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  1. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hi everyone, I am currently writing my dissertation on the mental health aspects of competitive bodybuilding. I am trying to get as many competitive physique athletes as possible (male and female) to complete the survey. If you could just spare 5-10 minutes to fill it out, it would be greatly...
  2. Bodybuilding Shows
    The following shows have been added to the 2011 Contest Schedule: July 9, 2011 NANBF Natural Columbia Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championships Vancouver, Washington August 27, 2011 North-Central Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Merrillville...
  3. Bodybuilding Shows
    Results are now available on the NABBA website for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the West and South East: NABBA - National Amateur Bodybuilding Association Photo albums have been uploaded for Northern Ireland, Scotland, the West and South: NABBA - National Amateur Bodybuilding...
  4. General Conversation
    hi to all I'm new here but could do with some knowledge from any that know of bodybuilding shows in London or london area this coming weekend 17th and 18th october. kindest regards to all Horis Karloff
  5. General Conversation
    Is anyone attending any shows this year? I live in South Yorkshire so im looking for some in that area. Any ideas?
  6. Getting Started
    Just wondering if any of you lads can help me out. I want to go to someshowsthis year justto spectate and try and get myself on the scene, meet a few people etc. Dont knowof any and wondered if anyone else did?
  7. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hello, Here are the updates for 06/08/2009 1. The following competitions have been added to the 2009 Natural Contest Schedule: July 18, 2009 INBA Sunshine State Classic & All Florida Forever Natural Championships Longwood, FL September 19, 2009 I.B.A. USA Mr./MS Bodybuilding Championships...
1-7 of 7 Results