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Found 11 results

  1. Introduction & call for help

    New to this forum stuff, I'm a strength enthusiast always looking to learn I compete in strongman. What's this site like? Will be good to hear some feedback thanks.
  2. Hi. 12 weeks ago I bought 95kg of weights, two dumbbell bars and a bench (just before prices shot up 500% thanks to Corona!) to begin training (as a beginner). My diet, I think, is great; in terms of quality and timing. I follow Athlean-X on Youtube for training, so I believe my training to be very good. With such a meagre amount of weights and equipment available to me, I haven't been able to train for strength. I train a push, pull and legs routine every 4 days. When I can finally alternate with dedicated strength training, can I expect to get a significant increase in lean mass gains? To this point, at 5ft 11, I've gained 11lbs and lost 1.5 inches from my waist starting at approx 25% bodyfat. I've been really pleased with my results, and the anticipation of (potentially) more quick gains from a different form of training is..... Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi all, I see people always looking for workout routines, so, this is for anyone who wants to use a workout routine and also if anyone has any input on exercise selection or anything like that, all input appreciated! I've been using this system for a few months now and I'm progressing nicely, tbh, it's one of the best workouts I've used. It's a weekly undulating periodization system, similar to p/rr/s and hst, meaning the goal changes from week to week. So, week 1 focuses on "strength endurance", this is done with 5 sets of 15 reps. Week 2 focuses on "hypertrophy", this is done with 5 sets of 10 reps and finally, week 3 focuses on "strength", this is done with 5 sets of 5 reps, repeat this cycle 4 times for a total of 12 weeeks. Each workout has a primary exercise and then accessory exercises, there are 4 workout days per week, the 4 primary exercises are Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Overhead Press. Here are the workouts Chest/Triceps Week #1 Flat Bench Press - 5x15 Machine Incline Bench Press - 5x15 Incline Pec-Dec Machine - 5x15 Weighted Dips - 5x15 Cable Crossovers - 5x15 Triceps Rope Extension - 5x15 Week #2 Flat Bench Press - 5x10 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - 5x10 Incline Dumbbell Flye - 5x10 Weighted Dips - 5x10 Cable Crossovers - 5x10 Overhead Triceps Extension - 5x10 Week #3 Flat Bench Press - 5x5 Incline Bench Press - 5x5 Incline Dumbbell Flye - 5x5 Parallel Bar Weighted Dips - 5x5 Close-Grip Bench Press - 5x5 Back/Biceps Week #1 Deadlift - 5x15 Nautilus Super Pullovers - 5x15 Wide-Grip Pulldowns - 5x15 Seated Chest-Supported Row - 5x15 Hammer Strength Shrugs - 5x15 Machine Biceps Curls - 5x15 Week #2 Deadlift - 5x10 Nautilus Super Pullovers - 5x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns - 5x10 Wide-Grip T-Bar Row - 5x10 Dumbbell Shrugs - 5x10 Dumbbell Curls - 5x10 Week #3 Deadlift - 5x5 Weighted Pull-Ups - 5x5 Barbell Rows - 5x5 Barbell Shrugs - 5x5 Barbell Curls - 5x5 Shoulders/Forearms Week #1 Standing Barbell Press - 5x15 Machine Overhead Press - 5x15 Machine Lateral Raise - 5x15 Cable Lateral Raise - 5x15 Machine Reverse Flye - 5x15 Cable Reverse Curls - 5x15 Week #2 Standing Barbell Press - 5x10 Seated Dumbbell Press - 5x10 Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 5x10 Cable Lateral Raise - 5x10 Dumbbell Reverse Flye - 5x10 Barbell Reverse Curls - 5x10 Week #3 Standing Barbell Press - 5x5 Seated Barbell Press - 5x5 Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 5x10 Dumbbell Reverse Flye - 5x10 Barbell Reverse Curls - 5x10 Legs/Abs Week #1 Barbell Squat - 5x15 Seated Leg Press - 5x15 Leg Extension - 5x15 Lying Leg Curl - 5x15 Calf Raise - 5x15 Cable Crumches - 5x15 Week #2 Barbell Squat - 5x10 Angled Leg Press - 5x10 Leg Extension - 5x10 Standing Leg Curl - 5x10 Calf Raise - 5x10 Hanging Leg Raise- 5x10 Week #3 Barbell Squat - 5x5 Angled Leg Press - 5x5 SL Deadlift - 5x5 Calf Raise - 5x10 Hanging Leg Raise- 5x10 Week #1 - 5x15 Week #2 - 5x10 Week #3 - 5x5 Week #4 - 5x15 Week #5 - 5x10 Week #6 - 5x5 Week #7 - 5x15 Week #8 - 5x10 Week #9 - 5x5 Week #10 - 5x15 Week #11 - 5x10 Week #12 - 5x5
  4. I got lazy with logging, mainly due to having nothing cool to show off the past few years have been pretty stale one issue after the other slowing me down or derailing progress completely. I spent some time getting bigger and working out niggling issues I'm still having a few but I'm able to work... I have switched my training up I needed something I could work high intensity with recovery so I begrudgingly starting learning about the conjugate system and to my surprise I'm actually enjoying it. My new log wont be massively detailed I'm going to post weekly/bi weekly videos with some of the main sets from my training, I start week 6 today heres last weeks training footage
  5. What is the greatest natural routine for both strength and hypertrophy for someone that likes being in the gym 5 days a week? Previously did 6-day PPL routine but looking to train for 5 days a week and still hit the muscle groups twice a week. I was looking at PHUL with an extra day on Saturday for shoulders. Any others?
  6. New start to the gym

