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  1. Getting Started
    Hello, are there people training CrossFit here? Recently, I heard about this sport and I would like to try my hand. Can experienced people advise me how to start? Is this sport good for a girl?
  2. Getting Started
    Well I was wondering if you you could help me. I'm 17 and want to start a bit of weight training, I've got a Multigym York 1001 ( except mine doesn't have anything on the back). And I was wondering if you could help me make a programme to...
  3. Member Journals
    some of me old ones from the start, i have come along way i think :)
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi fellas. Just started my dbol course 35 mg ed for 6 weeks. (Zarolone 10). Just wondering how many milk thistle and other precaution to take ed with the dbol. Sorry about the similarity to dexxs post. I have up on t bullets what I was originally going to do as my paypal account isn't working...
  5. Female Bodybuilding
    Hi Ladies I very new to this and have been told by some other women in my pump class that i am too old to change my body. I am 37 will be 38 in June. 5ft 2.5 (when you are as short as me the half is very important:becky:) 126 -128lbs BMI 22.6 I need to get proper stats done. Don't really...
  6. Gaining Weight
    ppl, im calling on all of you for advice, maybe helping my put my best foot forward into 2011. i am nearly 6ft, 36 and weigh 100kg, ive tried to keep in shape over the past few years, my gf says i am...i may have love handles lol, but i dont look bad for 36 but im lookin to shape up and...
  7. Getting Started
    Hey all, starting back the gym this week and wondering if I should go for quite a simple compound routine which I intend to use with light weights (to get the muscles used to it) or go for a week of stretches, cardio etc to give my body a bit of a warming up. Have been out of it for too long...
  8. Member Journals
    Hey all I'd like to get serious with my training, I've seen that many have posted photos and have got some very good critique and constructive comments, so I have decided to do the same. I realize the quality of these photos isnt great, but I guess you can see what's what? front...
  9. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, Age 56, Postman, Married, 4 grown up kids,4 g/children(twin girls), Youngest son 21 just got a home gym and wants the old man to workout with him, have'nt used weights for about 30yrs but will take it steady and give it a go.
  10. Welcome Lounge
    Hi all, I'm 29 :tape2: and used to play rugby seriously until damaging my hand a couple of years ago. Have been training in the gym on and off since but not made a huge amount of progess so have recently decided to knuckle down and get serious. I'm starting off by working on a strength...
  11. Member Journals
    Not great pics but we all have to start some where. Hopefully I'll stick at it long enough this time to look back and see a HUGE improvement!
  12. Member Journals
    my progress so far after 6 weeks , loads more work yet but enjoying it!!!! any criticism welcom!!!
  13. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey, I'm looking for anyone in the UK who's been takling steroids since they were under 17, please could you get in touch with me if you have. It's for a radio piece, no one has to be named but they'd get a chance to say why they should be legalised. Thanks. ([email protected])
  14. Getting Started
    Well just thought i'd start with a quick introduction. My name is Mike, 6'3" 30 y/o. 300 lbs, 34 % BF, and 45% water. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I smoke about a pack a day. which is already down from 2 packs a day a month ago, working hard on getting this down. I don't drink alcohol so i...
  15. Welcome Lounge
    alright guys, been in gym for 3 years good 5 day training 2 off regime. high protein low body fat -- but im too slim i want more size and strength i been using deca and dbol for last 11 months - great results but want more now think im ready to go up a stage - oh used test with dbol to start...
  16. Supplementation
    Ill keep it brief as i have already waffled in my intro post , 27 have lost about half a stone over the past month 5'10 and 14 1/2 stone still a good bit to go before im happy would it be a good idea to start considering protein and creatine ? Im already trying to keep a pretty strict high...
  17. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Why did you take up AAS use?I reached a plateau in training150.00%Pressure from peers00.00%To compete00.00%Natural part of budybuilding culture150.00%To be more respected in the gym00.00%Just inquisitive00.00%
  18. Member Journals
    Hello All, My name is Ken (24 Yrs old) and this is the start of me sorting my body out. I am not going to ask for you to be kind becasue Im out of shape etc hit me with anything you think will help. I broke my back in 2002 and it took me 5 years to get over it. I am now at the point that I can...
  19. Getting Started
    Had a chat with a guy in the gym today which has left me with a question? When bench pressing for example do you guys start or finish on your highest weight?
  20. Welcome Lounge
    and a foto of mine
1-20 of 21 Results