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Found 4 results

  1. What would you guys Recomend as a dose for dbol.(onyx Belgium) to stack with my 500ml aweek. Test e. And 200ml a week tren e. I’m one week in from the test/tren injections.! Any Helpful!!! Advice would be much appreciated. I’m thinking 40-50ml a day.?!?!
  2. Pure-1

    Anyone tried this stuff?
  3. Sorry if posted in the wrong section. I’ve just joined today, I’ve just recently started these my first course, this is my fourth day now and was wonder how legit they are they look a bit dodgy little blue pills but just want to double check. First day on them I had blurred vision sleeping a lot and sore heads but all that has passed since I cut it down from 60mg to 30mg. I wasn’t in to jagging roids so I went with the pills instead. Are they any good / legit?
  4. So, New 2 steriods, but not the gym. Got dianabol 50mg from a local gym, The lab is Axamed. Came in a small glass bottle NOT sealed. Anyone got any information on how long until i will see results and if anyone has used this lab before also any way i can tell if this is actually 50mg and not less? Should i stack this was anavar 50Mg also from axamed or should i just run the anavar another time or would it be best to run both at the same time maybe 50mg of anavar and 50mg of dianbol before my workout Need help!