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  1. Natural Bodybuilding
    Okay I have a question. I'm sure many people are familiar with the natty lean tissue rates proposed by Lyle Mcdonald respective of training age (years of proper training). I'm aware that they are dependent on the trainee starting from scratch and doing a reasonable structured program and not...
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Afternoon gents Would appreciate some feedback on this diet I've set out for myself I'm 19 and looking to lose a bit of stomach fat and then build a fair amount of muscle. Enough muscle so that it's noticeable but not the bodybuilder look. I'm quite short so it'd look silly. I'll be training...
  3. Gaining Weight
    Is there a ratio of weight increase during a period of bulking say for example an increase of 1lb a week is controllable and for how long would you go for before cutting
  4. General Conversation
    Hi all, Has anyone used heart rate monitors or had experience with them. I am looking to keep a better eye on my HR and i'm not convinced the sensors on my ageing bike are accurate. If anyone has any views, opinions or recommendations on specific ones to buy that would be great. Thanks...
  5. Cardio & Fitness
    Hi all Been stuck at the same weight for almost six months now went for an mot at the gym and fitness instructor say's i have a low resting heart rate around 48 my goal is to lose body fat and still retain muscle normaly i spend 45 minutes three times a week in the gym he recons i will need to...
  6. Getting Started
    HI. Has anyone built a decent amount of muscle using a pullup bar doing variouse different grips. Could you build a good set of deltoid muscles using one. I would like to build up my shoulders and core of body get more of a v shape can i do it off a pullup bar I realise I wouldnt build a great...
1-6 of 6 Results