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Found 3 results

  1. Hey I’m Justin, I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’9. I’m here because I want motivation to start working out and get my body in better shame. People all my life have been calling me skinny I’m 51kg but I do have a little bit of muscle but people look at my wrists and arms and call me skinny. In my eyes my head doesn’t suit my body, my body is so small for my head. It makes me think that my body is meant to be bigger so please help me seek motivation and make me feel fit. At this current my country is in quarantine and it seems like it will be like that for the next couple months so I want to workout at home if anyone can help me my instagram is justinp.6. My phone won’t get notifications so I am not sure if I will see your replies but I will come back 2x everyday to see this thread. Please I want motivation I don’t want to send pictures of how I look right now because I’m ashsamed of how skinny I am. Please motivate and reccomend me semi-decent workouts that will help me build muscle. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to get fit and get the body I want due to the coronavirus
  2. I’m a naturally slim build wanting to build more muscle quickly but also want to developed more defined pecks and get a six-pack? When I spend weeks trying to gain a six-pack, I lose my muscle mass but when I spent weeks trying to gain muscle, my stomach becomes skinny fat. Should I do a mixture of cardio & weights in different days on the week or spend a few weeks doing one then change? As for dieting, I usually eat between 2800-3000 on the days that I go the gym 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Here’s a photo of my body below:
  3. Hi guys, Just looking for some advice on where to start. I am looking to get back into shape, I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week back about 3 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as the results, however back then I was just skinny as hell, had the 'Skinny guy 6 pack' due to just having no mass in general lol - So it was easy, I ate big and lifted big (relatively speaking of course!) and grew/gained really nicely over about 6-8 months. I have not bee to the gym in around 3 years, and this time around I'am a little older (24) and a little bit more flabby. I am unsure if I should adopt the same approach again as I am already skinny fat, and worried I will end up just fat basically. My rough stats are 5'9 at around 55 - 60KG at the moment (I will attach a picture below so you can see what I am working with) How should someone like me approach 'Getting into shape'? I remember vaguely from the research I did 3 years ago about losing and gaining weight being a simple mechanic, calories in v's calories out etc ..But should a skinny fat guy bulk right off the bat? My go to work out regime was and will be basically a 5x5 with integrated isolation exercises. I love doing dead-lifts, bent over rows, dips, DB press, DB Shoulder press and then throw in a few curls, behind the head tricep extension things, and use the cable machine for standing fly's (I think they are called?) Thanks in advance for any advice