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  1. Muscle Research Peptides
    Been away from her efor a while... So pre or pwo shots of ipam+Mod grf? I'll be doing am and pm shots anyway but was wondering what are the benefits of the other two options, logic says ffa release in the pre workout shot to be used when training and pwo to help recovery? Just speculating...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I've seen quite a few threads on here about using dbol/oxy preworkout. I'm looking to give it a try before leg days and chest days, what doses have you guys run and how did you find it? Also which would you run oxys or dbol?
  3. Supplementation
    iv been reading a lot of forum discussion recently on post work out nutrition, and have read several theory's that made me ponder what the majority of people take post work out as their carb source, and based on what reason i thought that the whole fast protein,fast carb formula was written...
  4. Supplementation
    I been adding vitamin C into my pwo shakes, but unfortunately it makes them ghastly sweet! Any way to mask the taste?
  5. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    hi thinking of doing a post workout shake at home with 50% micellular caesin and 50% whey concentrate. with that i am planning to have a bannana and a orange would this be any good ?
  6. Supplementation
    seen some information that found interesting by alan argon about spiking insulin post workout i lost the original page i found but found a similar quote to the same effect! Is post-workout insulin spike necessary? - Catalyst Athletics Forums" Is It Necessary to "Spike" Insulin Post-workout...
  7. Gaining Weight
    This sends the other half mad with the blender noise and the subsequent mess but I have one of these and I can feel the power kicking in instantly. Beats spending 30 mins cooking and eating the lot 3 Egg Whites and 2 Whole Eggs 200ml Skimmed Milk 100g Oats 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder 1...
  8. Gaining Weight
    Guys Been searching the site and getting some confusing advice. I'm trying to add some bulk. Straight after workout I'm taking 2 scoops of extreme B & R. I understand I should then consume a meal within an hour. What should I be looking to eat. I've just eaten two large jacket spuds and...
1-8 of 8 Results