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  1. Getting Started
    Hey guys hope you're all well. So I'm actually really confused right now on how to change my current body... two years ago I was skinny but have put on weight since and haven't gone gym properly since 2018. I'm 21 and 6'1 - and weigh 91KG. I really want to change this and can't believe I let...
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    QUICK timeline.. - Big lifter at uni 10 years ago. (170kg Deadlift / 100kg Bench / 130kg Squat) - Work / Life / Injuries meant i stopped training 4-5 years ago. and i've tried to build my self back up recently. I do not retain muscle well at all and put on fat quickly. - Shed around 10kg...
  3. Losing Weight
    Im 25 82.4kg. 6 foot 2. 2yrs ago I was 98kg. I am around 18%bf now. I need to cut but when I do, I'll end up looking more skinny. All my lower body lifts are going up but not upper body. Im following fierce 5 program, 3 day full body. Below lifts are 3 sets 5 reps Squat 90kg Bench...
1-3 of 3 Results