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  1. Personal Care & Health
    Hello All, Im new here but looking for some advice, I've had anterior shoulder pain for around 5 years now, ive been to multiple Physiotherapists, doctors and most recently a Rhumatologist. I have had X-rays, Mri and most recent an Ultrasound and all the doctors have been unable to...
  2. Form and Technique
    So I've been going to the gym for a bit and I've noticed an issue with my right arm. It seems to be missing a part. So Imagine if you flexed the part which is nearest to the shoulder is really flat so the biceps left side has a peak but the right is completely flat. So I was wondering is this an...
  3. Form and Technique
    Just to start, I don't really go to the gym regularly, I'm not into body building - in fact I hate exercise :P I'm recovering from a broken back and using deadlifts at home (hence the low weight) to strengthen my back (dr/physio advised) Basically, yesterday I got the weights out of storage...
  4. Member Journals
    So I've decided to start a journal of my recovery to get back to where i was pre surgery and then to demolish that and keep pushing to better myself. I'm hoping using this as a journal will keep me motivated and on the right track. As stated in some other posts i'm close (now) to 9 weeks post...
  5. Getting Started
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have been following a few threads for a while so decided to join. I have been training regularly for about 6 months now following a beginner routine but am having serious problems with the shoulder press exercise. Its one of the key compound exercises in my...
  6. General Conversation
    Hi guys.. Question, when doing the seated dumbell shoulder press, do you guys have the back straight up, or a couple of notches down. Straight up I struggle with 12kg, but 1-2 notches down I happy press 14 kg...which is the best way? :) Thanks
  7. Getting Started
    Hi all, I wasn't actually lifting any weights when it happened, but i raised by left arm and my shoulder clicked. Since then, it keeps clicking when i move it. I can not put my left arm behind my back in the 'frog march', as it's too painful. It's not painful when it clicks, just annoying. Any...
  8. Getting Started
    Hi all, i have pulled something in my left shoulder feels like its near the spine under the shoulder blade (if that makes sense) i did this whilst doing bicep curls this is the second time now my question is how long should i leave it before attempting more exercises the first time i did it i...
  9. Getting Started
    Hi guys, sorry Ive not posted for a while, ive been away from work with no gym access. Anyways Im back today and planning to hit the gym tonight. Only Ive noticed my right shoulder has always felt a little funny. If I raise my right arm straight out, it clicks as I lower it back down -...
  10. Getting Started
    Ryt so im lifting a bit heavier nowadays when i load 80kg on the bar i can lift it and comfotably but i get a HORRIBLE ache not like a muscular ache just a numb but really annoying pain any ideas guys ?? its really effecting my PB's PS this is all on chest exercises
  11. Getting Started
    which Press works the shoulders better?Seated Arnold Press00.00%Seated DB Shoulder Press3100.00%
  12. Getting Started
    I mix up my shoulders and triceps but include the main ones. IE shoulder : side/front later raise, arnold press, shoulder press. Tricep : dips, tricep extensions. I was wondering what the main ones are that I should do on EVERY shoulder/tricep workout? thanks
1-12 of 29 Results