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  1. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hey sir I saw that you have a lot of knowledge on hgh and insulin . I wanted to clear a doubt when using hgh and insulin do we have to wait for 20 to 45 mins before we can have our meal or we can have it immidediately as peptides like GhRp6 require fasting
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I just received an order of MENT from a well known yanky Athlete..... ermmmmm to keep his real name under wraps, ill just refer to him as Tony..... pretty sure i came across a bottle of test suspension years ago that look like this>?>? Has the product Crashed?????? is it safe to use...
  3. Muscle Research Peptides
    how many units of GH do you use?How many units of GH do you use?2 units/ day211.76%3 units/ day317.65%4 units/ day635.29%5 units/ day211.76%6 units/ day211.76%7 units/ day00.00%8 units/ day15.88%more than 8 units/ day15.88%
  4. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi guys it's been a while but back on here. Just after some advice I've just got a simplexx cartridge 10mg it looks legit , smells legit I pushed a little air in to see if the Bung moved and it did. I was just after a bit of expert knowledge to confirm or disappoint. whats your thoughts...
  5. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi there hope everyone keeping well Am I ok to mix ghrp2, cjc w/o dac, hgh fragment 176-191 and Epitalon all in the same slin and inject a few times daily at 100mcg of each. If @Pscarb is not busy. All views very welcome Thanks Trev
  6. Muscle Research Peptides
    Guys I have recently got 2 boxes of Omnitropin 6.7mg per ml- equal to 30 iu of growth. Is this stuff g2g? Been using tribal yellow top hyges and loved them.. Please get back to me. Can post pics when back from work
  7. Muscle Research Peptides
    Morning guys I'm looking to start using GHRP-2/ MOD grf 1-29 as recommended in the PScarbs peps guide soon but I've heard some people struggle with hypoglycemia issues at times? Trouble is I've been dealing with reactive hypoglycemia for a while now which is controlled completely with diet, A...
1-7 of 7 Results