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Found 8 results

  1. I will be discussing my experience running LGD 4033, Cycle: I used LGD 4033 at 8mg a day every morning for 8 weeks. I did not use any PCT (Ill discus why later) I did not take any medication at the same time. Sides: A little bit of testosterone suppression, Water retention, Puffy Nipples got a litte worse (already have gyno naturally), appetite suppression, head aches (very minor). Made me very lethargic. Gains: Absolute s**t gains considering I was on a PED - I gained around a stone including water weight which amounts to only a few pounds of muscle. However LGD gives you crazy pumps. Conclusion: Overall, I would say DO NOT do LGD 4033 it will leave you disappointed and you will end up doing steroids. Basically LGD4033 does f**k all, few side effects, little suppresion and small gains so I would say it isnt worth it and you should just do roids. Because I got so little effects i must note it is possible i was sold bunk but I dont think so. Overall It is really really weak steroids which make you incredibly sleepy.
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to throw this out there. I’ve done quite a few cycles in the past 5 years or so. And I’ve noticed that when I do a sarms cycle of LGD 10mg Ed and RAD 20mg Ed for 8 weeks or so, when I PCT I feel very depressed and moody, agitated etc. However when I inject testosterone enanthate or prop, for 12 weeks I feel fine during PCT. maybe ever so slightly down, but hardly noticeable, like easy to forget I’m even on PCT. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or maybe any reasons for why? thanks ???
  3. Has anyone used dna biotech sarms?
  4. Need some recomp cycle advice guys. but first.. 25, 6ft, 200lb, pretty lean. Cycle experience, test, var, hdrol, lgd, osta, s4 and various peptides. Option 1: Week 1-2: 11kt, Rad 140 Week 3-8: 11kt Rad 140, Liquidien Option 2: Week 1-2: 11kt, Osta Week 3-8: 11kt, osta, liquidien Option 3: Week 1-8: 11kt, Rad140 PCT: nolva/clomid Training: mix of strength, HIIT and cardio Will probably run formestane and a low dose 4ad/epi as a base throughout the cycle. Is there any TD formestane around these days? dienelone has always interested me, looks like a really good compound. but does anyone know how harsh it is on your liver and suppression? I see mixed reviews online. I don't mind a beer and want an easy recovery
  5. Hi All, I'm considering running a low dose Ostarine cycle for 6-7 weeks. Has anyone used ReceptorChems before and can vouch for their products? They claim to 3rd party test their products, and its a liquid version which sarms should be. Regarding dosing, I was thinking of maybe something like 12.5mg for 6-7 weeks, perhaps bumping to 17.5mg the last couple of weeks. There seem to be alot of unknowns with SARMS hence my cautious approach. At higher doses of 20/25mg, there also seems to be a lot of reports regarding elevated liver and cholesterol values. First time SARM user, i've used prohormones like Hdrol and Epi around 8 years ago. Goals are to add some size whilst minimising fat gains / reducing body fat even. Cheers
  6. I have considered trying Cardarine (drxbiotech) I read a lot about it, but I`m still in doubt if this will affect me since I´m women? Are there any girls here who used/uses it? if cardarine is as good as it says it is, why isn´t recommended for human to use? Age: 24 / Women /sprinter Wi
  7. MK 677 Diary

    Hi Guys, so I have just started taking AlphaForm Labs MK Extreme, it is MK-677 30mg. I Also Use Whey, Creatine (about 5g per day) and Glutamine (about 10g per day). I thought I would share my results with you guys, if I actually get any anyway. So let me reword that, I'm going to share my experience with you guys. Day 1 : (3pm) Today first thing this morning I took 30mg of MK-677 and anxiously waited for something, anything.. After about 20 minutes I did become hungry and have been eating quite a bit so far. Also I feel kind of stoned, Like on really weak weed or something.. Anyway I'm hoping for the best. I will keep this log going. Cheers