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  1. General Conversation
    Just heard that on the radio people are trying to get the UK government to ban people from buying steroids online. The Gov. will be looking at this and it has been suggested that a ban could be seen as early as the end of the year. Honestly listening to some of the reasons trying to justify...
  2. Getting Started
    Hi peeps, I'm new here so hello. Long story short... well I'll try to make it short... I've kinda let myself go recently (read: the last few years). I used to be quite fit, but my last relationship was so stressful I had no time to keep in shape. Now my ex-fiance is gone and I've gotten over...
  3. Getting Started
    I will be lifting with a guy weighing in at 24 stone he will be lifting 300 on the bar. So we are on the look out for benches that are suited to holding that mass. Alot of the online stores I have found like powerhouse and fitness superstore etc aren't very informative on the weight allowances...
1-3 of 3 Results