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Found 3 results

  1. Good day, Has anybody used this Lab in the past and would share the experience with it? It could/is Bulgarian seems quite interesting.
  2. Im writing this review on 28th March 2020 on Scott Francis or Francis Diet as he is known on Instagram – the online coach, personal trainer, body transformation etc. This is a genuine review. Please note this is my personal experience that I feel others should be made aware of, but for others this style of coaching may suit you. I have gone quite consistently for the last 3-4 years. I have had a coach in the past, Josh McHale who was fantastic – the platform he uses for clients is brilliant, his plans are completely tailored and he listened to everything I said at every check in. I never wanted to have a six pack I just wanted to be slim and Josh created me a plan that was flexible and let me enjoy going out etc but helped me stay in shape. Unfortunately a coach like this comes with a price and although he was worth every penny I just couldn’t afford him so after a year I had to stop my coaching with Josh. I carried on using his plans and diet plan for a long time after but then felt like I wanted to try something new. I couldn’t afford to go back to Josh’s coaching so through searching Instagram I came across Francis Diet. It was after Christmas and I felt horrendous in myself and his amazing transformations gripped me so I messaged him to query prices. His prices were much more reasonable than Josh’s and even had ‘50% off’ offer – obviously I wasn’t expecting the level of coaching I got from Josh as 8 weeks with Scott was the same as 1 month with Josh but of course, you get what you pay for. However I was assured all plans were tailored to you and judging from Scotts Instagram page he must be doing something right. I signed up for 8 weeks, paid £110 and promptly sent my money. I was sent back a questionnaire (via whatsapp) which I completed. It stated my plan would be with me in 4-5 days. This is where the first problem occurred – I sent my questionnaire back on 6th Feb including my payment screenshot however I received my plan on the 17th Feb – over 10 days later. I messaged Scott on the 14th Feb in the morning to say ‘sorry to bother you, I was wondering when it would be ready’ and he text back straight away to say ‘yes ready now what’s the best email’ – I sent back my email… nothing. I waited as I know he is very busy and lots of clients but still nothing. The next day, 15th Feb I text again and said I hadn’t had anything through and wanted to check if it had sent ok – this text was read and ignored. Then on the 17th Feb I text and said I’m concerned as I have sent my money and had no reply or plan; finally he responded to say it was ready. There was no apology, no explanation as to why this took so long or why he didn’t follow his own ‘rules’ of 4-5 days that he preaches so much about. If I had been notified he was busy I would have happily waited but to be told yes its ready and then be ignored I found incredibly rude. Any way… my plan came through. Firstly I knew instantly this was not personalised at all however he says the first few weeks are to see how you respond. Essentially you have to work out 7 days a week; circuit training and cardio. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts were good, they were challenging and I was always worn out and tired but 7 days a week? I had fantastic results with Josh and worked out 4 days a week and for the half the time as Scott’s workouts would take AND with half the cardio. Food-wise the diet was good; but it is the same meals every day. Again, on my other plans I had different food for different days and this stopped boredom and the risk of coming off plan. At week 2 my plan changed, I asked for different food and was sent a new food plan, again clearly not tailored. The workouts then became more intense – on my new plan I was asked to do 45 mins cardio every morning and an ab circuit every morning. Evenings would be weight / circuit training. Now I wish I had the time to dedicate my mornings and evenings to the gym and working out. Don’t get me wrong I dedicate my mornings, I happily get up at 5am and go to the gym, I understand these things take dedication and time and effort but twice a day, 7 days a week is far too much. I also wish my body could physically cope with this level of workouts. Doing an ab circuit every single day is ridiculous. I even text at one point to say my body was in bits, my muscles were so sore to the point my abs would be spasming when I was sat down doing nothing but I was told to push through the pain. I hate HATE when coaches and trainers say ‘all it takes is 1 hour a day’ – it does not. Unless you live in a gym it takes much longer, you prep your gym bag, your work clothes, you drive to the gym, you drive home etc all the little tasks it takes to get you to the gym take time and yes if I wanted to have minimal to zero social life then Scott’s plans would be perfect but I wanted a sustainable and enjoyable plan; I was prepared to have a longer ‘journey’ and keep paying for coaching or keep buying 8 week plans if it meant I had a balance. I wasn’t bothered about a quick fix so hammering my body and cardio wasn’t enjoyable for me. Anyway, we are now at check in number 4 and I did my best on my plans and saw a good difference in body. So, I did my check in first thing this morning. I noted my weight etc and I had gained 2 pounds but I had lost 2 inches off my stomach and 1 off my waist. I also stated I had had a ‘cheat meal’ that week which was a home made chicken curry. Now - as we are currently in the Coronavirus pandemic all the gyms are closed so my workouts were home workouts only and it was time of the month for me also so the fact I had gained 2 pounds didn’t really bother me. I was really pleased with my waist and stomach measurements too but the reply I got back from