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Found 1 result

  1. Intercostal muscle sprain - thoracic

    I have had an on-going injury for over 12 months now which i and my consultant believe to be an intercostal muscle /rib sprain in the upper thoracic. When the injury occurred i decided to continue weight training like we all do, thinking the injury would go away since i had no idea what it was and it didn't effect me walking or lying down so assumed it wasn't too serious. i have since undergone all the treatments possible including, chiropractor, physio, dry-needling, Pilates, steroid injection and more recently radio frequency ablation to multiple facet joints. Whilst some of these gave temporary relief nothing has sorted the problem. I continue to weight train but very carefully doing a third of the weight i use to and limiting anything that includes any form of twisting of excessive movement - everything has to be very controlled. Even running for pro-longed periods of time feel uncomfortable, a constant need to twist, bend over sensation since the upper thoracic feels uncomfortable, build up of pressure. it's so depressing as i cannot train the way i want to and limits me to pushing myself. I've had every scan there is and nothing shows. I have tried periods of no weights and just gentle exercise such as cross trainer but the issue doesn't go away just slightly subsides. I guess in an ideal world i would take a very long period of time off but like all of us i get really bored and depressed without doing any exercise. If anyone has experienced something similar i'd really appreciate some advise! Cheers,