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  1. Getting Started
    Hi, I am in my early twenties and a relative beginner who has only been going to the gym for a few months. I am an average weight for my height/age - 73kg and 181cm. I know many of you here are very experienced and knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom regarding gym-going, so I would really...
  2. Supplementation
    Just finishing my rest week and starting a HST training program on Monday and need to get supplements ready. Anyone have any recommendations? Also.... I have read a lot here about this new Reload testosterone enhancement. Its refered to as a PCT, would this cover all the recommended PCT...
  3. Gaining Weight
    So I'm 16, and at 6ft 2 I'm pretty lanky and let's just say my fitness is not the best, and I'd say below that of most guys my age. So in an attempt to build some muscle and strength, I bought a pair of dumbells (the interchangable weights ones), and I tried this workout on Monday... And...
  4. Getting Started
    I've been using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard so far and have seen fairly good results but don't like the taste and it is quite pricey. What would you say is the best protein powder on the market? Also, I've looked at and the prices are good and the reviews are great but...
  5. Gaining Weight
    Please recommend some Whey protein. I have bought Relflex instant whey in the past. Decent, but doenst mix well and cost me £21 for 908g. Maybe cheaper better stuff available? (Only get 20g protein per serving)
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Hi there guys. Just recently bught Maximuscle Cyclone. have not yet tried it. it is my 1st time on any protein supplement. I am short but ripped, and want to gain MUSCLE mass. i was recomended to use Cyclone, what do you guys think? Also what do u guys think of: Prolab Whey protein, Met rx...
1-7 of 7 Results