicated bodybuilders / lifters in here, which size wise and dedication wise (gear, training, diet etc) are in the more elite end. I'm interessted in knowing what kind of supps you run year around (or almost year around) for the benefit of general health...
  3. Supplementation
    Hi Ya'll Just wondered started back after 4 years, using Phd Whey Protein, what other supps should i be using? Im not a pro and i dont wanna look massive but want some good gains. Any ideas what else would be good.
  4. Welcome Lounge
    Training for first competition - supps prices 03/15/11 02:05 PM Edit Reply Hi, can you help? Just training for first competition so working my way through a ton of supplements. Currently rating ON as it mixes and goes down real well - just found it on their site with 30% off whey...
  5. Supplementation
    Hi Guys/gals, has anyone used a testostrone supplement that works?, ive tried trib and norateen and not really felt any different, whats ppls experience, I'm looking for something that has good reviews aftr positve effect cheers all Kev
  6. Supplementation
    Who supplements Amino Acids? Obviously on top of your protein filled diets ;) I'm just wondering whether it's worth starting to use them as a supplement, on top of my diet. Do they really have any benefit....i'm so sceptical about all supplements apart from protein tbh. Who feels they...
  7. General Conversation
    Who else is having protein shakes today. I don't drink alcohol so I will get merry on protein shakes lol
  8. Supplementation
    Helloo. Im going to buy some Lean-R fat burners. Ive been on the Extreme Nutrition website and there £33 but on monstersupplements there £23. I notice the case is different. Where should I buy them from? I guess with the 25% off from Extreme Nutrition it will work out just as cheap as...
  9. Supplementation
    Am i taking too many or too less ?? MASS PLEX { PH} MILK THISTLE L-LYSINE BCA K-EVO FLAXSEED OIL
1-9 of 9 Results