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  1. General Conversation
    Anyone been watching this series? I'm hooked! Ant is hard as nails, so too are the other DS. The things they've seen, done and put themselves through has made them into some seriously tough dudes. To have that level of mental focus and clarity all the time must make you so resolute. As a...
  2. Personal Care & Health
    SO, I have asymmetrical abs where they are staggered. Do judges mark you down for this? I'll post a picture of my abs just so you know what I mean BTW guys these are pics are from around July 2016 when I was conditioned and I was natural (Credit to coach at the time: @Pscarb)
  3. General Conversation
    show us ya mug ?
  4. Bodybuilding Shows
    Anybody going to Bodypower Expo 2015 in may????
  5. Bodybuilding Shows
    SHOW TAN @ The Kent Classic, Gravesend Show Tan is taking bookings for tanning at The Kent Classic. If you want to have a first class tan to show off your physique in the best way let Show Tan take out the stress and the mess of your tanning experience. To book your tanning sessions contact...
  6. Bodybuilding Shows
    First Timers 1st Paul Long 2nd Rob Reynolds 3rd Ben Fury 4th Mark Kulkarni Novice 1st Rob Reynolds 2nd Ben Fury 3rd Richard Mates 4th Jared Rimmer 5th Danny Mole Advanced Class 1st-Danny Rogerson 2nd Rob Reynolds 3rd Andy Withers 4th Jonny Power
  7. MMA Forum
    We are looking for a number of fighters to match at our event: Amateur 57 kg / 5-1-0 61 kg / 0-0-0 - Female 70 kg / 1-1-0 77 kg / 3-1-0 84 kg / 0-0-0 93 kg / 0-0-0 Semi Pro 61 kg / 0-1-0 66 kg / 0-0-0 66 kg / 2-0-0 70 kg / 5-1-0 77 kg / 0-0-0 [email protected]
  8. Bodybuilding Shows
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Crawley, Friday 20th June:- SHOW TAN TO PARTNER THE MIAMI PRO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AT THE LONDON EXCELL EXHIBITION CENTRE. Show Tan is delighted to announce that we will be partnering Angie Weston's Miami Pro Championships 2012 (Formerly FAME UK) at the London Excell...
  9. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hello All I was wondering if you lovely folks could give me some help. I need to map and match show venue's for ALL known shows of ALL federations and the closest gyms to the venue. It would great to have folks from 'show' areas and with local knowledge. Could you please help? See below a...
  10. Losing Weight
    You all know ive been trying to get my abs to show for a long time now, id say about 2 years now. There has been a noticable difference on me dropping Bodyfat but still only top abs show. When i tense i get 4 abs :) My belly is as flat as can be, im currently 162lbs and roughly 11% bf...
  11. Bodybuilding Shows
    SHOW TAN at the Grand Prix So now that the biggest bodybuilding event on British shores is over how did Show Tan make out? We tanned and glazed Pro's Hennie Kotze 202 Pro South Africa 9th (Pro Debut) Jerri Ossi 202 Pro Finland 6th (Pro Debut) Paul George 202 Pro Britain 12th Essa Obaid...
  12. Bodybuilding Shows
    Tanning for UKBFF Portsmouth Show Hi All If there is anyone interested I have a venue in which I can set up for spray tanning in Portsmouth. I will set up Saturday afternoon and get first two coats on then resume Sunday early AM for final coats of tan before your show. The cost is £55.00...
  13. Bodybuilding Shows
    Guys this is building up to be a great show, the timing is great with other high level shows within a few weeks from this one(NABBA Universe, UKBFF Finals) so turn out should be very good..... plus with the added bonus of a guest spot by Jason Corrick one of the UK's top bodybuilders it is a...
  14. Bodybuilding Shows
    I went to the show today it was a smallish but good line up in most classes, My mate won the under 90kg class and has got his invite to the British finals next week in Nottingham. I also seen James Lewellyn guest posing he looked great, and is competing in the states in five weeks.
  15. Supplementation
    That's the T-Bullet's now on sale guys so fill your boots!
  16. Bodybuilding Shows
    Beginners 1st Johners 2nd Rich Harvey 3rd Aron Rosetor Advanced 1st Dave Budgeon 2nd Dan Rodgers 3rd Johners Any name that are spelt wrong, SORRY, if you let me know I'll correct them for you
  17. Bodybuilding Shows
    Is it rue Eileen Kirkwood has decided to enter the 2nd UKBFF Competition this August? What is the date,..does anyone know?
  18. Female Bodybuilding
    Hi, looking for some advice on tan for shows. Only previously used Pro Tan and Dream Tan, however we all know the mess of Dream Tan! I have very pale skin and prepped using Pro Tan (2 coats Thur, 2 coats Fri, 1 coat Dream Tan on Sat show), however had to apply the Dream Tan backstage for it to...
  19. Member Journals
  20. Bodybuilding Shows
    FAME Britain 2009 Championships Results and photos FAME UK added a new flavor to the Fitness industry by holding the competition on the beach! There was volleyball, a BBQ & photoshoots on the beach. Traffic stopped and the lifeguards in their helicopters were circling around taking in the...
1-20 of 29 Results