    So I Started training non stop for 2 years I had a couple of months off and struggling to find my motivation to get into again any help?
  7. AestheticManlet's New Log

    Well I'm back. I had a little lay off with some health issues but I'm much better now so getting back into lifting. There's a few old logs of mine in the archives somewhere, may be a good read for some. I'm much more relaxed now regarding diet. I'm not anal about counting exact calories anymore just conscious to eat what I consider adequate food and see what happens. Due to recent issues my AAS use is staying low - no orals and no more than 500-600mg a week. Stats Height: 5' 7" Weight is unknown as haven't been concerned lately but I'll be getting back to it from today. Training I'll be following PPL which I'm an advocate for. It's the main routine I've followed previously and is the most logical to me with how the muscles are grouped and allows good recovery while keeping frequency decent. Daily supplements Creatine monohydrate - 5g Vitamin d3 - 2500iu Vitamin k2 - 200mcg Curcumin - 600mg Omega 3 fish oils - 4000mg Citrus bergamot - 500mg Multivitamin I'll update with some recent pics soon.
  8. Hi guys Something you may not be used to. Hoping there are some experienced endurance guys knocking about somewhere. I am looking for a cycle that will allow me to increase my endurance and sprinting. I don’t have access to EPO but I believe I can get access to more or less everything else. My stats: male 29 172cm 84kg Approx 16% bf as I can see my top abs and my obliques So my training. I run numerous times a week. I also cycle, swim, hike etc. I am a very outdoorsy person. I will be doing some gym training too 3 times a week focusing on compound lifts and A LOT of GHRs. However strength progress is secondary to speed and endurance. My program for sprints, running, swimming, cycling, yomping and other conditioning/VO2 max orientated work will be ever changing in terms of volume, intensity etc. For the powerlifters out there it would be reminiscent to a sheiko program for conditioning athletes. However a disclaimer, I am not a professional athlete and have no intention of competing in such an environment. I am coming back from a lower back injury that had me layed off for over 6 months and I am getting back into the swing of training again. I have put on some extra weight as I tend to natural sit above 80kg with ease. I used to do a little bit of powerlifting and weightlifting for fun a few years ago and my body seems to like sitting at heavier weights. So would also like to get below 80kg so dosages for AAS cannot be too high. I am considering just a low dose of Test P at 50mg eod. However I have no idea what to add to this. Also if there is an experienced endurance athlete with PED experience they may convince me to do something different. Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Lou's quest for strength

