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Found 62 results

  1. Can anyone help me to start my first cycle for muscle gain? suggest me some good brands.
  2. Just wanted to know if anyone tried this brand before?
  3. Steroids

    I'm after something to get me back into weights after an accident.If it's illegal to sell steroids in the UK,how can UK websites offer steroids online?Are they real or some other thing?
  4. ive just received 100x 10mg Dianabol tablets, want to use them to kick start me in the gym, trying to bulk up... i have read and watched so many videos of what I have to do with them to make sure its safer for my body.. can someone help out? not looking to do bodybuilding just increase in mass.. just would like to know what's best to do with dianabol (without using injectables)
  5. Is there are difference between oral and injectable halo?
  6. Hello, was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Olympic Weightlifting and cycles. For those who don't, weightlifting is known for high volume and explosive power, size is not really a concern although there are hypertrophy cycles. My question is, what would be an appropriate stack for a strength cycle (that would include squatting x2 a day at high volume), Its commoneto see test, tren and dbol among the top athletes and was just wondering if anyone can chime in and share their opinions on how to go about a cycle, e.g. length, dosage, substance type etc. Interested in your responses, cheers.
  7. Iv just started a new course, been off cycle for 12 weeks, dosage is NPP-100mg eod TEST PROP-100mg eod HALO-30mg ed HGH GENPEN-2iu ed Iv done plenty of courses, Iv done most steroids on the market but never tried halo. feel free to give some input on dosage ect 26yrs old 115kg 28%bf 6ft training for 6 years.
  8. Hi guys, so I did I pretty useless log on MK677 a few years ago, and now I'm back, I overcame the fear of the needle, and have been re-educated on facts through experience. I'm no longer terrified of going insane with rage from steroids.. I did my first cycle of testosterone propionate a few months back. And I'm back again with my mega cycle so to speak. For about two years I was constantly cycling RAD140 and LGD4033 with the constant addition (no cycle) of MK677. And after being convinced to try testosterone (which I really wanted to do anyway) I can honestly say it's life changing. I'm happier, my autism is less soul destroying, my anger is MORE under control, and over all I feel a lot happier with life. So I'm certain testosterone will forever be my base in every cycle from here on. This time: I am currently on day 10, and below is my cycle. Testosterone enanthate - 300mg every 4th day. (week 1-16) RAD140 - 15mg ED (less than my previous 20-30 ED) (week 1-8) LGD4033 - 10mg ED (week 1-8) MK677 -30mg ED (always on) PCT is Nolva 40/40/20/20 plus daa, otc PCT and many other things which are probably placebo ?‍♂️? I am currently the heaviest i've ever been at 182lbs (sad ectomorph enough said). I'm hoping to get to 200lbs by the 16week mark, and most importantly keep it. I use a meal prep service with about 40g carbs and 40g protein per meal. And I'm aiming for 6 meals a day, and high if possible. And roughly 1g of water per day. I don't use many supplements, Pre-workouts, Reflex Weight Gainer post workout, sipping some BCAAs throughout the day, and all my snacks are protein cookies or bars. I try to eat that 'crap' instead of regular 'crap'. But I'm not a fool, I'm fully aware it is still crap. No real purpose to this log, just thinking I may help anyone who needs it. And educate my self and others as we go. You can ask me anything from injection techniques, to testosterone ester differences, to SARMs experience. Even to training. However my diet is not my strong point, which is why I opted for meal prep, not cheap, but for me is working fantastically. Also for me this sport is a hobby, I am in no way a professional or expert, so if you see me don't something ridiculous or wrong, or even something I could maybe do better, please feel free to comment. Love you guys, love the sport, love the lifestyle. Hope you're all doing well. Let's get BIG GTWMT
  9. Test cypionate or test enanthate?
  10. Evening everybody Had blood work results back. Have elevated prolactin. Any ideas how to dose caber to lower prolactin and what range should it be? My score 371. Range 82 to 360 Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone I was thinking of crossing steroids and sarms this is what it was gonna be mass 450 per ml test e 150mg deca 150mg tren e 150 and the sarms I thought of adding was rad 140 and yk11 I’d like some opinion on this good or bad ps this is a bulking cycle
  12. Anyone used sis primo recently and got any information you could share. Intend on using primo as a key part of next cycle so would like to make sure I am investing in a good source.
  13. So my nipples have always been fine, I have a pretty skinny fat - muscular build but was a skinny kid for most of my life. Started lifting at 16-17 and a year later after dirty bulking for a while and using ZMA for a few months I developed slightly puffy nipples unless they’re erect, not like gyno or anything but they don’t look great from a side view and aren’t very attractive in a lighter coloured t shirt, I’ve been hoping cutting down to 12% will get them rid of them. Ive cut and bulked several times since then and they haven’t changed much. I’ve been cutting for the last month and just did my first injection of testosterone today for my first cycle and took some tbol. I don’t want to make them any worse and I was wondering if I could use Nolva daily to cure them since I’ve read success stories online or if I should just spend some money and get ralox? I know the test could make them worse so I’d rather try and stop them now without having to resort to surgery in the future. Also what dose should I run the ralox or Nolva at? And is there any problem with running them alongside aromasin and accutane?
  14. Think e2 may be to low during pct

