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  1. Supplementation
    Hi All, Just turned 50 and back in the gym, ex forces so reasonably fit work out 3 times a week at the moment, lost some fat from 110kg down to 97kg in just over a year, Now im serious about getting and keeping that muscle after 50 its harder than ever, im told BCAAS and Cretain are the...
  2. Supplementation
    Hi iv'e been having trouble putting on weight all my life my dads on about 11 stone and iv'e been about 9 - 10 stone since school and i'm 33 now :( i know i have a super fast metabolism and my genes are obviously not ideal so i tried a weight gaining shake about 10 years ago. It was the Maxi...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Going back on the gear soon. Test blend, tren six weeks in, dbol and growth. All my gear is sorted. However I would like to know, apart from protein, which supplements I should be using? Anyone got a supplement stack they would recommend? Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome Lounge
    Hello everybody I'm Chris and I live in Wales. Been training good now for 1 year now and feel I have hit a wall. Would like to get some supplement and juice advice from the pros :) . Thanks
  5. General Conversation
    Hi all. ive just joined redcon as a tier operator! This means I can now give you a discount of 20% off. This on both sites, and you can use it as much as you want. I'll post the code, and links to both the UK & US sites below. also if purchasing, please put my name in the 'tier operator...
  6. Supplementation
    Hi guys, Hope all are okay? I was wondering if anybody knows or uses LA Muscle supplements? They claim to be the best on the market, with price tags to match. Does anyone use them that can vouch they are worth the money or is it just a rip off? I have also been looking at Animal brand, like...
  7. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Protein Supplement PollWhat is more important in buying a Protein Supplement to you ?Protein Content0Added ingredients like fat burning compounds0BCAA's0Price per Kilo0
  8. Losing Weight
    A high-quality product backed by a certified weight-loss professional to serve you better. All the smoothies are given in a particular sequence and frequency to maximize your results. Go Now and Grab Yours To Get 10% Off Only For Today
  9. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi All, I am beginning going to the gym next week with the goal of bulking and have a plan set out and would like any advice or comments letting me know im on the right track. My gym plan is, Day 1 will be shoulders, triceps and chest, Day 2 will be legs and Day 3 will be back and biceps...
  10. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Hi guys, hope you are all well especially with what's happening in the world at the moment. As you can see I am a new member, the reasons for me joining is that I was hoping to be pointed in the write direction and connect with trustworthy suppliers of certain supplements that is very hard to...
  11. General Conversation
    Ok. So I'm planning to go on holiday and I've looked at gyms in the area. Just wondering if anyone has had problems carrying supplements, such as creatine, protein, since many of these are white powder or pills I don't want to have to explain why I have plastic bags of white powder going...
  12. Protein
    Hi Everyone! I'm working on a project for my masters thesis on sports and nutrition and I would love to hear about how you take your protein! It's really short (less than 2 mins) and easy to fill out :D Here's the link: Thanks so much for your help...
  13. General Conversation
    Howdy ho fellow forum friends, long time no see!! I've been dropping in every once in a while, was hoping to see some familiar faces/names, which I have, hooray, hope everyone's been doing well! I also just learned about the management takeover, @Lorian you did a fantastic job and looks as...
  14. Protein
    Just looking for some advice on what supplements would be best to take while on a testosterone only cycle .. this is my first cycle
  15. Supplementation
    Hi fellas, need your help today. I'm struggling with high BP, I'm doing currently 5 cardio sessions a week, 25 min each. Taking also 1000 mg Hawthorne berry. I'm on cycle, Test and Deca.
  16. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey there. I wonder if anyone can tell me more about the stresses on the kidneys when on a cycle? I only have one kidney and consider a 10wk test only in March. Any supplements like TUDCA and NAC only for the poor kidneys? Hqven found anything "worth it" yet.. Thanks
  17. Personal Care & Health
    Hey there. I was born with only one kidney, have'nt had any trouble with it so far. Checked it several times in the last couple of years, it is approx.50% enlarged, with the filtration capacity of almost 2 regular sized kidneys. I know this is perfectly normal, a lot of people never get any...
  18. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hey, Usually I would train AM, after a coffee. I would then have creatine and a high blend whey. The rest is food, food and more food. Here's the thing , I am now the lowest BFP I have ever been, 5'11, 12 stone and want to maintain a low body fat and put on muscle. I think I should up my...
  19. Gaining Weight
    Im a begginer looking to gain weight, I am around 5"6 and 60kg (female). I workout every day (weight and resistance training) but struggle with nutrition. I have been looking at meal replacements to increase calorie intake (like TPW total matrix, MP gainers and Dynamix Protein). I would...
1-20 of 158 Results