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  1. Getting Started
    Apologies if this comes across long winded and too philosophical. As mentioned on a previous post, this time last year I was around 15st. I had a goal In mind which was to have abs. I'm nearly there but struggling to lose the last few lbs to actually see them ( I will get there.) generally...
  2. Welcome Lounge
    Hey guys I' m new here i have started my body transformation not to long ago and i like the results. Wondering if you guys have any tips i started off at 6.2 190( i attached my start pic) i look much better now lol but i will post my after pic that at the end of my journey. If you have any tips...
  3. General Conversation
    Hey there guys, I recently started a fitness channel > The Gym Advocate And I just wanted to know what you guys feel I could do in order to increase my subscriber base and success with it all. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Member Journals
    Cheers to everyone good peoples. =) Let me introduce you to my journey from the beginning... My story about the gym was started in high school with my 16-17yrs. when I was playing football and ice hockey in the winter time. In the hope that I will put on some muscle mass on my height of...
  5. Losing Weight
    Hey guys I'm interested in ur opinions on diet for contest prep, do u think it's best to slowly taper calories down? Drop them as low as u can keeping carbs only morning and pre workout with carb up on weekend? carb cycle, 1day carbs next no carbs? Any opinions will be great thanks prep will...
  6. Losing Weight
    This is what i shall be doing in the whole of April. Sunday:Wide grip chins Bentover rows Close grip pulldowns Deads Standing db curls Concentration curls Underhand pull ups 20 mins skipping Monday @ 6,30am: 15...
  7. General Conversation
    I just ordered the product PharmaFreak Ripped Freak. any good?anyone tried it before? Cheers guys
  8. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    7.00 extreme whey 8.00 oats with raisins and stewed apple 9.30 train 11.15 chicken noodles/3turkey rashers 2 bacon and 3 eggs 1.30 steak or chicken salad 4.00 shake and apple 6.30 grilled chicken salad 8.30 shake and apple 11.00 zma x3 I've lost 9lb in 2 weeks so the diet is working...
  9. Getting Started
    how comes after i have trained i feel well ripped but then within the hour or so i go bck to feeling fleshy again especially my pecs? how do you get the tight ripped feel all the time?
  10. Getting Started
    Ive just joined the gym and im enjoying it, im only 11 and a half stone. I have a good body dont need to loose much weight can see my abs already, im looking at builing muscle and getting ripped. My routine and diet is. Mon - Situps/restday GYM Tues - legs/triceps GYM Wed -...
  11. Losing Weight
    On a pct from a pro hormone and have 1 week left. Tapering down the calories. So up goes the cardio an diet will be adhered too. What can i do to help then. Got mega green tea extract tabs, l-carnite, caffine tabs and cla. Raided myprotein lol. Is there anything avail under the counter? Thanks
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi All, I'm on week 10 of 800mg test blend (T-400) and 600mg boldernone per week. (and ½ a nolvadex a day) I am now going to do 5-6 weeks of dieting and want to get ripped. I want to change the bold for something else because it gives me too much of an appetite to diet. I have some Tri-tren...
  13. Welcome Lounge
    what are blue hearts like? im 18 big guy working on bulking up now i want to get ripped also lose some weight whats the best things about T5's ? T'3's? wouldnt mind some help thanks i also play rugby some im training rugby monday's and wednesday's GYM is on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday..
  14. Member Journals
    this lad got some bottle competing in this state [/b]
1-14 of 14 Results