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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. Im new here and hope I can get some help. I apologized in advance for a long write up but feel you need some details to answer some of my questions. Iv been training since mid-teens, and hit training hard in my late 20s into my early 30s, made some nice gains, then stopped and never returned until now in my mid-40s. I had made many mistakes through this time such as sticking to the same routine doing the same exercises on the same days, and not understanding that there were more ways to induce hypertrophy than just lifting more weight. I Trained with my brother back then and we both feel we need to get back into shape while we can in our 40s. Of course, we started off where we left off, and I have been spending some time learning some of what we did wrong including making a mess of our diets. The difference back then was in our 20s our body could handle these mistakes better than now because we have no injuries, wear and tear, higher test levels, and much faster metabolism. One of the reasons we stopped is it just took over our lifes, we wanted to come back and make it more simple while not having the same high goals as back then. I have been following the videos from AthleanX on yourtube and perform our exercises based on Jeff Cavalier,s good form. Goal: Loos fat. was about 22% bf, now about 16%, aim is to see upper abbs around 14% bf Get fitter, more agile, athletic Gain muscle Routine: I have back for 8 months doing my same old routine for this time so far. We perform all core exercises and change them from week to week. Al sets are with good form and aim to do at least 3 to 4 sets with negative reps. Mon: Chest, Triceps, Wed: Back Biceps, Friday: Legs Shoulders. 5 days a week I follow AthleanX Abb promise which is a short but intense workout around 6 min long. Diet: I stated off using the Samsung S health app to get myself going, then gave it a few months, then returned to check on it for a week. I started off with in mind to lose fat gain muscle by dropping calories to kik start it off. First 6 months sub 1200kcal. All clean foods assisted with 2 protien Isolate shakes per day . I was getting 1g per lb of body weight. I was not clued up on marcro splits, I just made sure I was eating healthy, where as in fact I was not getting enough callories in and certainly not enough fats. Jan 2019 I was 14.1 stone. June 2019 I was 13.4 stone. July I stopped loosing weight at 13.2 stone. From 20/08/19 I upped my diet, looked at my macros and started off with 1600kcal and each day raised it a bit hovering around 1800kcal, at times higher into 2000kcal. 01/0919 my body started to shift weight going down to 13.1 stone assumed from the kick start of my metabolism. 09/09/19 Im now at 12:13 stone. Progress: Jan 2019: Weight 14.1 stone Biceps: 15" Waist: 36" Chest 41" I could not lift my body weight up on lat bar for more than 1 rep Sep 2019: Weight 12.13 stone Biceps 16" Waist: 34.2" Chest 44" I can do 3 sets of 10 reps on lat pull up bar slowly Injuries, recover, and wellbeing. Despite the low calories I was making progress in muscle size, fitness, and never felt the mental effects of overtraining at all. In mid Jun I noticed I was finding my muscles where losing some strength, and where not recovering as well, I had noted this in my training log. In early August during a month where I was training alone, I pushed myself in trying to handle a DB press weight that normally I would have had handed and placed on my chest, from this I got a pain in my right shoulder. I carried on through this but included rotor cuff exercises every day after this happened. over a month later its still an issue. Iv seen the docs and wait to see a specialist. Meanwhile, during that month I noticed my biceps where getting weaker, and my left shoulder also had some pain and issues. At this time however some exercises where going up, but noticed that for some reason I wasnt getting a pump, or at least my arms had lost size as they where no difference between before and after a workout. A few days ago on the phone for a long time, and after the call my bicep went into a cramp, it lasted 30min then I could not use my arm till next day, today its still recovering. Where should I go from here. I had just got my diet up in callories, eating well, still doing abb workouts, but have two shoulder issues, and a sore bicep. Im having all this week off, but not sure were to go from there. Is my routien due for a shake up, should I not train at all with certain exercises to allow shoulder time to heal? Thanks for your advice.
  2. Stomach surgery

    Hey guys, I just had surgery for an intestinal problem and i’m currently laid up and really sore. The problem is the doctor said I can’t lift for atleast 3 months - I’m fu**ing devastated if I am honest. I am obviously going to listen to what he says and not risk doing anything which will hurt myself. i just wondered if any of you had had to take time of for surgery or anything similar and how much of your gains you had lost?
  3. Stomach surgery

