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Found 57 results

  1. PCT for the First Time

    Hi there guys, I literally just joined this forum and looking for some help. I just finished my 12 weeks of Test E 250 jabbing Monday and Thursday each week. This is my first proper cycle!!! Here is what I have done: TEST E 250/ ANAVAR for Week 1-8 TEST E 250/ Proviron for Week 9-12 So the Thursday (17th August 2017) that just went was my last jab. So now I am waiting for 2 weeks off before I start my PCT. I bought Bayer Zydus Pharma HCG 5000 I.U. & ANFARM HELLAS S.A. Clomid 24 x 50mg from http://www.thehomeofsteroids.com/ which came today and it looks all legit plus its my first time buying it online as the person I usually bought off don't do it anymore all of the sudden so... So whats next for me? And has anyone used this website before & does it look legit to you guys? Thanks guys!!
  2. So I'm currently on a Dbol Cycle, This will be my first pin Cycle if it can be done, Fair enough I could go up to 8 weeks, and use HCG and Adex from the start of the cycle, But I want to keep it simple hence there only being four drugs in total, If anything the question I'm asking is - Can this cycle be successful with out adding anything else? Yes or no? 6 Week Cycle Test P - 100mg / 1ml EOD Lasting 40 days. 100mg Anavar ED Lasting 42 days. PCT - Day 43 Clomid - 2 weeks 100mg ED Week 1-2 / 2 weeks 50mg ED week 2-4 Nolvadex - 4 weeks 20mg ED week 1-4 Disclaimer - please take into account that this is my third attempt at a cycle layout. It might be bad, but please positive feed back. We ALL learn to walk before we can run.
  3. new member here Ive been a long time user of this website but this will be my first post. For my second cycle i am planning as follows: TestP4-500mg / week 1-8 Npp 300mg/week 1-7 D/Tbol20mgED/week1-6 Hcg 500iu AW/week 6-8 Asin12.5mgED/week 1-11/12 Nolv20mg ED/week 8-13 Caber0.5 -1mg?AW/week1-8 I will be getting bloodwork pre mid and post cycle. Diet (roughly) 3000kcal 200g protien 450g carbs 60g fats ED (I havent calculated macros exactley since the begining of 2017 so these figures might be slightly off) i train a PPL 3 on 1 off split First 3 days are volume and then the other 3 are intensity Repeat. I find this suits me just fine. Stats Age 23 5.8" 80kg Bf% 12-13 Training experience : 3 years (started training at 59kg ) proud of the base i have built strength and asethetic wise so far but now im after that juicy look. Cycle history : + 1 year ago 8 weeks test prop + ai +pct Goals : Safetly and effectivley Adding mucsle and strength with minimal fat gain. looking for help on dialing in my proposed cycle and also my macros if need be? Tell me what you guys think. open to any and all relevant information please no flaming regarding my age or whatever. I am here to learn and hopefully this thread can benifit others too. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, all, First post on forums. I have set out 2 cycle layouts for my first cycle on pins, they could be absolute s**t or spot on. Please feel free to give me feed back, also from most forums, not this one imparticular I see a lot of people giving hate to new users who are asking for advice for their first cycles. Not saying no to hate etc I'm a big boy I can take it but I'd like feed back I can use etc. It has taken me 3 years to get to current weight, after being anorexic, my weight 3 years ago was 7st flat, since then I have changed my diet, and regained a lot of weight. I have trained for almost 3 years, with constant bulking stages failing due to my mental illness being anorexia. so now that I have plateau, I would like to gain a bit more size, to help benefit my self-confidence after 3 shitty years of struggle in the gym. My diet is healthy and balanced, I have non defeated my anorexia and just want to gain size and more mussel. any help with my cycle plans will be greatly appreciated. Plan one - Sustanon250 week 1-10 @500mg Mon,ThursTren Ace week 3-10 @100mg EOD (not too keen on the daily injections). My PCT(which will commence 18days after last sust shot)will encompass: Clomid: Day1 150mg / Day2 100mg / day3-30 50mg AND/OR Nolvadex: Day1 60mg / Day2-10 40mg / day11-30 20mg Plan two - Run for 8 weeks Aromasin 20mg ED, Test E 250mg Monday, Thursday Dbol 30mg on the days I'm not pinning - Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun PCT - Nolvadex20 40mg ED for 2 weeks / 20mg ED for 2 weeks I'm also thinking of Milk Thistle although I've heard mixed reviews. I'm unsure if this will work so feel free to help me out. Height - 5'11 Age - 21 - I know people will question my age, but I'm old enough to know better / make that decision to take steroids. Weight - 13st 13lb Gym frequency - 5 days / 7 I'm a non-drinker Smoker soon to be quitting Healthy diet Supplements used: Whey Isolate Creapure (Creatine Monohydrate) BCAA's Pulse V4 Pre work out
  5. Hi guys, i've been thinking about doing an anavar cycle, i'm a sprinter and want something a lil extra, just wondering if my BF looks low enough for results? I'm 5'11'' 12.2 stone 20 years old
  6. Hey I am from India I am 25 male. My trainer suggested me a sack of steroids listed as below. I have been trying to read from one month now. There is no proper guidance that I have till now. Can I combine these three steroids together? Testa cypoinate boldeone primabolne
  7. Hi Guys, Just wanted some advice on what to use on a first cycle, as well as what combinations work best. Some info about myself, i been training on and of for the past 5 years, joined the gym again a few months ago. I plan on training and bulking to get back to a point where i was happy with my physique and once i reach plateau take something to give me a boost. 27, 6ft1, 75g, 9% body fat last time i checked. I've been advised to do a 8 week cycle of either Testo or Omnadec (2ml a week). In addition to that I've been advised to take 50mg of anavar along with the injections to kick-start things. For pct i intend to take nolva. I'd appreciate if you guys could comment on this, in terms of which one would be better Testo or Deca, as well as dosages and what your best cycles looked like when you first started. Also what can i have in hand in case side affects kick in.
