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Found 14 results

  1. New guy

    Hello everybody I'm Chris and I live in Wales. Been training good now for 1 year now and feel I have hit a wall. Would like to get some supplement and juice advice from the pros . Thanks
  2. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    Hi guys, Hope all are okay? I was wondering if anybody knows or uses LA Muscle supplements? They claim to be the best on the market, with price tags to match. Does anyone use them that can vouch they are worth the money or is it just a rip off? I have also been looking at Animal brand, like Stak, Pump and Test. I could get all of those from Animal for around £120 per month, whereas from LA, is £70/£80 per product for a month supply, so if you got a protein, a creatine and a testosterone booster for example, that would be like £240 p/m! Thanks guys
  3. Hi All, I am beginning going to the gym next week with the goal of bulking and have a plan set out and would like any advice or comments letting me know im on the right track. My gym plan is, Day 1 will be shoulders, triceps and chest, Day 2 will be legs and Day 3 will be back and biceps with 1 rest day and then repeat. My diet is as follows; Breakfast (9-10am): Bowl oatmeal with half a banana and 2 boiled eggs. I will drink a protein shake about half an hour after. Snack (11:30-12:00am): Peanut butter bagel with half a banana Lunch (13:00-14:00): Chicken Breast, Brocoli, Rice Snack (16:00-16:30): Chicken wrap with spinach and lettuce I hit the gym at 18:00 After Gym (19:00-19:30) protein shake Dinner (20:00): Chicken breast, brocoli and pasta. Then sleep. Any comments to let me know im on the right track or to give me some advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Ok. So I’m planning to go on holiday and I’ve looked at gyms in the area. Just wondering if anyone has had problems carrying supplements, such as creatine, protein, since many of these are white powder or pills I don’t want to have to explain why I have plastic bags of white powder going through customs..
  5. How do you take your protein?

    Hi Everyone! I'm working on a project for my masters thesis on sports and nutrition and I would love to hear about how you take your protein! It's really short (less than 2 mins) and easy to fill out Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6QR7NGQ Thanks so much for your help, can't wait to get your input! P
  6. Just looking for some advice on what supplements would be best to take while on a testosterone only cycle .. this is my first cycle
  7. Hi fellas, need your help today. I’m struggling with high BP, I’m doing currently 5 cardio sessions a week, 25 min each. Taking also 1000 mg Hawthorne berry. I’m on cycle, Test and Deca.
  8. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Hey there. I wonder if anyone can tell me more about the stresses on the kidneys when on a cycle? I only have one kidney and consider a 10wk test only in March. Any supplements like TUDCA and NAC only for the poor kidneys? Hqven found anything "worth it" yet.. Thanks
  9. Hey there. I was born with only one kidney, have'nt had any trouble with it so far. Checked it several times in the last couple of years, it is approx.50% enlarged, with the filtration capacity of almost 2 regular sized kidneys. I know this is perfectly normal, a lot of people never get any problems, even if they roam the city every weekend - and has really bad habits.. My question is simple; How dangerous is steroids for the poor kidneys? Is there some good supplements i could take while(if!) on cycle, to help the kidneys out? I know that bloodpressure is a major factor when it comes to kidney disease and in some cases failure, salt intake needs to be managed closely and hydration levels has to be high/exagerated. Anybody in my situation with experience? I'm considering a 10wk Test only in March..
  10. Hey, Usually I would train AM, after a coffee. I would then have creatine and a high blend whey. The rest is food, food and more food. Here's the thing , I am now the lowest BFP I have ever been, 5'11, 12 stone and want to maintain a low body fat and put on muscle. I think I should up my calories with protein and good carbs and train as hard as I can (lifting) I find cardio boring but am relatively active anyway. Any diet suggestions, decent Whey products or anything else Cheers MAM
  11. Beginner

    Im a begginer looking to gain weight, I am around 5"6 and 60kg (female). I workout every day (weight and resistance training) but struggle with nutrition. I have been looking at meal replacements to increase calorie intake (like TPW total matrix, MP gainers and Dynamix Protein). I would appreciate any suggestions and advice on what I should be doing/where to start.. Thank you:)
  12. We've done huge amounts of research on the supplementation market. We want to hear what you guys are currently using in the way of supplements.. #premiumraws
  13. Premium Raws Is proudly associated with the Uk Muscle Forum and is offering all of its users 30% off the Website when you us UKM30 at checkout. If you have any questions with regards to supplementation then please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to give you all the information you need. Website Link: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  14. Premium Raws is proudly associated with the UK Muscle Forum and is offering 30% off to all of the UK muscle users when you use UKM30 at checkout. If you guys have any questions about the brand then please drop a line here and we will get back to you. Website: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/