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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a huge fan of abbreviated routines and have for years, however I've only focused on the big six exercises (bench squat row deadlift press chins) which I made amazing gains on However, as an experiment due to lack of time (keyworker) and also wanting to switch up so I'm wanting to do 1 of 2 routines with 3 or 4 exercises. So for my full body will I be covered? Option 1 Squat (quads with some hams, and calves with plantoflexion) Bench (chest shoulder tri) Row (traps, rhomboids, lats, forearm, bicep, grip) 3x6-12 with 80% 1rm add weight when I get 3x12 Done twice a week Option 2 Day 1 Squat Row Day 2 Deadlift Bench press 3x6-12 with 80% 1rm add weight when I get 3x12 I feel option 1 would be better, but what do you think, I'm an average guy that isnt competing but I want to get stronger.
  2. Hello All I joined a gym a couple of weeks back, and got myself a P.T to get me started on weight training etc. So far, so good. He has calculated my macros for me, but having just had the time to look at them today, I noticed they look so wrong. He has me at 1700 calories per day (which is correct based on my height and weight etc) But then my macros are : Protein - 297g (30% of total calories ) Fat - 130g (30% of total calories) Carbs - 255g (40% of total calories) How can my Carbs be lower if it is at 40% ? Also, 255g seems like an awful lot! I am trying to lose fat. I'm female, 34 and right now just doing a mix of free weights, dead lifts, squats etc, Not much cardio. I weigh 120lbs currently, and I'm 5ft 3. Also, my P.T mentioned that a packet of rice was 250g and that would be my daily carbs intake? A packet of rice does contain 250g, but not 250g of carbs! Can anyone give me any advice? Seems my P.T is slightly clueless when it comes to the nutrition side of things, but good for the workouts etc. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, First of all I just registered as you might have noticed. This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. I am not new to fitness; I have played sports at high intensity since 12 (Born in Italy, moved to England at 12) including Football, Basketball, Running, Cycling etc... I am 5'6, 67/68 Kg. As an example, in my 2 years at University I used to cycle everyday (except Sat-Sun when lectures where not on) on a massively inclined uphill road. I developed Abs as a result. I don't want a cookie lol just to show you guys that I am not a fitness noob. But, I have never really explicitly done Strength work, I am essentially an endurance athlete. I have been running 5k everyday for 2 years (I do everything at home, I don't go to the gym), on a treadmill which only goes up to 12km/h. On day 3 and 5 I usually added 2k at a 12% incline. Since I don't have a job, all I do is train now really. I have recently added Strength training to my routine, so I can't run as much due to energy levels being low. My strength training started with 2 10Kg Dumbells, hoping to move up to 30-40Kg after 2-3 months of work. This is a mid-week day, as it gets near the end of the week excercises start getting less: https://pastebin.com/RszpRrYd Monday has more reps, and usually includes the 2k Incline Run. I essentially work all day, as I said. I wake at about 15:00pm (due to habit) and go to bed at 6-7am. What I am asking is whether the amount of rest would give problems with toning and muscle growth, or all that matters is how much you do. For example, I get up, have a coffee (I don't have breakfast), a couple of spoons of Fage 0% (due to high protein), then start with crunches, curls etc... Then I have lunch, usually its 80g of pasta with some condiment (not tomato or sauces) like Parmesan, prawns, olive oil, black olives or similar things. Sometimes its risotto. You get the idea. I then get back to training and complete the day with my run or runs. Then the rest of the day I essentially sit down for some periods, but continue to train throughout. For example I am sitting down, then I get up do 10 Bicep Curls, 20 crunches and sit down again for an hour or something. I do this until I go to bed. Sorry for the massive post, I hope you understand my question. Is it useless continuing training after your body is at rest, or is "the more the better?"