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  1. General Conversation
    WATCH THIS VIDEO TO START GETTING BIG GAINS ON YOUR BICEPS AND GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR BICEP CURLS. GREAT FOR HOME WORKOUTS. Click this link to watch the video about how to get the most out of your bicep curls so that you too can be pumping iron and getting the big gains ...
  2. NO2, Pump and Vasculators
    Hi guys, I'm sure you all have a wealth of knowledge and I would like to tap into that. As members of this site I was hoping you could help? I would like to know what you all look for in a pre work out. I'm sure your answers will be varied but I would like to know why you look for what...
  3. Supplementation
    I Made my own pre Workout Out of bulk powder, since its much cheaper. And i can regulate it to make it fit perfectly for my Body and i can be Sure to get the actual thing, compared to those blends in Stores. Pre Workout: 1g creatine 2g Beta alanine 1.5g arginine 1.5g Taurine 0.5g DL...
  4. Natural Bodybuilding
    I have found that the ability to find the pump in my back workouts have become harder the longer I have been training for, particularly to pump the thickness as opposed to width. Baring in mind I am natural, what is a classic piece of advice/routine/superset that gets your back pumped like a...
  5. NO2, Pump and Vasculators
    Hi ive tried finding somebody on here talking about clen but not had no luck, just wanted someone who has taken clen before and can tell me the ins and outs of the stuff. is it worth it? and best place to get some if it is as ive found far too many weird websites selling the stuff, cheers :)
  6. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi chaps, as above really.. Anyone get stiff hands, feet on cycle? My left hand hand left foot keep getting stiff and a little tingly feeling. Is it just pump? I'm only concerned as it's left only
  7. Getting Started
    Hi, been doing a split routine as advised by you all, but no longer getting that "pumped feeling", do I need to up the weight or reps? (trying for a lean look). Thanks,
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Is there anything that can be taken to keep you looking pumped all day ? I remember people around here were injecting "muscle pump" or something. I have no idea what it is. Is there something though that can keep you pumped all day ??
  9. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Which gives you the best pump in the gym and overall when you are not training?
  10. NO2, Pump and Vasculators
    hi, ive ordered some stuff off bulkpowders - creatine, whey, malto, dextrose, arginine, glutamine, bcaa's, taurine, caffeine etc - what will be good to put in a pre-wo shake for good pumps/energy, obvioulsy the arginine and taurine and whey, but what else do i need? and what quantities should i use?
  11. Getting Started
    I'm using lighter weights because obviously it's harder to keep control (hard to explain that bit). For eg I was using 49kgs on chest press machine (pathetic I know) and only using 16kg dumbells to chest press freely (even more pathetic lol, and again I duno how to describe the "freely" bit)...
1-11 of 11 Results