    As the title explains, man's on a mission to get some serious strength. Current stats: 5ft 10/1.77m, 169lbs/77kg PRs: Bench: 286lb/130kg Squats: 330lb/150kg Deadlift: 396lb/180kg Target by December: Bench: 160kg Squats: 180kg Deadlift: 220kg Squats I haven't done for 6 weeks due to sprained ACL but that's recovered now. Backed off from bench for a while but currently doing 90kgx5. Today's session: Deadlift: 60kgx10, 80kgx10, 110kgx5, 140kgx3, 160kgx1, 170kgx1 Pull ups (overhand, thumbless): 3x7 Lat pulldown: 49x8, 63x8, 77x5, 42x10 Preacher curl 6x10-12
  10. So, I'll start this of by telling you that I started going to the gym the winter of 2016. I was 189 cm tall and about 85kg heavy, I was skinny fat (Was obese when i was younger, 175cm/87 kg). When I got comments about being fat ,obiously these were not serious comments but jokes, but I was so insecure in my body that I thought people really saw me as an 200kg fat guy. These comments led to me going to the gym. At first I saw result and "noob gainz". I followed a typical bro split. I lost weight at the time and this is when things got bad. I started counting every fu**ing single calorie that I ate. For a period of time i played soccer 4 days a week and worked out 4 times a week while eating like a maximum of 1500 calories. As you may expect this resulted in a unhealthy weightloss. I dropped down to 70 kg being 190 cm tall at this moment. this was before the summer of 2017. During this weightloss period i started binge eating until i got so full that i puked and things like that. I developed eating and body image disorders. I also lost all of my energy, sex drive, and got other hormonal problems. The summer of 2017 i went on vacation to the country where the rest of my family lives. Here they kind of forced me to eat. After the summer i was ready to "bulk". After the vacation i was weighing around 74kg. So this was in August of 2017. Since then ive been trying to bulk with no result. During this "bulk" Ive really ate a clean diet, almost only chicken and rice, egg whites, oats and so on. Im weighing arounf 78 kg now ( 28 of March 2018) and the only thing I have gained is fat on my stomach (i think.. no visible muscle gains, ALMOST no strength gains). My upper body around my stomach are looks "kind of" skinny fat, but my arms, legs and calves got a lot of veins, like A LOT (especially calves). So im not sure what my body fat percentage is at but maybe 15%? So my questions to you guys are what should I do? Routine- Wich routine? Ive tried upper/lower splits but i do not like them....I did not enjoy working out. And I really want to workout 5 days a week hitting each muscle 2x a week. Diet- I dont want to count calories because they stress me out so much right now because of my past that I really feel bad and suicidal when thinking about them. How should I eat and think about my diet when working out? Guys I really want your help. Some of you guys will recommend things like startingstrength but i really wanna workout 5 days a week. And im dead serious about the help, I would love serious comments. And i do not plays soccer anymore. My lifts (No back squats squats cuz they really f**k my lower back up) Front squat 70kg x 5 Bench 72,5x5 Sumo deadlift 145kg x1 Week af i know... So Im turning 18 this summer just so u know guys(2018) And guys, Ive tried so fkkn hard getting results but because of my f**ked up mind and body image i always fail and im afriad that soon ill give up... This is a PPL routine that Ive been thinking about trying, 5 days a week. Wich results in: PPL/R/PP/R/ LPP/R/LP/R/ Legs1: Front Squat 4 x6 Sumo DL 4x6 Spit squat4x8 Leg curl 4x10 Seated Calf Raise 8x8 Push1: Bench 4x6 Seated Military press4x6 Incline DB Bench 3x8 Decline DB press 3x 8 Lateral raises3x10 Skulcrushers 3x 8 Pushdowns 3 x10 Pull 1: weighted Pull Ups 3 x6 DB One Arm row 3x6 Narrow LAt Pulldown 3x 8 Seated Wide Grip Cable row 3x8 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x10 Ez bar curl 3x8 Preacher curl 3x10 Legs 2: Front Box Squat 4x12 Sumo deadlift 4x10 Leg extensions 4x 12 Leg curls 4 x15 Standing Calf raises 6 x15 Push 2: Bench 3x 12 DB Shoulder press 3x 12 incline BB Bench 3x 12 Chest cross overs 3 x 12 Lateral raises 3x 15 Overhead Tricep ext 3x 12 Tricep Pushdown 3x 15 Pull2: DB one arm row 3x 12 Lat pulldown 3x 12 seated Wide grip cable row 3x 12 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x15 Ez bar curl 3x 12 DB invline curl 3x 15
  11. Trial Run..... Started back training about 4 months ago after taking 2 years off completely, so far so good but time to step things up! I've been on keto diet for approx 8 weeks in preparation for a decent strength cycle as a primary goal, with any size gains as a secondary attribute. I've previously religiously used Orbis Test & Tren for most of my previous cycles but i've been offered Elixir Meds to try instead, not many reviews around so trial and error will be the best approach! Cycle (Starting September) No Orals Week 1 to 4 - 3ml Elixir Fusion / week Weeks 5 to 8 - 4ml Elixir Fusion / week Weeks 9 to 14 - 5ml Elixir Fusion / week Diet As i'm pretty much running a Keto diet still, im going to change this to a CBL diet with high carb intake post training and evening meal only. Mornings through to lunch will be protein only. Aiming at 250g Protein per day and gradually increasing up to 350g by end of cycle. 50/50 split between solid food and supps. Calories between 3-4k Weekends, cut loose and enjoy any craved foods from throughout the week. Weight Starting weight 175lbs - goal weight 195lbs