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Found 87 results

  1. Hi guys, I have been trying to research how to take this stuff for hours and hours, at best I get conflicting statements or people just saying, “the safest way to take it is by not taking it”. I am aware it will have side effects, I am aware it can and will cause some damage, I’m just trying to minimise the damage it does. I’m really not here to be convinced not to take it, that ship has sailed, I’m just looking for advice on how to minimise the problems after and during the cycle. I have read tons about “Stacking”, what exactly do I take with Anavar to prevent or at least minimise the Shutdown that I will apparently experiences Week 3-4. How much Anavar do I take? 30mg? 40mg? And what is the name of the stuff I take with it and after it? Just for a frame of reference, I am a 22 male, 6ft and 84kg, I’ve been training for quite a while and have never taken steroids before. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks
  2. I’m trying to find something to help me get big quick. Just for myself not looking to be competitive with anyone but myself
  3. Anyone had these before? Or heard of the lab?
  4. I'm a bit of a newbie, making slow but steady progress over the last few months. I'm mostly interested in overall health rather than only largest muscle growth. I'm considering a single steroid cycle as I read it can permanently improve performance, recover etc by effectively raising you natural cap. Is this true? And if it is, how would you guys recommend going about it? Should I cap out myself naturally first or build it in earlier? Super new to all this so any and all advice is welcome!
  5. Hello,I recently stumbled upon a company called 'Roid-test' who do at home testing kits for specific compounds eg. testosterone. They cost about £30 including delivery and I think they are really worth the money to help put your mind at rest, as there can be a large degree of variance in effects of different compounds and their faked counterparts. For example, anavar is known to be faked with Dbol with catastrophic end results. But anyway, ive seen them being sold on predator nutrition, though they've been out of stock for a month now and I dont think they'll be back in stock for some time. So i was wondering if anyone knew of any similar services that provide at home kits for a reasonable price within the UK? surely roid test arent the only ones capitalising on this.Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. https://www.medpagetoday.com/meetingcoverage/endo/78799 According to this study Roiders were not able restore their testicular volume nor their testosterone level, although their pituitary gland functioned again properly. In your opinion why did this happen? The problem with this study it doesn't tell whether these roiders used hcg during the cycle or no. But I assume that they used it, I doubt that there is a roider who is not aware of the importance of using HCG during the cycle and I believe that HCG is actually very weak and I think there should be a more effective way for maintaining testicular function than using hcg.
  7. Hey there! hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. its my first cycle and unfortunately I don’t know anyone with first hand experience in these matters so I’ve tried my best to educate myself but .. I started pinning test E 250 every Monday and Thursday, this is my 5th week now and I’ve been taking dianabol 50mg for the last 3 weeks. Judging by what I’ve read I should have been noticing the effects by now? ive put on 2 kg so far which considering I’ve increased my food intake quite a lot this isn’t as much as I would have expected. I got a testosterone test on Monday, and the results came back at 27.2nmol ... so bunk gear right? I did my blood sample in the morning fasted before I was due my test e injection that day Also should the dianabol suppressed my natural testosterone yet? If so then the Dbol is bunk to am I right? I didn’t get a test before starting my cycle stupidly! also I’m 30 years old and around 105kg if that helps Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Hi Everyone. I have 4-5 years in the bag using peds, I’ve always ran test e only, and on occasions I’ve done TTM, dbol, tren e, NPP. But for the most of it I’m only really experienced with test only cycles. any advice?
  9. Khamer pharma

    Hi, has anyone used any gear from Khamer Pharma (Columbian) at all? Thanks!
  10. I found a lot of people who cycle they gave up doing PCTs after their steroids cycle and they turned to trt for life which will make them infertile and will shut down their natural test for their rest of their lives and they will never be able to stop taking exogenous testosterone. Is it that much difficult to recover and keep your gains after cycling? because I heard from a significant number steroids users that they did a very normal steroids cycle just 12 weeks or 16 weeks and they couldn't recover they did pct but their free testosterone didn't come back to their baseline levels or even very close to it and after waiting for a long time they decided to turn to trt!! I want to know what is the percentage of steroids users that turned to trt for life?. Are there a lot of steroids users who are fine with doing PCTs? I want to increase the number of experiences that I heard to make a clearer vision about this.
  11. Bad, good, ugly? Any tests? Experiences? Obviously in with rules won't say where it's from but online order (first time using online for test)
  12. Do you think adding cialis to your cycle is important to prevent prostate problems or blood pressure? Or you think it will make no significant difference? because a doctor advised me to take it even if I am not having sex!! although he didn't check my prostate or anything. Do you think he just wants me to buy medicines for just wasting my money? or he got a point?
  13. I read so many articles on the internet and I still didn't find my answer. What will happen for a healthy young man who has never taken any steroids if he just took HCG!! Will his testicles increase in size and produce more sex hormones for his entire life!! it sounds like fiction!! or it just works with impaired testicles to a very limited level?!
  14. What do you feel about sex while you are on steroids do you feel that you are having better sex - lebido erection sex duration - or worse sex than when you were natural. I am talking about healthy young people who just wanted a cycle for bodybuilding
  15. Can I find on the internet an endocrinologist that can help to give valuable advice to run a cycle that you have experience with not to be a scammer?
