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  1. Advanced Bodybuilding
    Hi, Will keep it short and to the point. During Cycle, what has worked better for you in terms of gaining muscle? A split with each body part once a week with Intensity + Volume OR A Split where you train each body part twice a week.
  2. Getting Started
    Hey Guys, Just after some input on my current split, where do you guys think it could be improved, what be added/taken out etc... All comments welcom good or bad lol... Cheers, Monday BicepsBB Curls3 x 10BB Killers3 x 21DB Curls3 x 10DB Hammers3 x 10Preacher Curl3 x 10 TricepsDB Overhead...
  3. Cardio & Fitness
    Hi, I need to get into the splits, both front and side, so I need a daily stretching regime. Right now I'm not very supple and am far off both the splits, but I'm willing to go through intense sessions to achieve them. I've found this site...
1-3 of 3 Results