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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone just a quick question. I’ve read up a lot about the effect of coming off testosterone and other AAS and the impact it has on your natural levels. And the need for pct post cycle. long story short, my other half was on all sorts for years and came off for fertility reasons over a year ago. His natural level of testosterone was very slowly improving (after pct and use of hcg/ clomid) his sperm count almost a year later is still on the low side. anyway he started a low Dose of proviron daily. In March his test level was just in range. Lh and fsh also low end of normal. he came off proviron a few weeks ago. He had a bloos test a couple of weeks after and his testosterone level has dropped again. Lh and fsh within range. could the discontinuation of proviron have caused this drop? Or are there potentially other reasons his testosterone level is so low but Lh/ fsh are ok? not had another sperm count done! Dreading that! The only other thing I can think of is his thyroid function is all over the place. First they thought he had hypothyroidism but his tsh was rock bottom so the endroconologist said he had hyperthyroidism.. was put on meds for that which made his tsh sky rocket! To really high levels. so right now his tsh is super high. Thank you all for any advice in advance
  2. Hold on before you Comment. this ain‘t about me shooting my burning sperm of death in my own face or some Crazy s**t. it‘s about my Girl. Since I upped the tren and introuced hcg again everytime I cum inside her shes like..on Fire. She tells me that it‘s freakin burning for like half an hour and won‘t stop. even tho she goes asap into the shower. So my Question is.. how do I use this power for the greater good of humanity?? (and maybe just out of curiosity anyones Lady havin the same Problem?) ah jo, my dick is always fresh you nasty f**kers.