Scott was this; ‘Ok due to the cheat meal we will have to cease the plan as it says in the funds email no off plan eating as it invalidates my work, ruins my plans and is the opposite to the goal. You will receive a refund for the weeks due first thing Monday. Your start date was 15th Feb 6 weeks gone. Please include bank details below’. As you can imagine I was extremely shocked. I replied back asking if he was being serious because how can he promote himself as being such a supportive man who is there for all his clients, listens etc when he drops people due to one chicken curry – which may I add I weighed out each element to ensure I didn’t go overboard. I said to him its not as if I had a KFC family bucket but he was adamant that ‘it is not allowed at all, its in the rules, I don’t remotely coach anyone who goes off plan’. The conversation between myself and Scott proceeded to become quite heated as I was honestly beyond baffled. With previous plans I would note any off plan meals and we would adjust the new week to accommodate these. I was happy with this, yes I wont become shredded to an inch of my life but I do not care, I had a balance and I maintained a figure I was happy with but with Scott.. well, one meal that had possibly 100 calories more than planned and I was dropped. To avoid the argument going on and on I quickly corrected him of my correct start date due to him taking so long to send my plan and explained I would be writing an online review and would wait for my refund. I will be surprised if I get my refund but I will be alerting my bank to claw the money back. My conversation ended with Scott when I said I might just post his ‘personalised plans’ online for others to see to which he replied to say this was blackmail and he would take legal proceedings against me (this still makes me laugh whilst I write it). I have summarised below but what this experience has taught me is you get what you pay for, as is with everything in life. If you pay for a cheap coach you get a ridiculously hard plan that you can do but lets be honest is not practical for the average joe. You do not get anything personalised that works for you and your life. One these plans you work yourself to the bone, 7 days a week two or three times a day and yes you see results, who wouldn’t working out that much but for most people this is not practical. In summary some take away points for anyone considering Scott Francis and also for Scott if your reading this… 1. The plans are not tailored in any way shape or form. I saw him re-post Instagram stories of people eating the same food I was eating, doing the same workouts I was doing. For example, one of my cardio workouts included 10 mins rower, 19 mins treadmill, 20 mins stepper, 20 mins bike – very specific times and I saw several other clients posting this exact session on their story. 2. Scott gets amazing results yes, you cannot take that away from him but that’s because you are expected to workout twice or three times a day, zero meals off plan (not even a homemade, portion controlled, chicken curry god dam it), and commit everything to his plans. For your average young person who just wants to lose a little weight and enjoy life most cannot physically do his plans. I don’t care what anyone says working out every day for 7 days is hard and I have been going to the gym for 4 years now, I cant even imagine how hard these plans would be for a total beginner. 3. Unless your Instagram worthy he will not bother with you – don’t expect the supportive texts he posts on his story; when I said I was struggling I got a very short text back saying push through. He is very selective in who he chooses to actually bother with and if you are not a dramatic enough transformation your useless. Don’t expect to be listened to – I wrote in depth check ins and he didn’t even read half of the information in them. He just sends you the next copy and pasted work out plan. 4. Scott, as I stated in my questionnaire I am a lawyer so firstly I would like you to know that your ‘welcome emails’ are not legally binding contracts as you like to state they are. If they were drafter by lawyer you should get a full refund because not only are they illiterate and so terribly written there is nothing within your contract that can even be considered legally binding in any way shape or form. 5. Now, as you accused me of blackmail I just wanted to clarify what that means – ‘the action, treated as a criminal offence, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.’ – I hope you can now understand that nowhere in my text messages did I once demand any form of benefit from you once you cancelled my plan, I stated ‘I might’ release your plans online, I did not ask for anything in return. You have provided no copyright agreement for me to sign or acknowledge, therefor as I have paid for this service I own the information I have received and I am free to do what I wish with this information. If you want to pretend you have any legal background at least get your basics right. We will see if I get my refund but in essence I hope this helps someone who is considering Scott Francis for a diet plan. As I have said, he gets some fantastic results and the pictures speak for themselves but when you see what you have to do to get those results consider if you can commit in the way you are expected to or if you would prefer a coach who actually listens, provides tailored plans like they say they do and provides you with some gym/life balance and freedom. I have evidence of all of the above if anyone would like to see just drop me a message and I will happily provide you with it. Also, Scott if you need someone to write you a legally binding contractual document or copyright agreement then let me know, my prices are reasonable
  3. Just got hold of some Pharmachem Dispensary var, but unsure of whether its any good. Struggling to find any reviews of it - has anyone got any experiences? Cheers