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Found 25 results

  1. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable UK supplier for RAD140? I'd rather not take a chance on ordering from China.... unless someone has had success with a produce/supplier.
  2. RAD-140

    Took this last year for 8 weeks from Brawn supplements and only went up to about 10mg a day. It worked ok so I thought I would give it another go and from this forum was recommended to try PureRawz and also to up the dose so for the last 3 weeks I have been on 10mg a day and 20mg on training days. Does it work? well yes it does I have gained 4 pounds already and get really good pumps in the gym, trouble is it has also made me a bit anxious and has interfered with digestion quite a bit. I didn't experience any of this last time so I am wondering if what I am taking is a fair bit harsher or even if it is something else entirely. Anyone got any similar experiences with RAD? or is there any way to mitigate these effects?
  3. I bought a bottle of rad140 by A+ labs, Im keen to see if anyone has ever used this and if they think it’s good stuff or crap. ive read that 2/3 bottles of sarms are fake so it would be nice to know if these are real
  4. Has anyone tried this brand? Website for my info on brand here https://www.uksarms.com/
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to throw this out there. I’ve done quite a few cycles in the past 5 years or so. And I’ve noticed that when I do a sarms cycle of LGD 10mg Ed and RAD 20mg Ed for 8 weeks or so, when I PCT I feel very depressed and moody, agitated etc. However when I inject testosterone enanthate or prop, for 12 weeks I feel fine during PCT. maybe ever so slightly down, but hardly noticeable, like easy to forget I’m even on PCT. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or maybe any reasons for why? thanks ???
  6. Hi guys, this is going to be by first time trying out sarms, and just wanted to know where’s the most reliable place. i always used to get all my stuff from bodyconscious. But can’t find much reviews on there Sarms. The only other thing lace I have considered is receptorchem. any of you guys have any experience with Sarms from these two? cheers
  7. Sarm tastes

    Can I put sarms in a drink? And just drink it or will it dilute the sarms?
  8. I want to do sarm bulking stack but I can’t seem to find yk11 with third party testing any help?
  9. Hi I been researching mk677 - 25mg and lgd 10 mg stack . This is my second research of he same stack . Everytime i research this stack i sleep like a baby and i have been told my research makes me snore the roof down. My question is it the mk677 or lgd causing the snoring and exstreme larthagy and tiredness . Has anyone had the mk677 or lgd 4033 with snoring as a side effect. My body mass is good and im not even over weight. Eat healthy and hit the gym 5 days . I have no sleep Apnea. Im trying to find out which is the culprit? Is it mk677 or lgd experienced this or aware of this when doing your researches?
  10. Hi guys, so I did I pretty useless log on MK677 a few years ago, and now I'm back, I overcame the fear of the needle, and have been re-educated on facts through experience. I'm no longer terrified of going insane with rage from steroids.. I did my first cycle of testosterone propionate a few months back. And I'm back again with my mega cycle so to speak. For about two years I was constantly cycling RAD140 and LGD4033 with the constant addition (no cycle) of MK677. And after being convinced to try testosterone (which I really wanted to do anyway) I can honestly say it's life changing. I'm happier, my autism is less soul destroying, my anger is MORE under control, and over all I feel a lot happier with life. So I'm certain testosterone will forever be my base in every cycle from here on. This time: I am currently on day 10, and below is my cycle. Testosterone enanthate - 300mg every 4th day. (week 1-16) RAD140 - 15mg ED (less than my previous 20-30 ED) (week 1-8) LGD4033 - 10mg ED (week 1-8) MK677 -30mg ED (always on) PCT is Nolva 40/40/20/20 plus daa, otc PCT and many other things which are probably placebo ?‍♂️? I am currently the heaviest i've ever been at 182lbs (sad ectomorph enough said). I'm hoping to get to 200lbs by the 16week mark, and most importantly keep it. I use a meal prep service with about 40g carbs and 40g protein per meal. And I'm aiming for 6 meals a day, and high if possible. And roughly 1g of water per day. I don't use many supplements, Pre-workouts, Reflex Weight Gainer post workout, sipping some BCAAs throughout the day, and all my snacks are protein cookies or bars. I try to eat that 'crap' instead of regular 'crap'. But I'm not a fool, I'm fully aware it is still crap. No real purpose to this log, just thinking I may help anyone who needs it. And educate my self and others as we go. You can ask me anything from injection techniques, to testosterone ester differences, to SARMs experience. Even to training. However my diet is not my strong point, which is why I opted for meal prep, not cheap, but for me is working fantastically. Also for me this sport is a hobby, I am in no way a professional or expert, so if you see me don't something ridiculous or wrong, or even something I could maybe do better, please feel free to comment. Love you guys, love the sport, love the lifestyle. Hope you're all doing well. Let's get BIG GTWMT
  11. Sarms4u

    Has anyone used or tested sarms4u
  12. S23

    Has anyone tried s23 yet heard mixed things, meant to be the strongest sarm on the market
  13. SARMS

