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  1. Getting Started
    Hey, Need help on a basic home routine workout, till I get enough confident and strength back to hit the gym. I was active a couple of years back and gaining good momentum until a sudden shift in my life routine. Fast forward, lost all the strength and it worsen as I had minimal to zero...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys New on here just looking for some advice been training solid for over a year now. Lost 20 pounds in weight and still tweaking my diet as i go. By no means am i ripped or have a bulk in muscle which is why i am frustrated and considering using. Im 30 5ft 11 and currently 180lbs body fat...
  3. Getting Started
    I wondered if there was anyone out there who is looking for a guinea pig to online train up to bodybuilding status? Thanks
  4. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, im Steve from Crewe 46 years old, i trained for many years in Karate and dabbled in other martial Arts which took their toll on the body, ive had a right hip replacement and the left is on its way out, however im looking to get into weight training while there's still life in me and a will...
  5. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi hope you Guys are well. I just needed some advice on my diet. Currently this is what I am eating. 8.30 - Shredded Wheat (semi-skimmed milk) 10.30 - Reflex Protein Shake 13.30 - Fish/Chicken with Boiled brown basmati rice. 15.30 - Ideally would be Chicken/salad because of work, i have a...
  6. Gaining Weight
    Ok, so am new to all this, and having learned the basics I would like some opinions / advice on my protein diet. So as below, I have shown what I shall be consuming on a daily basis. (I am trying to bulk up) Morning Protein Shake On Route To Work 2 Slices Of Wholemeal Bread - Light Amount Of...
  7. Welcome Lounge
    Just wanted to say hi, I've been hovering over posts for a while now and taking in some new information from you all which is great! While I'm new to lifting weights i'm starting off from a 'skinny fat' advantage so loosing fat isnt much of an issue. I only started taking liftng seriously about...
  8. Getting Started
    Hello. I am fairly new to this and have started training and taking pro peptide. Is this any good and when is the best time to take it? Also, is there anything better that anyone can recomend? Thanks!
  9. Getting Started
    just started out with weights just want to put some beef on cycles and workouts much appreciated 6 foot tall and 11 stone at present:(
1-9 of 9 Results