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  1. Getting Started
    Hi folks, I want to know how best to prioritise shoulders. Should I ditch overhead press for shoulder press? On my push days I usually do the following: 8x3 overhead press 12x3 chest press 12x3 Tricep pushdown I tend to go heavy to failure on OHP and Chest press and shoulders feel...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Injecting npp eod atm and going to switch to tren ace soon, i read somewhere that the release is slower depending on the injection site due to use and size of the muscle and circulation, is this bullshit? rotating each outer delt and glute is fine for steady blood levels on tren a?
  3. Advanced Bodybuilding
    I identified my shoulders as my weakness in terms of muscle groups lacking in size. I started training them twice a week around 5months ago, now I just wondered if anyone had some tips or workouts or particular exercises, rep ranges or whatever I should go for! thanks
  4. Getting Started
    I have been training now for over 3 years, only over the last year i would say i have been training properly for a natural trainer (i went through phase where i thought that if i train a billion times a week and smash each body part as much as possible i would grow and that any product that was...
  5. General Conversation
    Instructor at my gym told me to do shrugs on a shoulder day as they are a shoulder excerise cause of the expression 'dont shrug ur shoulders at me', and upright row works the traps best thus should be done on back he right or should i swap them over P.S he did once have a drinkin...
  6. Getting Started
    I feel i have weak shoulders and compared to my bench press my shoulder pressing really lags.. any idea for a kick ass routine to bring my shoulders up to par.
  7. Getting Started
    Im guessing alot of guys on the board are going to have this problem as well! Shoulders that are tightly leant forward (if that makes any sense) instead of being more out. Id imagine its from all the chest training My friend did this stretch where we were back to back... had our arms up...
  8. Getting Started
    Hi folks, I'm a beginner, been going to Gym twice a week for 6 months and I'm definitely seeing some gains. I know my routine isn't great and I'm obviously neglecting some key areas, but all I was looking for was a little more muscle in the obvious areas. My normal routine is: Day 1 - Chest +...
  9. Getting Started
    I have noticed in comparison to the rest of my body that my shoulders especially my left one feels weaker - dont get me wrong I have made some good gains on them but they always seem to lag behing my weight increases on the rest. Any advice on isolating shoulders to get them upto speed? Cheers...
1-9 of 12 Results