    Opinions and experiences with sarms?
  14. Hi everyone I was thinking of crossing steroids and sarms this is what it was gonna be mass 450 per ml test e 150mg deca 150mg tren e 150 and the sarms I thought of adding was rad 140 and yk11 I’d like some opinion on this good or bad ps this is a bulking cycle
  15. Hey everyone, looking to start my next cycle soon, I’ve used Epistane a few times in the past and I’ve been very happy with the results. but now it seems a lot of places have stopped selling it. I see predator still have ibe & havoc but I have never bought from them so unsure is they are legit. Have any of you guys had any experience with Sarms? Will the gains from lgd or rad be better or worse than epi? I also have a few bottles of mk677 that I will run along side which ever way I go thanks
  16. reviews

    has anybody used "prohormones.co.uk" ? any info would be noice
  17. Hi Guys, First post on this forum as I couldn't find the answer anywhere online. I stacked Ostarine and Ligandrol before for 8 weeks and got good gains from it but I was just wondering if it is possible to stack Ostarine, ligandrol and Testolone. If it is a good stack, what should I be taking of each? I was thinking of doing 20mg testolone, 10mg ligandrol & 20mg ostarine for 8 weeks. If anyone could provide some more insight on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  18. Need some recomp cycle advice guys. but first.. 25, 6ft, 200lb, pretty lean. Cycle experience, test, var, hdrol, lgd, osta, s4 and various peptides. Option 1: Week 1-2: 11kt, Rad 140 Week 3-8: 11kt Rad 140, Liquidien Option 2: Week 1-2: 11kt, Osta Week 3-8: 11kt, osta, liquidien Option 3: Week 1-8: 11kt, Rad140 PCT: nolva/clomid Training: mix of strength, HIIT and cardio Will probably run formestane and a low dose 4ad/epi as a base throughout the cycle. Is there any TD formestane around these days? dienelone has always interested me, looks like a really good compound. but does anyone know how harsh it is on your liver and suppression? I see mixed reviews online. I don't mind a beer and want an easy recovery
  19. First time Sarms

    Hi all, I've been working out for about 2 years now, doing the whole 6 month bulk, 6 month cut thing. I'm now looking into sarms as I want to bulk a bit more to get the abs showing and more of a chest. What sarm is best for beginner and what PCT would be recommended. Also where to buy from would be helpful. Thanks, Paul.
  20. Planning my 3rd PH cycle and 2nd epi cycle with Ostarine either to enhance PCT or as a milder cycle to bridge between PH cycles. Option 1 Wk 1-2 45mg epi Wk 3-6 50mg epi Wk 7-10 20mg nolva Wk 11-12 nothing Wk 13-20 25mg ostarine Wk 21 -23 150 6 bromo Wk 24-25 100 6 bromo Wk 26 100 2days 50 5 days NAC throughout. Daa alongside 6 bromo. Treated as 2 separate back to back cycles. Wouldn't get the muscle retention benefits of the ostarine during epi pct but would find out how effective the sarm is for me on its own and allow me to stay on something for longer. Any benefits to beginning the 6 bromo in last week of sarm? Also what results have people had with dermacrine with epi? Or Wk 1-2 45mg epi Wk 3-6 50mg epi Wk 7-10 20mg nolva 25mg ostarine Wk 11-12 20mg nolva Then 3 months off. This may help me keep more of the gains from the epi but at that dose ithe ostarine might mess up my pct a little. Any thoughts?
  21. Hello all As Sarms aren't actually banned, do you think I would be ok in taking them to Australia from UK? Maybe buy brand new tubs and keep the seals on etc so shows they haven't been tampered with? Anyone know if they'd be confiscated and I'd be in trouble? Cheers
  22. I am about to start my first cutting cycle, and I was thinking why not sarms, my question is, should I also use testosterone while doing sarms or just stick to my TRT without raising the testosterone. my current state : 110kg , 180cm , 34yrs , 29% BFP , male . training 4 days a week, lifting heavy, 10 min cardio, planning on 5 days a week during the cutting cycle and twice a day with a strict diet. my plan would look like that : TRT protocol : .12.5 Aromasin (exemestane) EoD ( more if needed) HCG 200ui EoD Testo-E 250mg Every three day Andarine (S4) 50mg Cardarine (GW-501516) 30mg SR9009 (Stenabolic) 20mg Ostarine ( MK-2866, or Enobosarm) 20mg my current protocol, feel free to correct/recommend any changes : TRT protocol : .12.5 Aromasin (exemestane) EoD HCG 150ui EoD Testo-E 75mg Every three day 6:00 AM ( empty stomach, no food or coffee for next 2-3 hours ) : Cytomel 12.5 ALA 600. around 11:30 AM (after a meal ) calcium citrate 500 magnesium oxide 400 COQ 10 400 NAC 600 Centrum Silver 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 Vitamin K1 (Life Extension Super K Vitamin K2 K1 K4 K7) D3 5000iu Glucophage XR 1g around 9:00 PM ( last meal and 1-hour pre-bedtime) Glucophage XR 1g 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 NAC 600 Aspir 81 Crestor (rosuvastatin)
  23. SARM sources

    Lads, so as many of you will know, the most reputable SARMs store (irc.bio) is closing down soon. Does anyone have any other legit sources for sarms?
  24. Looking for some advice. Has anyone had issues with there skin after using testosterone? I was taking very low test cyp dosage to with Anavar which got me in great shape physically and mentally at 41 but my skin flared up with a form of dermatitis that I was informed was because the testosterone causes a hormone imbalance which creates a yeast. Anyone experienced this? My skin has cleared up after not using test for 6 months. But need to get back in shape and was after some recommendations? Has anyone used SARMS? Or other forms of Test??
  25. Hi guys. I have never used any kind of PED before, then three months ago I started MK677, I love it and am still on. I want more, I do fear side effects, however I have narrowed down the two SARMs I think are most effective based on research, however side effects information is controversial. So what do you guys think for a first time SARM, RAD 140 or LGD 4033. I'm looking for good gains but least side effects, more towards minimal side effects tho. Any help or advice would be amazing. Thanks in advance