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  1. Advanced Bodybuilding
    What do you guys think of this for a workout plan... 6 day split... two different pull routines, two different push and two different legs routines... can be carried out over the course of 7 or 10 days... Each session should start with some mobility and a 5-10 minute warm up Each session...
  2. Form and Technique
    hey all just wondering if there's any pull up lovers advocates here? I'm talking specifically about palms away from body ('overhand') grip... I just installed a bar at home so was wondering if anyone had any good tips for a beginner? I'm limited to the exercises I can do for strength/physique...
  3. Getting Started
    Hi all can anyone recommend another exercise to replace the wide grip pull up that i can incorporate into my two day split as i am totally s**t at them, don't laugh but i can only manage one!!!! yep that's right a big fat ONE, so was wondering if i could try something else? Cheers Dan
  4. Getting Started
    Hi, I can do 6 pronated pull ups with 40kg on my dipping belt, 3 with 52.5kg but only about 10 pull ups with no weight. I would like to be able to do many more, any suggestions? What's the betting this is a daft question! Thanks for your time.
  5. Getting Started
    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm building a gym in my garage. What I lack is a lat pull down machine. They are all so expensive, so I've been looking at cheapish multi-gyms to provide one. The Iron Man 68kg stack for £199 looks pretty good, but I can't find any reviews. Wide-grip pull ups aren't an...
  6. Getting Started
    hello been doing wide grip pull downs on machine. i can also do 8 - 10 wide grip pull ups with a bar. please excuse my ignorance but do they do the exact same muscles, if so are the pull ups better - should i stop the pull down machine and go for the pull ups? cheers mick
  7. Getting Started
    what do people think of these. i started off doing 3 x 5 but im now up to 3 x 8 after my work outs. i thinks these make my arms feel massive as well as giving my chest a extra workout.
  8. Getting Started
    hi people wonder if anyone can help. Last night i was training my back and was doin wide grip lat pull downs and my shoulder (specifically outer deltiod) popped. I have been informed that when using heavier weights and when the weight is returning to its original position, you put more...
1-8 of 8 Results