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Found 5 results

  1. I got these off my regular supplier so I trusted him as been dealing with him a number of years.. although I am hesitant to start as I have never heard of some of these labs .. please clarify what’s bunk or gtg? labs in picture; - Arenis Medico (codes checked out on site not that it means owt) - optimum biotech - Adelphi research - Magnus pharmaceuticals - Swiss remedies much appreciated guys if not gtg .. might have to take a trip back to good old eroids and browse for 500million hours to find the good stuffs ffs lol
  2. Hi all, I'm a journalist looking to speak to people who have used Melanotan nasal tanning sprays. I understand that they are popular in the bodybuilding community and I want to hear about people's experiences with them, whether positive or negative, and especially from users in the North of England. Any replies will be really appreciated! Shannon
  3. Dissertation Research

    Hi all. I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. I am looking for bodybuilders/keen gym-go'ers who eat over 100g of meat per day complete a food diary that will be compared to different dietary groups to see how greenhouse gas values vary based on diet. If anyone would like to take part in this study or would like more information, please comment or message me. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated All the best, Hannah https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/dietary-choices-individual-motivations
  4. Hi,I am a masters student looking for female bodybuilders (recreational or pro) to complete a short online questionnaire as part of my dissertation research. It's about body image concerns across different groups of athletes, and will only take around 15minutes to complete. All data is anonymous and will remain strictly confidential. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below to begin: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUHtMDXyaZ2xSl1TVar0GWtlxoTnCyd79miBMuTYhf8xRqOA/viewformThanksLeanne
  5. Hey guys. Back with another AMA. Have been away and busy lately. I'd like to introduce to you @ElChapo who will be part of AMA 3.0 El Chapo is a medical professional in the US that specialises as a endocrinology research nurse. He works alongside many various endocrine patients on a daily basis. We go back a long way and he is my ONLY go to individual when I need a second opinion on performance enhancing drugs. Fire away.