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  1. Shakes / Bars / Snacks Recipes
    Hear me out, this sounds rank but tastes amazing. Mix a couple of heaped tablespoons of cottage cheese into a blender with milk and strawberry whey powder, blitz until no lumps left. My nutribullet makes it into a smooth milkshake, im sure a good blender will do the same.
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Simple question. If i where to drink a shake containing 100G whey (75G protein) during workout to get my protein .. would that be waste ? i get around 250-300G protein a day ..
  3. Getting Started
    Hi Guys Im getting back in the gym after moving jobs and having 10months off. Looking for a post workout shake that will build muscle but help to strip fat too. Any ideas?
  4. Supplementation
    Anyone else do this thinking of trying it.
  5. Gaining Weight
    ...are these cheap weight gains any good of the net ? what 1 will be best for mass bulking ? also i have herd of people mixing oats with there shakes ? i dont like oats much surely the taste would be totaly diffrent with a cold shake ? also what else can i do to help ? also when doing free...
  6. Gaining Weight
    Hi i just bought Pro Circuit MAXI MASS weight gainer (clock link below to see a picture). Im 16 and weigh 125 pounds and pretty skinny. My whole arms,legs,and body is skinny do I decided to go with a weight gainer. The guy told me I should take it twice a day. Is this right for me since Im so...
  7. Supplementation
    I took a protein shake last night about 30 minutes before going to bed, and ended up tossing and turning for hours. A couple of things happened that evening that might have got my mind racing a bit, so I can't 100% put it down to the whey until I try it again. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    hi i wake up every night for a piss at 3am. i have a pre-made 300ml shot of protien in the fridge (avi-pro) i take it every night at 3 am on the way back form the toilet is it a waste of time?? peace
  9. Getting Started
    Hi Guys, read alot/seen alot of different brands and stuff. I currently use Maximuscles Promax Extreme, and have been critised for it. What do you recommend is best for protein and creatine? Main aim = bulking up. My workout routine is good, and have had various feedback from this and other...
  10. Gaining Weight
    Tried maximuscle and didnt rate it, been using PHD Whey for a while now but iv ran out and i need to go back to a gainer shake. Im thinking boditronic's mass attack evo? Anyone used if? If so did you rate and and what gains? JP
  11. Recipes
    cookies and cream sundae shake 1 scoop martrix cookies and cream 3/4 scoops ice cream 1 scoop instant oats 350ml semi skimmed milk Shaker bottle Better than macdonalds anyday
  12. Losing Weight
    My mum is struggling to lose weight and finding it hard to stick to her no eating after her last meal at 6pm. She sometimes snacks so I have advised her to have a whey protein shake when shes hungry as I think this is better than snacking on biscuits etc. Can protein shakes be used to help aid...
  13. Recipes
    2 scoops banana extreme nutriton build and recover 400ml semi skimmed milk 400g yeo valley organic greek style yoghurt with honey shake well And enjoy
  14. Losing Weight
    Can somebody recommend a reasonably priced low carb high protein shake to be used whilst on my cutting regime? Meal replacement etc Many Thanks
  15. Recipes
    2 cups of water 2 scoops casein whey 2 tbsp oats 1 tbsp flaxseed oil 1 tbsp L-glutamine powder combine all ingredients, shake well. 310 cals, 31g protein, 7g carbs, 16g fat, 1g sat fat.
  16. Supplementation
    As titled i have a protein shake for breakfast consisting of 500ml water 2 scoops MYOFUSION protein powder mixed with porridge oatmeal an a teaspoon of low fat peanut butter. This fills me up nicely an gives plenty of energy till lunch. Now id like advice on when to have my only protein powder...
  17. Supplementation
    Been taking true mass weight gain for 2 days now and I feel bloated for hours after having it. Is this normal.
  18. Recipes
    pinched this recipe from WBB making my first batch up tonite to give it a try. Don't have any protein powder? Don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars on weight gainers? No worries. This is my shake recipe. It helped me gain 15+ lbs in one month. 2,500 calories / 100g of protein 1 cup peanut...
  19. Welcome Lounge
  20. Supplementation
    at the moment i'm taking my protein shake (hurricane xs - myprotein) after i work out but i've looked on the ingredients and it contains 5g creapure per tub.. This is a monohydrate form of creatine which i belive leads to bloating and water retention?? I take creatine ethyl ester due to hearing...
1-20 of 38 Results