    30years old. 6ft5 around 19 stone. Was on cycle for around 45weeks possibly. (stupid i know) but promised wife this my last ever cycle... Tren ace and prop. Around 300mg a week and prop 100mg a week ( always kept this weekly dose very low because it always bought results) Then around 16 weeks test E and Equipose. 600mg of each. Stopped the eq then roughly one month of test e.. 300mg a week. Always planned stopping at 30 years old anyway have no desire or intention going back on. Done 15000iu originally hcg split up into around 10 injections along with axa med pct tablet... 100mg clomid. 40mg tamoxifen and 40mg proviron for 5weeks. At the end of this 5weeks i had full blown erectile dysfunction. So done another 15000iu of hcg. 2000iu every other day. Plus 20mg tamoxifen. And half an anastrozole tablet.. So around 12.5mg Been taking for around 2weeks the aromataze inhibitor. Things felt good downstairsm Yesterday the erectile dysfunction returned. Due you think this could be the AI bringing levels down too low? Have a blood test on the 9th results on the 11th. Any help appreciated. Any ideas how to slightly elevate estradiol during pct? Thank you
  15. I know obviously this lab took a huge hit over forums a few years back. Bought 300mg/test enthanate and nolvadex 50x20mg, would you all say this is complete bunk and not bother using it at all? Obviously realised the mistake I had made after the purchase Tempted to give SG a try. Also injected 400mg of of test enthanate from gentech and got awful pip.
  16. Hi was on this forum few years back looking for some advice/recommendation on my 4th steroid cycle. In the past I have ran 500mg test per week for 12 weeks on my last 3 cycles. With standard nolvadex clomid pct. Gained around 2 stone over last 3 cycles that I have kept after pct. My stats are 5ft9 14.5 stone bodyfat was 13 percent last time i measured. 4000 cals per day cleanish. Wanting to gain size and strength. 160kg bench press 250kg deadlift 220kg squat Used conjugate method last 6months all lifts have improved will continue to train this way through cycle. Past few cycles my diet has been s**t tbh and iv still gained. Past 6month my diet and training has been nailed on much more focus. Was gonna run my standard cycle of 500mg test e for 15 weeks this time with my diet in check. Would like to break 15stone after pct. Should I stick to the same dose or up the test to 750mg as it's my 4th cycle or add anything else for that matter. Thanks for your input
  17. Hi I have a question I got some anadrol never used them and I thought I would take some for a boost I have been taken them for a couple of days I would say 4-5 days but I don’t want to carry on as I don’t feel well and it’s affecting my erection before I was as a hard as ever but after taken these I’m starting to feel my erection weaken so do I need to take a pct I haven’t took them for 2 because of the short time ? How long till my test goes back to normal after shut down? thanks appreciate your answers
  18. Mr Colin johnson

    Anyone taking tp ANV pro
  19. If you got caught supplying steroids even if you may of only sold 1 pot of tabs but had more steroids there in which you were using yourself, I was told that there is no way you can argue personal use. The officer will total the value of the steroids there using high prices found online and will then argue that the benefit amount from crime would be this total. So even though you may of sold a pot of tabs you may have to pay full amount of the value there even though it was originally bought for own personal use and was currently using yourself. Would there be anyways of getting the benefit figure down? I was told you could maybe dispute officers prices by finding cheaper prices online? Any other ways of using personal use?
  20. What's the point?

    I've got three cycles under my belt and have used deca,tren,dbol,test (obviously) and even anadrol. Now I finished a cycle in May and inevitably have shrunk due to the water weight dropping off. I'm still training and eating right but it got me thinking..... Why am I bothering with anabolic steroids? Im never.. ever...going to compete or even make money like these so called YouTube/Instagram 'fitness gurus'.... I luckily have a good physique considering my age (39) So if you just wanna look good in a muscle t-shirt during the summer months then I don't think steds are worth the risk. So why do people bother? Unless you're going to compete or make money then what's the point of it ?
  21. Hi everyone,I am currently trying to gain some mass and it is extremely hard for me. I have never taken something different than protein or creatine. I am currently 62kg and trying to get to 70-75. I want to ask for some recommendations and the reasons for them. I have already read that Turinabol has less side effects, but i think with Dianabol the effect will be bigger.Thanks to everyone in advance.
  22. nexgen Pharmaceuticals

    Anyone heard or used nexgen pharma in UK, just wondering if its any good, as can't find anything online about them tia
  23. Expectations vs reality!

    Apologies if this comes across long winded and too philosophical. As mentioned on a previous post, this time last year I was around 15st. I had a goal In mind which was to have abs. I’m nearly there but struggling to lose the last few lbs to actually see them ( I will get there.) generally I’m happy with my progress. I’m down to just under 11st and looking reasonably trim. But my expectations are higher than what I currently see and as like most things with human nature I now find my self wanting more. Is it possible to add size and still have abs? Or is it totally counterproductive? In reality would this only be possible with steroids? I’ve seen quite a few members on here who have a physique that I would quite like myself, not overly big but fully ripped. If possible I would like to do this naturally. i often find myself in situations of where to turn next (training related) and I’m not sure where to go I would love some feedback. TIA :-)
  24. Good Afternoon all, Just after some info if anyone else has run any cycles recently whilst on antidepressants? Currently taking Citalopram 20mg daily for anxiety (not depression) Done a few cycles in the past but on my last one I started getting recurring panic attacks daily etc so stopped it all until I could get a handle on mental health, in a much better place now but still have the occasional off day (I guess we all do) Now been off for 4-5 years and fancied getting back on but was going to just run a simple low dose of test E (300mg weekly) However just wanted to know if anyone’s run anything whilst on SSRI’s (antidepressants)? Seen a couple of posts but they were from back in 2010/11 or before so wondering if anyone’s done any recently? Cheers.
  25. I'm looking for a PT but I don't know how to approach PTs about the roids issue. I'm not even after much roids advice as I get lots of that on here. What I do want is the PT to know what I'm running and adjust diet/program advice accordingly. But the few times I've mentioned roids to potential trainers they've run a mile. How should I raise this touchy subject for professionals?