  8. Mike Tyson & Steroids?

    So, the question that must be asked... Was Mike Tyson on steroids, or was he just a genetic freak, that many people say he is? Personally, I don't believe 109 kg's of muscle around 15% bodyfat at 177cm's is logic, especially not considering how explosive he was, atleast not naturally. Ofcourse, Mike Tyson had a crazy training routine, but as seen in videos he never trained weights HEAVY, maximum squat recorded on VIDEO is him repping 100kg's (225lbs), doing sit-ups and a few other machines that aren't really linked to explosive movement in the body. Discuss! I personally believe he was on some kind of muscletech, but what kind of cycle I'd dream of knowing, he must've been on something from his late teens, which obviously hasn't been a problem for him so far. Only my opinion though!
  9. What's this lab like for their var these days?
  10. Been busy without much time to post recently, i will be active again soon. Found this gold nugget to share with you guys though. Talk to you soon http://www.cagepotato.com/mma-steroid-busts-definitive-timeline/
  11. Ok guys I need some clear and concise help re a situation I have. Background: I cycled on and off over about 4 years various cycles and used hackskii docs power Pct protocol and always recovered fine (bloods done to confirm). I have now decided to leave the juice alone and go natty for the foreseeable future (likely forever) and I am just doing HGH and have been off cycle for 3 months. Situation: I got my bloods done 3 months post PCT to check my natty test levels and they came back within normal range but on the slightly lower end 12 nmol/l. I assumed this might be a symptom of just my cycling in the past and wanted to give my natural test output a bit of a helping hand with 'firing' up a bit more effecitvely ideally to lift this level I had 5,000IU of good HCG lying around at home so i figured if I send an analog LH signal to my nuts and added some Arimidex to control estrogen conversion that this would tell my nuts to produce more test (from the HCG signal to the leydig cells) and then the estrogen blocking effects from the Adex would stop my brain (putiary) from reading that estrogen is too high thus more testosterone is not needed. So my logic in simple terms was use the HCG to boost the test and fool the brain using the adex into thinking this was requied - hope that makes sense? So I shot 5 x 1000IU of HCG EO3 days (whilst completely off cycle) and ran 0.5mg of Adex / day until I finished the HCG. During this process my nuts were huge and I felt on great form. Towards the end of this process I came off and weened myelf off the adex and i began to feel like I was shutting down. Not even just coming back to nautral levels but i actually felt like I was going into shut down as if id just started a cycle ......nuts felt smaller, sex drive gone, no morning wood and totally deflated in terms of muscle. I know my body pretty well and I definitely feel like things are now worse than they were before i started my little 'off cycle test boosting' operation. What is going on? Has the LH signal I sent from the HCG caused some kind of rebound and shut me down? I am a bit confused. What is my best move next? do i run some Nolva for a couple of weeks to let things balance naturally? or do I need something else? My goal is just to be 100% natural now and run on my own test output (and push this to optimal level beforehand) Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  12. Hi guys so I'm new here so firstly I'll say hello and introduce myself I'm 29 years old and 13st bang on,iv been training for around 3 years now and dieting consistently and made some Insain gains and I'll also post a photo to give you an idea, Iv done 5 cycles all test eth and Tren eth But this time I recently changed my cycle to test prop, Tren ace and masteon I was informed to do 1ml of each EOD which worked good and had no sides, iv now now been informed to up that dose to 1ml of each ED so that's a total of 22ml a week, I just want to know first is this safe and secondly will it benifit me or could somebody advise of a good dose of these to keep making clean lean gains while in a deficit thank you
