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  1. Supplementation
    Never mind
  2. Supplementation
    What's your Favourite pre-workout? Looking for a new pre to try... I'll kick it off with my Favourite - Satan - Yohimbine, Geranium, Synephrine, Caffeine :eek:
  3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    Completely natural for just over a year. Eat well, sleep and exercise. Store fat around my mid and tits. Is there any need or to bring my estrogen levels down or keep them as it is. Heard of supplements like Dim that help to lower estrogen. Any feedback welcome. Thanks
  4. Creatine
    Does Creatine Supplement Damage Kidney? Creatine side effects kidneys Hello guys in this blog you will get to know about creatine and whether creatine side effects kidneys, There is a lot of myths about creatine whether it causes kidney damage, this and that. But here I have given you the...
  5. Supplementation
    Hi, I subscribed to muscle crate but they started to remove premium branded supps and put in lesser known, cheaper brands. Just subscribed to the muscle locker, they seem to use ON, CNP etc so thought I'd try. Value for money seems to be there, £15 for at least 10 samples which is decent...
  6. Amino Acids
    Hi all, Just wondered when is the best time to introduce BCAA's. The only supplements I currently have are protein shakes before and after my workout. I was thinking it would be best to lose as much weight as possible before taking them. Any ideas?
  7. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard 2270g- 43£ Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard 4540g- 76£ London - from hands to hands +44 7742 607303 Text me any supplement u need and i write u back price ;)
  8. Losing Weight
    Hi. I just want to find out what can you guys suggest for me to lose about 33 lb? Thanks
  9. Supplementation
    orite guys just got a wee question . iv got a pal joining the army and he just got a product but there hardly much information about it . i said il try find out for him but no luck so far . any1 advice will be great guys. the product he got is called- I Force bold 200 he also got sum gentic...
  10. Supplementation
    I am recetly looking into fat burners and the top 2 which keep cumin up is Grenade Or black mumba I am currently 202 lbs and want to look good for xmas by doing what ever it takes any suggestions guys??
  11. Supplementation
    hi all ive recently got into weight training , im 48 years old medium build, work hard , diet could be better , as for supplements this is where i am confused , in the mornings i take skimmed milk with creatin and whey protein mixed, one l arginie capsule , one multivitamin, one codliver oil...
  12. Supplementation
    Basically I have jsut started working out and i would like a non-biased opinion on supplements. There are many questions i have but i would most like to know a few points; 1)Whats the difference between different proteins? And which is best? 2)How much protein should I consume with each shake...
  13. Supplementation
    sa they seem to have sensored the worst tasting one the best ive ever had was apple flavour nectar got free on cover of a mag yummy
  14. Supplementation
    hi all i am just wondering is USN muscle fuel anabolic is any good , just nearly finished off a tub of nutrisport protein & carbs all in one just wondering if there is any good stuff out there as i know it can be expensive , heard the nutrisport 90+ is a good cheap protein product anyone...
  15. Supplementation
    Basically diet is clean, routine is sorted got the plan all down an am well into the swing of things just want too add that extra protein and aminos to the plan to add the bulking process. want to use extreme nutrition. can you guys give a little guidance on what products?
  16. Supplementation
    Sorry another thread xD but its something slightly different. Im coming into the last 30 days of my hardcore workout regime (everyday im doing something different) and I really want to push it for the optimum gains. At the moment I take whey protein powder which is like 35 quid for 4.5kg...
  17. Supplementation
    i was wondering what people recommend when it comes to whey protein in terms of brand. thx. (sorry new to this)
  18. Supplementation
    Hi, can anyone tell me a website I can get 3weeks worth of protein supplement in America, I want to order it from here before I go as I don't want to be taking various powders through customs!
  19. Getting Started
    Hi All, I'm not a bodybuilder but I'm going to start exercising soon for a while on a daily basis, for which I'll need to reduce my originally 2 day long muscle recovery time to less than 24 hours. I'd like to avoid pushing my metabolism out of balance (which, as I experienced, is...
1-19 of 48 Results