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  1. Getting Started
    I do a Rope pushdown/Rope Hammer super set for my last set on scans training routine which I have adopted for 8 weeks. I'm not to keen on this super set and am wondering what you guys think would be better in its place? But which still work the arms as this is on a chest and arms day. I do one...
  2. Female Bodybuilding
    202 class 1st Ricky "Tricky" Jackson 2nd Charles Dixon 3rd Kris Dim 4th Lee powell
  3. Female Bodybuilding
    fitness 1st Adeline Garcia 2nd Myriam Capes 3rd Nicole Duncan
  4. Female Bodybuilding
    Figure 1st Jenny Lynn 2nd Krissy chin 3rd Meriza DeGuzman
  5. Member Journals
    Goals Gain Muscle Mass Increase Fitness Levels Starting Stats Height - 5"10 Weight - 11st12 / 166lbs Start Date Wednesday 15th April 2009 Diet Plan Breakfast - Large Bowl Porridge (100g Oats+ 250ml Semi-Skimmed Milk + tsp Honey + Handful Of Raisins) + 2 Slices Toast With Peanut Butter +...
  6. Supplementation
    Has any one tried this new protein from Reflex called Quattro? What do you all think about this new so called super protein Oryzatein...Rice Protien? When did we start getting protein from rice? Apparently the an amino acid profile in Oryzatein has 98% level match to Mothers milk which is...
  7. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Starting my DNP cycle tomorrow. Its an OFF CYCLE and i've cleaned me system out of all supplements etc for the last month. Whilst on this stuff i'll only be taking the following: *Fish oil *MultiV *MRM Liver-x 1 capsule daily *A local mix of juices. Its got like 15vegies+3fruits in it. In...
1-7 of 7 Results