  16. I have primobolan from bayer and I checked it by a pharmacy it was exactly the same texture and same purity. But the problem is that it hurts a lot while it is being injected much more that the testosterone !! Is that normal? Or a proof of getting counterfeit primo?
  17. The question in simple words: can I stack primobolan with nebido 250 mg cycle? Will nebido by it self cause water retention, gaining fat, and shutdown the natural testosterone production? I am 22years old healthy individual with a healthy testosterone. I asked my doctor that a coach in the gym gave me testosterone cypionate with primobolan and I made it clear for him that my main aim was to build muscle and be in shape. He told me that will hurt your kidneys and he prescribed me nebido instead but he advised me not to use primobolan since it impairs the kidneys. but will it impact them profoundly if I just used 8 ampuls?! For five weeks? Are there people who experienced taking these two for people with healthy natural testosterone? Will you gain fat during this cycle if it was without primobolan?
  18. Hey guys, hope everyone is keeping well. So so basically I’ve always cycled 12 - 16 weeks. And this time I’m doing a blast and cruise, I will post my agenda, and I’m hoping you can give me and tips of advice on it. Thanks guys
  19. I am trying to purchase all the items required to do my first steroid home brew. My question is when searching for syringe filters does it make a difference to the diameter size of the filter i,e 10ml, 13ml or 25ml ?
  20. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  21. Hey guys! So I'm around the halfway mark on my first injectable cycle, im on 600mg test e PW, pretty basic stuff right. In the past I have ran anavar solo and anadrol solo a few times, anadrol I must say gave me great results that vanished as soon as they arrived. At the beginning of this cycle I began with dbol 30mg but found the sides were way too intense within 2 days, dropped to 20mg and still found it made me feel awful, so I just dropped it out completely and within 24hours I was back to normal! The test alone is great, I'm feeling way stronger and seeing nice gains in the mirror although I must admit it feels mild at the moment I was expecting a little more of a kick but I am only 5weeks deep. Also I'm not getting any sides, the slightest bit of nipple sensitivity 2 days ago and have taken .5mg arimidex twice and seems to have cleared up that fast. My question is this, what are peoples thoughts and experiences adding compounds at this point? Was considering anavar with it being the more "mild" choice in regards to aromastion etc. I have read up on the subject and of course the opinions vary massively, I just want to maximize my results on this cycle the safest way possible. I know there are a lot of experienced and knowledgeable people on here and I appreciate all the advice. Edit: the only reason I ran oral solo cycles was because of circumstances, I was unfortunately spending time under her majestys majesty pleasure. Pinning was just not an option at the time. Thanks!
  22. Week Test E Equipoise Proviron 1 1000 mg/w 400 mg/w 2 1000 mg/w 400 mg/w 3 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 4 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 5 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 6 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 7 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 8 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 9 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 50mg/ed 10 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 50mg/ed 11 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 50mg/ed 12 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 50mg/ed PCT Clomid = 1.750mg Nolva = 660mg Day 1 clomid 250 mg + tamoxifen 60 mg Next 10 days clomid 100 mg + tamoxifen 40 mg Next 10 days clomid 50 mg + tamoxifen 20 mg Hello everyone i was wondering if this cycle is any good i have made it myself if you have any suggestions about PCT or other compounds please comment! I have used gear before, i am 25 years old. Weight: 87/KG Height: 1.90cm I would like to build lean muscle without a lot of fat. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys, I am aware that there are loads of threads already discussing this topic. I have read and read and read, I cant seem to find any definitive answers as the PIP varies from person to person, so here goes. I'm 4 weeks into a test e 600mg a week cycle, using cenzo pharma test e 300mg/ml. Up until 3 days ago everything was going great have been alternating glutes with no issues atal, I have been taking all the necessary precautions in regards to hygiene etc. But my last jab has left me in serious pain, it came about 24hours after and I assumed it would fade out in a few days, yet I'm 3 days in and its showing no signs of fading, in fact it's getting worse. Its completely swollen and very painful to the touch, to the point I'm limping and finding it very hard to sleep. There is no redness or bruising just feels like lactic acid and the area has definitely got bigger, it's as if the whole top half of my glute is swollen. Should I be concerned or is this just one of them things? Admittedly I got a bit confident and rushed the jab a little bit and it was not my smoothest shot, I tensed up a little etc.
  24. Cycle I am planing to start. Its 2nd Cycle. Please share your feedback. Target is to gain muscle mass. 12 Weeks Cycle Week 1 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 10MG Week 2 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG Week 3 - Dina 20MG + (MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 4 - Dina 40MG + (MK677 + Rad140 Same) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 5 - No Oral + Test 250 (1/Weekly)+ Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 6 - Same Week 7 - Test 250 ( 2/Weekly) + Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 8 - Same Week 9 - Masteron (1ml/weekly) + Test Prop (1ml/Weekly) Week 10 - Same Week 11 - Same + Anavar 20MG Week 12 - Same + Anavar 40MG
  25. Hi guys, my supplier has recently changed UGL brands, Had been getting Spinx gear, and now been getting Pharma Tek, never heard of them and can’t find anything online. It is a UK company as can see that on the box but can’t find anymore information, just wondering if anyone knows of them or has used them. thanks.