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  1. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    At the begining of the year I started taking Prolab N large, I took it for a month without trouble. I then switched to EAS from Costco, I was fine for about 2 weeks then out of the blue I started getting real bad stomach cramping from it. I took a week off from it then tried again without luck...
  2. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hey guys. For those of you who have used long-acting slin like insulatard or Lantus, did you ever experience stomach aches or digestion issues after extensive use? I'm been running 20ius-30ius Lantus ED for the last 5 weeks (a week longer than I had planned) and now seem to have a stomach...
  3. Getting Started
    Hi people, I always found it very difficult to tone my stomach or abs. I have a bloated stomach for some reason and I do a lot of cardio and eat well. I have been training my abs recently with weights but have not seen any changes. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong and offer...
  4. Welcome Lounge
    hi guys/gals , i train most days , have a muscular frame and can see my abs , i have some fat on the abs but not that much , the problem is my stomach sticks out i was wondering what i can do to pull it in , its nopt flab its solid to touch . can anyone help am 40 and was a fit thai...
  5. Cardio & Fitness
    Is cardio first thing in the morning on a empty stomach REALLY that much better ?? Will i notice a difference quicker ?
  6. Getting Started
    Any one got a good stomach work out to really build up the muscles.
  7. General Conversation
    Ive had this bug since last night....I been vomiting all bloody day...Im starving and thirsty......Has anybody else got the bug????:pizza::pizza:
  8. Cardio & Fitness
    According to this article, walking on an empty stomach, is hugely catabolic: Training Articles from NYC personal trainers Cardio on empty stomach
  9. Getting Started
    been training bout 18months have seen my shape change just cnt knock off this stomach fat can feel my abs there just hiding under this lose stomach!!! im bout 5ft 10 weigh 14stone 7 now have lost weight from almost 16stone but been stuck at this weight now for sum time even when sticking to no...
  10. Getting Started
    Whats the best way to tighten up your lower stomach and back? I know cardio is a big part of it but what is the best routine to do.
  11. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Not a pleasant subject I know but I have found since changinging my diet of crap about three weeks ago to an almost 100% clean diet with the following supps below I have had the sh1ts in the mornings. :noidea: Is it my body saying you're giving me too much of any of the below or is it saying...
1-11 of 11 Results