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  1. Tanning / Melanotan
    Hey, first cycle using melanotan 2 will be this year, I have two vials ready to use. my question is, is there any point to start using melanotan 2 at the moment with low uv index. And won't be using sunbeds. Although I'm outside all day every day Thanks
  2. Tanning / Melanotan
    Hi all, I'm a journalist looking to speak to people who have used Melanotan nasal tanning sprays. I understand that they are popular in the bodybuilding community and I want to hear about people's experiences with them, whether positive or negative, and especially from users in the North of...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I'm running test e 300 mg pw and tbol 40mg pd. I've had bad acne breakout on my back. Anyone used sunbeds for this?? Did you use stand up? Lie down? How long? I've done 18 mins on stand up over last 3 days not really seen any improvement. Any info appreciated thanks lads !!!
  4. Tanning / Melanotan
    Hello guys, Me and the missus are planning a little impromptu trip to costa brava in 5 weeks and im considering using MT2 to get a really nice tan for when im out there. I do tend to tan very easily however i dont often actually get any sun as i work odd hours - what would be the recommended...
  5. General Conversation
    Who uses sunbeds then or fake bake.
  6. Tanning / Melanotan
    i used to go on sunbeds alot i was bit of an addict lol but i have a few big moles on my back ive heard people say this causes cancer i went to the walk in centre last year and the nurse said it was rally bad rushed me to a doctor the doctor looked at them for 2 seconds then said no they are...
1-6 of 6 Results