  13. Hi guys, I've spent ages reading these forums and every time I think I've cracked it then I read something else that contradicts it. I just need someone to take me under their wing and point me in the right direction. Basically, I'm 24 and a full on ectomorph hard gainer and I can't be arsed anymore. Sick of going to the gym and not getting anywhere. Cherry on the cake is, despite being nothing but bloody skin and bone everywhere, I have this disgusting tyre around my middle and no matter how slim I am elsewhere, this pouch will not go. Then, if I do more cardio to get rid, I lose what little muscle I did have. Can't win! I used to be a long distance runner in uni, so I don't know if I'm just stuck with a bit of muscle memory or something, but I don't want to look like bloody Mo Farrah! Just to outline; I go to the gym 3/4x per week, spin once per week and do Barry's Bootcamp once as well, so I'm not exactly just farting around. Diet is good, always get my greens in and tend to eat eggs for breakfast around 9, rice/veg and chicken at 11, gym 1-2 followed by a shake, rice/veg and chicken again at 4, then tea normally red meat or fish and some greens. Night time shake as well before bed. Can someone just give me a breakdown of what to buy and I'll do it. Cheers!
  14. I am curious, whats your preference? Mine is local, cheaper and pharma gear, less to go wrong. Your turn... GO!
  15. ok so even though i'll only be starting my second cycle in a few months if like to get some suggestions and and advice from you guys on what you would recommend in a cycle composition for someone just looking to bulk and put on some muscle , this will be my 2nd cycle as the title suggests , my first cycle was a tbol only cycle , gained about 18lbs during cycle of which i kept about 15lbs one cycle ive been recommended alot is the classic dbol + test + ai + pct , id like to stay within 3 compounds at a time and id rather not run something like drca or tren with crazy side effects any suggestions or ideas will be appretiated stats : 98 kg 12%bf 1.93m tall 21y/o abt 5 years of lifting experience
  16. Genesis GTG?

    Just getting towards to the end of my off season cycle before I start back at Rugby in a couple of weeks. Ran out of Test P and my mate sent me this, anyone used them? Had a look on Facebook and seem legit but Facebook as we know can be a crock of s**t sometimes!
  17. Hey guys, I am completely new to the world of AAS, but I have been planning a first cycle which I'll undertake in a week or two and that consist of tbol only: - 7-8 weeks - 50mg per day - PCT Nova 4 weeks (possibly add a natty booster such as DAA here depending on how I feel) - Liv52, Coenzyme q10, Biotin, Taurine (& possibly potassium or electrolytes for back pumps?) Now just a couple questions: 1) should I gradually up the dose to reach 50mg hence maybe starting at 25mg for the first 1-2 weeks? 2) Can I use stem/stim free pre workouts products or not necessary when on-cycle? 3) General thoughts and advices please on the above? I have thought also of running an Epistane cycle instead and leave AAS for a later date. Many people I spoke to tho advised to leave PH as results don't come close whereas sides do..tho I have researched Epi and it seems a good compound for slow/sustained gains in lean mass which is what I am after. Been lifting seriously 2years, diet etc. Plateaud multiple times but recently managed to put on 2.5kg of muscles. Stats 5.7'' 73.5/74 kg and 26y.o. Never taken AAS or PH, only Animal Stak 2 cans straight just finished and worked well.
