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  1. Losing Weight
    Hi there Over the past year I have lost over 5 stone through a meal replacement diet on around 800-1000 calories. Having come off that diet I am now wanting to get that last little bit off my body weight before I enter the area on the scales and fat % ratios where I am happy. I Started at...
  2. Getting Started
    i currently weigh in at around 240lbs and am 6'3" i need to lose quite a bit of fat, im already quite muscular on my shoulders and back (for an untrained person) my question is this, i need to lose fat, should i still be using protein shakes, they have allot of calories in there and the...
  3. Gaining Weight
    OK so I want to start working out again for hockey season starting in september. I want to buy protein shake but don't know what to get. My arms are really skinny so i want to get bigger looking arms and actually and more stength. I want to look bigger on my arms,chest,and legs. I don't know...
  4. Supplementation
    Hey, This is my first official post! :clap2: I have been going gym for weight training for the past 5 weeks now but have not bough any protein shakes as of yet. My daily eating patterns are as follows: Mon-Fri (08:00 AM) Breakfast - Weektabix, Brown Toast, Green Tea (13:00 PM) Lunch -...
  5. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    forgive me if this question has been answered a 1000 times before, right pre training i take a syntrax nectar isolate shake with 4-L-gluts (2.2g) and 2 NO tabs (usually creatine but trying these out for now) and post train i take a syntrax nectar isolate shake with 4-L-gluts (2.2g) and 1 scoop...
  6. Supplementation
    been taking cnp, and we all had a debate on here the other day, on these, and excess flab people get off the sugar etc. well ive found a product thats looks pretty impressive by sci-mx: This is the lean grow, 110g serving with 400ml water, Offers a unique, almost 50/50 premium protein to...
  7. Gaining Weight
    hi everyone, only just joined the forum. just wanted to ask you guys which company you think is the does the best protein shake? i use La Whey in the monin and another before i go bed and use 2 Sci-Mx omni mx in the day, but as ive read a few posts on here im wondering about using Extreme...
  8. Supplementation
    Ok, so I've been working on 3 shakes a day as a supplement to meals etc. One shake as soon as I wake up with water, one post training with water and one just before bed with milk. Chatting to someone in the gym today, he has 6(!) shakes a day. This sounds way too much?!
  9. Supplementation
    what shake would you recommend and where can i get it from? i want just pure protein, cheers
  10. Supplementation
    I was just wondering if its possible to pre-mix protein shakes for the following day? say 1.5litres of water and 6 scoops?done with a blender? It would make it easier for me at work and i wouldnt look so bad infront of customers shaking the pony out of a plastic tub lol Does anyone do this?
  11. Supplementation
    Just finished a tub of BSN truemass which I read was good but it has only put 2-3 pounds on me. Anyone know any good ones, that taste alright aswell
  12. Getting Started
    Hi everyone, this is my first post so i hope its in the right area. I a have just started to go to the gym and have been going 2 weeks and the last 4 days have been working with the fitness trainers program (am a member of dw sports) I have noticed some muscle increase which is good, but was...
  13. Supplementation
    Another major problem with some diet shakes is the horrible taste. Some leave you with an ugly diet taste in your mouth that seems to do nothing to favor your taste buds. Newer protein shakes are naturally flavored and contain no harmful sugars that will affect your blood. It does what it's...
  14. Getting Started
    hi, just need some pointing in the right direction atm this is about protein bars and shakes what are the cheaper ones , but still good quility??
  15. General Conversation
    iv just started the gym an im doing 3 to 4 days a week (1 being cardio) for the first 6 weeks im doin lightweight before moving onto the heavy.....should i be taken protein shakes ( im trying to get bigger) all comments welcome :)
  16. Supplementation
    I have Protein powder (milk shakes) and also amino acid captules. Is it ok to take these together, i.e swallow a few pills with my shake etc, or is it the same thing or what? What i was thinking is maybe taking some pills daily whilst not working out, and using the shakes on work out days pre...
  17. Supplementation
    I been adding vitamin C into my pwo shakes, but unfortunately it makes them ghastly sweet! Any way to mask the taste?
  18. Supplementation
    Ok few questions here. Where is a good place to get the protein mix from? Somewhere reputable and inexpensive? When should they be taken? How much should you mix with each one? And what should you mix them with? Cheers.
  19. Supplementation
    Hi all, My first post here (woohoo!!) :high5: I have been taking protein shakes for the past couple of years since doing weights and I've grown to love them by finding the combo that works well for me: Met-rx or myprotein choc protein powder and semi skimmed milk. I've added L-glutamine to my...
  20. General Conversation
    hey, quick question and a bit of advice needed really.... i take a protein shake called 'iso-7 synergy by Phd'... im 19 years old and i am trying to bulk up at the moment.... My brother is 23 years old and goes to the gym 3/4 times a week, he doesnt really do weights to bulk up or for pure...
1-20 of 32 Results