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  1. Getting Started
    Hello all. im after some advice really as i am a bit stuck on which way to go. first of all im 33. 6.3 13.8 stone naturally ecto.(around17%bf) i have been training on and off for around 9 years so know a bit and have had help, i have however had a break from it over last two years and have...
  2. Getting Started
    I have an average build and have started going to the gym. Currently for each exercise, i perform 6 reps in 3 sets of the highest weight possible (roughly 80% of my one rep max) with about a two minute rest between each set. Is there a more efficient way to get bigger/more muscle quicker...
  3. Getting Started
    At the moment I'm primarily trying to bulk and wanted a little advice on my workout method to see if anything can be tweaked for best results. I primarily workout at home primarily on my Multigym with various free weights too. Currently I'm doing the following Day 1 - Chest, Arms & Shoulders...
  4. General Conversation
    Is it better to lift more reps say 10 - 12 with a weight your easy with or to do say 6 - 8 reps with a weight your struggling with for muscle build
  5. Getting Started
    what do you's lot think is the best number of sets and reps for gaining size? thanks.
  6. Getting Started
    Hi All, I've been reading and doing a lot of research on here for a few months now but I think it's time to ask for some advice as I'm not sure what to do. I'm 34, female, 5'5'' I lost 6 stones in the last 18 months. I went from UK size 20/22 down to 12. I'm still very heavy at almost 13...
  7. Getting Started
    Over the last couple of months when I've felt a bit low in energy I've lowered my usual weights and done high reps, maybe 20 - 25 reps. I seem to feel a realy good pump doing this and althoughI like to keep pushing to do heavier weights I was wondering if its worth while adding this to a normal...
  8. Getting Started
    And slowly increase the weights each session. Or will i see quicker results if I do 2-3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise?.
  9. Getting Started
    Just want peoples opinion in doing lighter weights with more reps ??
  10. Getting Started
    Im on a cut so im just wondering should i carry on lifting heavy for low reps(5 reps) or swap and lift lighter for more reps( 12-15 reps) I just cant get myself to actually lift light weights as its always been heavy.
  11. Getting Started
    ok so i no all the rep ranges for diferent goals but how can these be interpreted for the best results for example should you be hitting 10-12 on all sets and change the weights to enable you to do this. or should you reach 12 on the first set and stick with same weight on all sets. or should...
  12. General Conversation
    right im moving onto a strength workout could someone give me an idea or number of reps nd sets and how long i should leave between sets. i would also like an increase in size can you achieve both by doing something like 8 sets of 3 reps. o and i would like it to be in a 3 day a week full body...
  13. Form and Technique
    hi, before i started training intensely about 9 months ago, i would go down to my local gym just for a big of weight here and there, nothing very involved, but i would be benching about 60kg and proud. as soon as i started working out and wanted to put on mass i started doing 5x6 and my bench...
  14. Getting Started
    Hey Guys :D ! This is such a newbie question and im soo embarrassed to talk about it but I really wanna understand it and hope u can help me :) . Basically i get confused between sets and reps....what do each mean? I know a certain amount of reps equals to sets but how much is an AVERAGE...
  15. Getting Started
    im just curious, I dont want to make my muscles bigger, but i do want to be stronger and more toned (especially thighs as i already have rugby legs) Im guessing its better to do more reps per set on a lighter weight than less reps on a heavier weight... not sure if thats true, im just assuming...
  16. Getting Started
    Hi people. I was at the gym today, and I asked some dude some questions about the weights etc... He told me for mass building, and by mass building I take it he meant BIGGER muscles, 8 reps was what I should be doing. Any one shed some light. I am like every one else looking to get bigger!!
  17. Getting Started
    what are the best amount of reps to build muscle and size?
  18. General Conversation
    Guys Trying to bulk up but not sure what is better, is more reps less weights better than few reps with heavier weights ? and how many set's should I do ? at the moment I bench press 10*70kgs + 10*80 + 10*90 + 8*100 would I be better doing 5*90kgs + 5*100 + 5*110 so is 3 set's best or 5...
  19. Getting Started
    Is there an optimum amount to do or is it personal opinion? I see alot of the progress journals so 5 x 5. I currently do 3 or sets of 8 reps. Is there any particular advantage to doing 5 x5? Thanks.
1-19 of 19 Results