  18. Hello This is in relation to some products you all may have tried Basically I found out my husband has been secretly taking Eqtest 400, Turinabol 10mg and Anastrazole 1mg since May 2017 He had to go A& E some time ago for a major loss of blood from his back passage which we assumed was a severe case of piles, I read that one of these can cause low blood cells and issues in blood cells He basically asked me for a divorce today I'm still not sure exactly what i did to cause such a hasty request. He's usually my calm, I'm got headed, he's practical and thoughtful but of recent I couldn't understand why until today he's the total opposite. He has come home from work, ignored me, hasn't looked in on our 1 year old and just got ready and gone gym, he will return and eat and be content on his own. I wonder if it's a side effect of these steroids I have read that Anastrazole suppresses eastrogen which causes mood swings as the body is unable to produce enough eastrogen to balance the testosterone. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum or website I had no idea where to get definite legitimate answers about side effects Can anyone tell me if this is to be expected from these sertoids or do they not usually have any side effects Thank You in advance
  19. Ok fellas, I know you all love giving this advice out! Looking to maybe do a test only cycle getting a little bored of this natty life . Stats- 25years 6ft2 185lbs 10%bf Training 6 years properly Done a test cycle a 4 years ago with no pct or anything , didnt count macros back then just trained and ate lost lots of gains when I came off ect. Since then I've built quite a lean muscular body get quite a few complements in the gym ( must be the pump lol) , got 3d delts so everyones under the impression that I'm already in lol. My cut weight at 6% bf (body calipers) was 179lbs, up 6 pounds from 2 years ago. Although this is progress I'm looking for something a little more progressive! I was thinking 500mg of test only for 16 weeks? Pct- nova and Clomid, doses to be confirmed with the help of you lot. AI will be onside not sure if to do hcg what you guys saying? Current physique attached
  20. Hi, new to this forum, just after some advice on the cycle I'm on. Im on a 20 week course of Tren Ace and Test Prop and currently on week 6. I hadn't been on steroids for about 4 years but have always been on and off them since 18. I'm 33 now. Im using Tren Ace and Test Prop and this is how I was told to use it and this is my first time of using this cycle. Week 1-4 1ml of each every 3 days Week 4-8 1ml of each every other day Week 8-20 2ml of each every other day but can start as soon as Week 6. So it's now week 6 and I have started 2ml every other day. I alternate between my deltoids, thighs and buttox and the pain is quite severe after injecting. Just wondering if this seems to be too much for me if anyone thinks that it is? Its costing me a small fortune but it seems to be worth it and I specifically wanted something to put lean muscle on without not much water retention. When I started the course I was 12st 6lb, now I am 14 stone and I am hammering protein and carbohydrate powder and I train 6 days a week, 2 of which are strictly cardio days and I'm still managing it even though the Tren is meant to be bad for cardiovascular performance but I haven't seen much difference in loss of fitness. And the other 4 days are weight training days. My cardio days consist of 45 minute Spinning + 45 minutes Body Combat back to back and the other cardio day consists of 60 minutes Body Combat + 45 minutes Circuit Training. I haven't went up in size massively, but this is specifically what I asked for when getting my gear, not to balloon and go huge like my previous cycles of sust and deca of times gone by where you lose it pretty quickly after stopping. But there is definitely a vast difference in my physique and I'm a lot more pumped up and a lot more cut, and I'm now having to buy bigger clothes but not too much of a jump just slight around my waist from 33 - 36 in jeans to fit comfortably and look right. Also, could anyone give me some information on how it would be best to come off it when it gets nearer to Week 20? In terms of not crashing and PCT? Any useful information would be greatly appreciated. ?
  21. how to get rid of steroid side effects??

    hi i am new here i have used steroids for 1 month to gain weight 4 or 5 years ago.as a result i got the problem of frequent tool, acne at back, excessive nightfall , and gained weight loss.i recovered all the problems except nightfall.at that time i was unaware about PCT.may i do PCT now to recover the nightfall and steroids effects
  22. Hi everyone, i have been ot test e/c and hcg(3x250iu) for couple of years now and havent regret it ever since. I have tried different dosages from 125mg/week up to 1.5g, my body responds very well on test, no gyno, only couple of pimples on the back or shoulder which dissapear and appear somewhere else.. Hematocrit is in check. Also ran fertility check, and the potent swimmers are pretty much in check, thanks to the hcg i have always been on. When i get to 1g test e per week i got that uber man feeling and tend to be more aggressive and also feel almost not humane. Thats why i want to test something, i want to run test in the TRT range, say from 125 to 200mg weekly and introduce to the body another steroid which is more anabolic and less androgenic. And thats why I wanted also to ask you mates, what would be your choice?? I am thinking of Boldenone right now. Deca would be way too harsh to my reproductive system. What would be your choice? Thanks for any opinions. Blood work:
  23. Hi I'm wanting to start my first cycle I've read up loads I e forums and articles on PCT and steroids themselves, there's so many mixed things everywhere so just need some help. My first cycle I want to be deca/test e/dbol. My dosages are going to be week 1-5 = 500mg test and 40mg dbol daily week 4-12 = 500mg test and 400mg deca (not sure just to start deca on week 5) week 12-14 = 500mg test not sure yet on using HCG is it 100% needed? If so when. Also should I use an AI? PCT I'll be using novla and clomid. Any help would be appreciated
  24. Hi there, I've been planning on taking my first ever steroid cycle. I've been working out for few years now and I'm currently on the cut.... I have done my research about winstrol but obviously not good enough since this still gets me: I see people saying there is no need to stack winstrol with TEST if winny is taken ORALLY? Could anyone please either back this up or demolish it? Wouldn't Winstrol Oral Only Cycle still ruin my libido levels? Thanks