    Hey guys, I just had surgery for an intestinal problem and i’m currently laid up and really sore. The problem is the doctor said I can’t lift for atleast 3 months - I’m fu**ing devastated if I am honest. I am obviously going to listen to what he says and not risk doing anything which will hurt myself. i just wondered if any of you had had to take time of for surgery or anything similar and how much of your gains you had lost?
  4. Hey, This first post will be a bit lengthy, an opportunity to spew all of my thoughts onto paper (sort of). To cut to the chase - I've been using Testosterone Enanthate from the age of 19 to 27, along the way I've added in various compounds (dbol, tren, anavar), for the last 3 years I've been running on about 4-500mg/test e/week solely. Do I compete? Absolutely not. Would you look at me and be impressed? Absolutely not. As a gym rat you'd know I probably use gear, but to the general public I'm just someone who has too many protein shakes. I've been wanting to come off test for years, but a crazy work schedule, a horribly vain persona and the fear of the unknown has held me back. BUT that's now changing. To amplify matters - I have never had blood work taken, never run a PCT (or did once when I was 20 and then went back on gear 6 weeks later), and never run HCG. Fantastic concoction of fuckery, right? I've searched forums for bellends in a similar position to me but have found very few - I'm hoping this running diary of my recovery (if any) will serve as a good stop for others who have been equally wreckless with their bodies. Some current stats 5'9 85kg 14% bf Bench 140kg, squat 190kg Any questions fire through, my last jab was 3 weeks ago, clomid and nolva was started yesterday at 25mg/40mg respectively. I plan to run the clomid for 4-6 weeks, the nolva for 6-8 with the dose dropping to 20mg after 2 weeks. I will be getting a basic testosterone blood test completed next week with a full hormone check at the end of July. I'll keep you posted. Alex
  5. New user here, hi all. I'm a beginner, I've had some experience with a single cycle of 12 weeks of 500mg test E per week, with tbol somewhere in there(can't remember exactly). I followed up with a decent PCT with clomid and tamoxifen and recovered pretty quickly. No dick issues but some minor acne.. all good really. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the compounds and length are best to run when doing cycles, with the minimal chances of fu**ing up your recovery? I guess test is obviously one of the safest options, and maybe a dry oral.. What's the consensus? I'm guessing 19 nors like tren, deca and NPP are a no go right?
  6. PCT for long steroid cycle TEST E1

    Hi, So I have been running a test E cycle for around 22 weeks. I have been taking relatively low amounts, 500mg / week. looking through all the forums im quite confused about what exactly I should be doing for a PCT. Any PCT I have done before has been pretty s**t and not for as long a cycle as this. I am finishing this cycle in 4 weeks. Could someone please help with information on what PCT I should run? From my own reading I have thought something like below: last two weeks cycle: HCG 500 IU twice a week & arimidex 0.25/0.5 ED two weeks after my last injection of test E: nolvadex / clomid for another 4 weeks (unsure of how much to take / when) Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  7. PCT after 6 months BnC or 9 months

    Howdy folks, just wanted people's opinions. I'm 26 years old and half way through my first blast and cruise (5 months out of 9), currently cruising on 200mg test-e per week. Followed by 5000ui HCG, in a couple weeks I was gonna blast at: 500mg test-e per week 50mg EoD tren (for 8 weeks) 50mg dbol (for 6 weeks) Then for coming off/PCT: 5000ui HCG over the last month + first week off last pin Nolvadex 40/20/20/20/10/10/10/10 2 different peptides - CJC1295 and MK677 2 different natural test boosters (why not) I'm concerned with HPTA recovery after being on for a while (US forums seem to act like it's the end of the world), don't really wanna be on TRT for the rest of my life at my age. But does it really make a difference from 6 months to 9? I've recovered just fine after 4 month cycles before, so I'm wondering whether to just come off now and do another cycle in 5 months or so; or just continue with my original plan. Had blood work done and everything's fine by the way, it's just eventual natural recovery I'm thinking about. What do you guys think?
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